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  1. If you you were really a fan of chester and loving him like you always wrote then you would never texted that shit.
  2. Yes I Know what we talk about. Ok, make your suggestion of names that can fronting LP. I think Jeff could do. Go to facebook and listen to him singing numb. It is pretty nice. We should not make the fault and compare to Chester.
  3. I really like the idea with Jeff Gutt! He has his own vocal style. It is not about to"replace" chester with someone similar. Impossible!!! It's much more:find a new vocalist who can fill the gap. Yesterday I checked the vocals Gutt did with dry cell. He can sing and scream. As said before here in the forum just check what he did at x factor. Of course he has not chesters voice. And this is the point. We don't need a new chester and don't need a clown like DPARK. He looks like chester.... maybe! But someone how think mike and the rest would ever choose somebody like DPARK,that does not know anything about mike rob brad joe and dave
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