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  1. They should name it (Stone Temple Pilots - Scott Weiland) + Chester Bennington
  2. Is there any official/fan-made 'Points of Authority' version with the 'stop the talk show' verse and 'time to sink or swim' bridge? If yes, please provide!
  3. Did Mike and Chester re-record their vocal parts for Reanimation or the existing vocal tracks used in Hybrid Theory were manipulated? Another one : To what extent were the featured artists involved in "reanimating" the tracks? Did the process involve multiple artists to submit their versions of the tracks to the band for selection or did the band ask the artists themselves to contribute some parts and the major remixing stuff was done by the band themselves?
  4. So surprised people are not liking Clarity. It's one of the standout tracks for me from the CD.
  5. All the India love in this thread! Thanks guys! BTW, we have a KoRn concert in my city tonight!
  6. That would be me! I totally forgot about this, otherwise I would have posted it myself!
  7. The peformance footage from this video kicks the hell outta Burn It Down video by a long loooong margin!
  8. Just saw this today. Sorted it out for ya!
  9. I myself thought of doing that when I posted it, but was kind of in a hurry. And secondly I knew you would do that, as you were the one who did it earlier too.
  10. A friend of mine extracted them from the Linkin Park GP ipa file that was released on Thursday.
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