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  1. The 2013 remasters suck balls. HT, M and MTM were perfect how they were.
  2. I’ve always hated the release. I hate the way it sounds. WID and LOATR were cool in 2017 but rips from other shows sound better, even some audience recordings. I also hate how they didn’t include all the good songs from HT and Meteora that were played. Would have been better to just released the entire Birmingham show audio and packaged that.
  3. Since all the music since MTM is shit, Jon Green would have no problem with it. Nobody in music would.
  4. I know of many shows where he does, I will post a list.
  5. I know you are tempting me with your reply but I’m deciding to shut up for once so I don’t get banned.
  6. Ban me. I'm not accepted in the community, never have been. I'm on my own in those regards. Not a fan of covers, especially female singers (I hate female vocalists, not sexist, just don't like them). Hate how since Chester died everybody is suddenly this huge fan and you see all this type of stuff with movies and shit now. I mean it does sound bad, not gonna lie. Nobody is Chester and nobody ever will be. Oli Sykes said the other day that nobody sounded like Chester and nobody ever will again. I agree 100%. Even Mike. I couldn't give a fuck less if Chester didn't write a song, he sang on it, he performed it, it's his song. If it's an original piece and he sang on it, it's his shit. Like I don't care at all if Mike wrote One More Light. Chester made that song what it is. Chester sang that song. It's his song. Sorry not sorry. I was bummed at Mike's show in NYC when more than half of the set wasn't even his own music. I expected his new album mostly with a few FM songs. Maybe 1 LP song but definitely a LP song that he sang on, not Chester. I mean on LPA you get banned just for not liking ATS. But yeah. I get what you mean. Don't care about your opinion, though. Never had a problem with you, I always thought you were one of the cooler people in the LP fanbase and you've been through a lot in life. If I had a dollar for every person who didn't like me or hated me, I'd be rich as fuck.
  7. That was a touching post from you on Instagram. The reality is - we're all human and we all should be here for one another. Just like Chester says in Sharp Edges; ''We all fall down, We live somehow, We learn what doesn't kill us makes us stronger''. I have battled depression and I still am. I hope you're good Soul, and you have a lot of people you can reach out to if you ever need to.
  8. Thank you. Actually means a lot. The LP community has really become a family for everybody since last year’s tragedy. I’ve felt way more love and support from the LP community than I have from family and friends. I’ll be ok... it’s just been a rollercoaster today. Moments of sadness, anger, feeling ok, etc. But that’s kind of been a lot of days. It’s harder today because it’s brought into the limelight today more than other days. I’m sure all fans feel the way I do for the most part. Well everyone deals with stuff different but we as LP fans feel it.
  9. I'm gonna be honest here - I tried starting today off on a positive note. But as the day goes on, it just sucks. Today sucks. I'm still going to continue listening to him today, though. About to throw on the Hollywood Bowl Tribute right now.
  10. Can't believe it's been a year. I still haven't healed from it. I don't think I ever will. Chester was a massive part of my life and there is nobody that can fill that gap for me.
  11. Wherever Mike plays, it is a good show. Doesn't really matter too much where.
  12. Does anyone have any photos of Linkin Park in Scotland 2004? It was the kick off of the European summer tour.
  13. All the shows in Europe will be great. No better place for Linkin Park and it'll be the same for Mike, too.
  14. For sure. I mean, I love the album too, but I do think the acoustic renditions are really cool. Let Down and In The Darkness especially. Can't speak for Walking In Circles and Crawl Back In, but I'm 99.9% positive they are also awesome. Morning After, while it's a big fan favorite, was never one of my favorite songs. It just isn't as good as the rest of the songs, IMO. It was cool they gave it as a bonus track for the album, though. I do like this version of the song though, like I said, he made it sound cool with the screams and stuff, too.
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