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  1. whoaa! this is a gem! thanks for this great post! 💯🎉
  2. what's up with the capslock? joking/sarcasm again? haha. PT has some different editions (standard CD, vinyl, Artbook+CD) while "Amends" has tons until i'm lost count. the problem is that GD fans never ever going to admit that it was cashgrab is sad. by "get back", it was just a reunion show, not remaking/reproduced the entire discography. with OML, the band is active touring at that time. i dont Chester will have time for re-recording all of the stuff.
  3. i know right? he's really cool guy. proud of Mike.
  4. great Q&A session with Mike! thanks for compiling this!
  5. it's because of Mike, you said it's SUPER FUN. what do you think, if people keep making fun bout Chester and making memes of what he said in the past? i know you're bias towards Chester but that doesnt mean you can disrespect Mike just because he's not your fav. they're both Linkin Park, in case you forgot bout it.
  6. the problem here is your jokes is not really a joke. it's you being sarcastic and try to cover/labelled it as "jokes". it's getting bored and tired seeing your "jokes". not everything meant to be joke for.
  7. "trying to be the cool old dude" he's always cool since the beginning. not even trying. 🤔 Mike is the only person in the band who's always supporting clothing line like The Hundreds and more. wondering what kind of video you're expecting for this kind of track? plus, it's pandemic season. give him a break.
  8. love the effects and editing for this music video. mike did add his own artworks in this. plus, it's great that Mike decide to do the fundraiser for this video. 💯🎉👏🏻
  9. probably songs that he will produce for UPSAHL. cant wait for it. Mike's production always be my favourites.
  10. haaa, surprisingly, i love the first half of THP. From KTTK up to Rebellion. ALITS is fking beast IMO. Rock is dying. they did the album the justice. but wrong time. 2014 is not rock season for mainstream music. Mike's rapping in THP is fkin dope. still remember listening to KTTK & AFN at the listening party for the first time ever, my jaw's drop. 😂
  11. HT Deep Cuts will be fkin amazing during Carnivore Tour. but it seems like they really rushing during those times. maybe due to 2 years gap for each album (ATS, LT, THP). but tbh, THP always have the special place in my heart til now. I can blast the entire album just like i did for HT & Meteora. maybe because i love the heavier side of LP.
  12. nahhh. he's been in music industry more than 20 years. it's time for him to take a break from making serious business and enjoying what he's doing now. he's not completely lost. if LP still around, sure he wont have time to spend like this. just give him a break. he's not really owe anyone. if you like his stuff, that's good. if not, well, there's always other artists out there who's making music that suits your cup of tea.
  13. Mike always experiments with technology and stuff. i'm totally agree with him but some "hardcore" & "loyal" fans make this thing such a big deal, seems like totally illegal for Mike. it's all about who's willing or not to pay for it. he never said it's a MUST for fans to do so.
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