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  1. in my opinion, they will do it as long as there's a demand. nothing to lose from their side. for fans, it'll be wonderful stuff.
  2. i guess i'm in the minority who love everything/anything from Xero era. the raw sound and Mike's creative ideas making music at young age, always interesting to me.
  3. just wondering why you guys gonna post this image later this year? is there anything coming up for LPL?
  4. Comparing VHS and DVD is like two different entities. While DVD and BluRay, both are disc. it's not a big deal. DVD > Bluray. Universal. Worldwide. That's why Metallica still make it both for S&M2.
  5. most likely. since it will be available on Apple Music/iTunes.
  6. probably they wanna make it exclusive-only for Box Set. wish they have separate vinyl release for the "B-Sides Rarities". just noticed that's the exclusive stuff for "Vinyl Box Set". anyway, 2 weeks to go! but gonna get mine a bit late. shipping/processing take time
  7. Whoa! Surprisingly "Sound Collector" got 1/10. based on the theme, i thought it's gonna be great. haha. cant wait for the album release tonight. thanks for the scoring!
  8. normally, other bands will do a "Greatest Hits" album after a decade. for LP, even after 20 years, they still haven't considered to do one. that's amazing.
  9. on the first DF, he still on the early phase of doing music on twitch but later on, he's getting better and get used to it. DF2 proves it. let's see on the 3rd release. i dont mind if he keep releasing this forever. there's no harm for it. he's fkin genius.
  10. Both sounds amazing. Really lovin' it! can't wait for DF3!
  11. this song is fkin sick. imagine if Mike take this kind of route to rebuild LP in the future. i mean, their music style
  12. next week? omg! cant wait for it
  13. preach bro. preach. this sums up everything. haha
  14. this is great! thanks for sharing this. really loves when Mike giving a talk like this to public.
  15. imo, when he's working for HT20, that album, he's involved with the recording session since Day 1. and i'm sure he already knew some of the track will gonna be. that's why for GD, he said he can't listen to Chester's voice since he's not working on those tracks. it feels weird and tough for him. just my opinion.
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