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  1. this gonna be like how "MMM.. Cookies" getting backlash when it released but right now, people love the EP much. if Mike has to explain bout the remix, surely he's aware bout the feedback of the remix. "One man trash is another man's treasure."
  2. +1 the way Mike shared this earlier, could mean something. after few listens, the remix is great as it is. just enjoy it. no harm.
  3. exactly. for casual fans, they will considered the "Forgotten Demos" as ultimate demo disc.
  4. after few listens, this track is a banger. now on repeat. wish they put this on spotify ASAP.
  5. love how you shot the video. looks really great. hoping to hear the instrumentals in full one day!
  6. i'm sure this is misunderstanding situation. 😅 not meant to be sassy or attitude. i'm really asking for help. I'm sorry if you think that way. maybe the way you read my posts makes you think that way. thanks a lot for the example. really appreciate it. gonna use that template/format. thanks a lot man. sometimes when we chat online, we didnt know the exact intonation of someone. it can be mad/happy with the same words. thank youu for you explanation. i'm in the same boat as your friend. clueless. haha. will send out an email later.
  7. not my problem either. just wondering what's the words should i use for the email. cant simple jump into the email with the photos/invoice or etc. it's okay. i only ask in here for assists cuz this is the first time bought from LP store. but seems like there's none. no worries.
  8. thanks a lot man! wondering if you guys did a proper wording/sentences. they might ask a lot. since everyone can claim they buy it at the first place.
  9. hey guys. need some help. i just received my boxset and yeah, it's EU version. faulty on those items. just want to know, how to write an email to them regarding this issues? can someone guide me? thanks!
  10. courtesy from major label? i dont think so. if he got at least a fucking t-shirt, the label have to give everyone. fair and square. it wont happen cuz hell, they prefer making money instead of giving it away. lol
  11. well, that's Mike artworks. unless they use your artwork, then you can claim bout it. also, you agreed on the first place for them to use it.
  12. nahhh, i dont think so. the remix album is made for 20th anniversary. so the remixes must be done recently.
  13. on ebay, they already double/triple up the price. goodluck.
  14. updated the main post with the link. thanks!
  15. From the LP Store: "Celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of the Hybrid Theory album by showcasing this new Funko Pop! Album center stage of your music collection. Item comes with a Pop! and record artwork packaged together in a protective case. Vinyl figure is approximately 3.25-inches tall, album in case is approximately 9.15-inches tall." Pre-Order: LP Store (SOLD OUT) Walmart (SOLD OUT) Amazon (thanks to martinez for the link)
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