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  1. Oh man. I really pray & hope he'll coming down to Malaysia! Or else, i might going to Jakarta. haha
  2. hahaha, okay that's clear now. sorry man for the confusion. yeah, back to the topic, Japan 2006 shows actually powerful and they're in a good shape. Eg: From the Inside
  3. getting confuse there but totally understood. Tokyo as in general for all of the places. thought it was different states. Source 0 is official released? i get it now. haha. always wondering what is Source 0, is it unreleased source? now i know it's official stuff. thanks for the clarification.
  4. thank you so much! never knew the show page shows/indicates the official release. 😄 ohh, i see. confuse because you said Tokyo, instead of Osaka. That's 2 different places. thanks man.
  5. where can i hear this releases? i cant remember tracks from Japan 2006.
  6. Mike just posted this version of "Crossing A Line" in conjunction of "Post Traumatic" anniversary!
  7. This is wonderful! Everything is in one place! I'm always having problem with LP-Bits. Thank you so much guys!
  8. He might announced few more shows I assume. Japan so lucky, got to catch him again for the Post Traumatic tour.
  9. so, that means, anything that has been added in the BMI site, a song has been recorded/done at that period? i thought it just a registred platform.
  10. is that an info from internal source? that's cool. so it is a leaked demo from the vault. probably the mixing quite bad, Chester vocals not really heard properly in the track.
  11. Could be this track was recorded recently for an upcoming releases (etc. album or LPU). that's why Adam and WBR take it seriously and wiped it out of the Internet just like Thanos did. To be honest, there's a second vocals in the song but I don't think it'sChester. That's what make me think this was recorded after Chester passed away. ps: it's kinda addicted and keep repeating it
  12. seriously dude? how long have you been a fan of Linkin Park? he can't bring the rock energy in the band, that's totally a false statement. maybe it's your own opinion but for me, Mike's rock harder, his stage presence. if you watched their old shows back in 2000 till now. the hype and energy, totally insane. doesnt mean he doesn act like rock n roll style, doesnt have a tatoo, he's not rock enough.
  13. I'm curious bout this. So I did some Google-ing and found this:
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