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  1. These are my favourite jams that I would love Mike to release it officially: 1. iJustine Tool Lindsey Sterling 2. Melodic Metal 3. Pokemon Korn Classical 4. Anime Prog Metal Video Game Theme 5. GamesCom Theme 6. Sepia Tone 7. Gospel Choir 8. All Ableton Sounds 9. Quick Jam 10. Freestyle 2 (3.17.21) 11. Rebel Bass 2 12. Live Room Jam 13. Jiujitsu 14. Line of Decarmation
  2. Nice one! Another official release from his twitch session! love how he share an artwork accompany with a track.
  3. this track is sick! love the production wise and his rapping flow is amazing! ps: still not available on Spotify.
  4. Thank you for the confirmation! 💯 I thought he will rename the track after official release. Gonna update my playlist now. 😂
  5. Whoaaa! I love this track, never thought he will make it into NFT. Quick question: is the track still called "Return of the Aliens" or should we called it "Memento Morphi" since that's the name for the project. ps: this artwork reminds me of "Glorious Excess" arts.
  6. Interesting idea! it's easy to read that way and keep track.
  7. Twitch chat is ridiculous. not all of them really care bout the jam, they only care bout asking Mike stupid question and trying to prove who's the OG/senior in the chat. that's why i'm no longer chatting in there.
  8. YESSS! looking forward for the new track! Great to see Mike meeting up with people and producing. just like before Covid things happened.
  9. i guess they just uploaded this only on Soundcloud. wish they will release it on another streaming platforms.
  10. refreshing! need this on Spotify asap! 😂 is this considered as official remix since both of them is the writer for this track?
  11. the track already released 8 days ago. i love her voice and she's really cute tho. haha.
  12. I love this track more than "The Feel"! Mike did a great job here. 💯🎉🔥
  13. nice track! enjoying it so far. easy listening track. Mike's production is top notch.
  14. just woke up and saw his tweet. this is FKIN banger by Mike! love this piece. absolutely! totally agree. if Mike kinda take this route, LP will be back on fire! 🔥
  15. finally!! been waiting for this. i wish i can get the previous releases that leaked few months ago. didnt managed to buy it.
  16. love the instrumentals on this track. Mike really make it Mike Shinoda-ish.
  17. whoaaaa! this is interesting! just check out the website and it's amazing. already signup and looking forward for more stuff!
  18. already got mine few days ago. they sent out an email previously saying that the will shipped it in late March. finally got it after 5 months of waiting.
  19. whoaa! this is a gem! thanks for this great post! 💯🎉
  20. what's up with the capslock? joking/sarcasm again? haha. PT has some different editions (standard CD, vinyl, Artbook+CD) while "Amends" has tons until i'm lost count. the problem is that GD fans never ever going to admit that it was cashgrab is sad. by "get back", it was just a reunion show, not remaking/reproduced the entire discography. with OML, the band is active touring at that time. i dont Chester will have time for re-recording all of the stuff.
  21. i know right? he's really cool guy. proud of Mike.
  22. great Q&A session with Mike! thanks for compiling this!
  23. it's because of Mike, you said it's SUPER FUN. what do you think, if people keep making fun bout Chester and making memes of what he said in the past? i know you're bias towards Chester but that doesnt mean you can disrespect Mike just because he's not your fav. they're both Linkin Park, in case you forgot bout it.
  24. the problem here is your jokes is not really a joke. it's you being sarcastic and try to cover/labelled it as "jokes". it's getting bored and tired seeing your "jokes". not everything meant to be joke for.
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