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  1. this is great! thanks for sharing this. really loves when Mike giving a talk like this to public.
  2. imo, when he's working for HT20, that album, he's involved with the recording session since Day 1. and i'm sure he already knew some of the track will gonna be. that's why for GD, he said he can't listen to Chester's voice since he's not working on those tracks. it feels weird and tough for him. just my opinion.
  3. so, you making a comment/judgement based on something that you never really cared at the first place? it's like making a review for a movie that you didnt even watch at the first place. TRT and PT is totally different. TRT is hip-hop based album while PT is the mixture of what Mike did in his entire career. whatever suits you dude.
  4. it's great that we have 2 version of "Open Door". the demo and of course the official release. can't stop repeating it. hahaha. clones. totally dude.
  5. i saw a tweet on twitter suggesting that which song is taken from which stream (date, title). that will be great. Example: "Osiris" (created on Bollywood theme session)
  6. that's good for you to think Amends it's God-like status while i'm thinking it's not. it's just my opinion. if you can have your voice, so do i. btw, you do attack Mike's work previously (Disney songs) but i'll pretend you didnt said it. btw, for Dropped Frames, i'm so fkin excited. Hopefully there's a demand for the album to be release in physical like CD, Vinyl, Artbooks. 10th July just next week. for now, enjoying those 3 tracks, repeated heavily.
  7. While the majority people in here or LP fans totally opposite with your opinions. Especially when it comes to Amends.
  8. Spin exclusively shared the latest news regarding Mike Shinoda's new solo album, "Dropped Frames, Vol.1" set to be release July 10th, 2020! “Dropped Frames is just as much about the live channel as it is about the ‘album’,” Shinoda says. “The collection of songs is a highlight reel of the tracks I make on the channel, but a big part of the experience is the stream itself. When I start, I usually have very little idea of where it will go. What comes out is a product of the viewers’ suggestions, my spur-of-the-moment ideas, and whatever inexplicable magic is floating in between.” The tracklist for Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 is as follows: Open Door Super Galaxtica Duckbot Cupcake Cake El Rey Demonio Doodle Buzz Channeling Pt. 1 (feat. Dan Mayo) Osiris Babble Bobble Session McSessionface Neon Crickets Booty Down Check out more on Spin.
  9. Mike's raided the Dr. Deimos Twitch and Dr Deimos was really flattered about it. He said he met such nice people, so he did a remix for LINKIN PARK's "LOST IN THE ECHO" and released it for free download. He shared the link on Reddit. Download here.
  10. I'm surely thinking that way because i've seen other artists/bands out there that have to follow the specific requirements for album release. everything is in contract. for label, they wanna make profits. for the band, they wanna an art to be creative, delivered to fans. sometimes, both will not goes for the same way. just wondering, why THP marketing worst than OML? i might think the label playing around with THP releases while OML, they pushed it futher because that's what they wanted. but maybe it's kind of nature thing in music world. to say WBR has no control, i dont know bout that because LP needs them instead of WBR need LP. they have a longtime deal. just like how Metallica created St. Anger, getting backlash from the fans and they comeback with Death Magnetic but wasnt fully enough. finally with Hardwired, they back to the roots. maybe for LP, they have plan to release a contrast album style after OML (could be rock album, electronic, idk) but eventually the plan has to be scrapped. this is just my opinion. i love OML but it's not up to THP. if LP can go on their own just like Blackened Records, that will be fkin amazing.
  11. THP always better than OML. that's my opinion. OML is like an album where the label really wanted/force the band to do it after THP didnt do so well in the commercial market. gotta say WBR is the mastermind of everything. they literally make THP failed so badly by having worst marketing, tour and more. so, the band had no choice by following the order to make this pop rock record which most of the fans really disappointed. personally, the album is good but not better than the rest of their catalogue.
  12. I got a feeling METEORA might get this kind of release since it's not far away to their 20th anniversary but for the rest, still long way to go. For Metallica, they didn't care much bout anniversary. when they start out with Kill Em All & Ride the Lightning, it's for the 33rd and 32nd anniversary respectively. maybe they'll plan to release it earlier than waiting till 10th or 20th anniversary.
  13. i imagine it'll be like Metallica releases. pages of collage with posters, ticket stubs and more. i know right? proper releases of "She Couldn't" will be great. once it release on streaming platform, people worldwide will listen to it for the first time (not for hardcore fans obviously).
  14. most probably closer to the original release date for Hybrid Theory. Maybe Q3/Q4?
  15. Hmm, nope. Chester did record his vocal on those tracks and send the tape right back to Mike and that's the reason why he come for audition later. the rest is history. i'm 99% sure we will get it soon. imagine the vocal. omg.
  16. if i'm not mistaken, they do shot behind-the-scene but maybe it's not much as the other album forward. Example: there's a shot where Mike & Chester recording vocals for "Points of Authority" in the recording booth. I'm sure there's more of it.
  17. Surely it will be available on Spotify. Just like how Metallica did. Since "Hybrid Theory" is masterpiece album, it won't be 1000 exclusive copies. But, the limited edition/bundles might have limited copies.
  18. Gotta save up my money from now on. Never know what's the price gonna be.
  19. I'm always excited whenever Mike release something. Bring it on!
  20. the way you clarify is nonsense. you make it seems like LP = Chester and when Chester's gone, LP should gone too. do you think bout the other bandmates that working hard before? no, i dont think you care. everyone knows that you and JZLP always the one who thinks GD is god and everything they did is perfect. whatever Mike did nowadays is considered trash to JZLP.
  21. but you just did bro. you expecting LP is dead and Grey Daze will be continue the legacy of LP? not even close. better than Amends. sorry.
  22. Amazing news! Thanks. It's better getting a small news than nothing at all.
  23. GD fans won't admit it was a cash grab. that's sad.
  24. Edited the "Flute Loop" instrumental from this CoronaJam session.
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