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  1. ICYMI, last night Mike did a live streaming for his CoronaJam session but last night was special, as he did a demo based on Hybrid Theory-style. Check out the full streaming below and also the song. Note: he said he might release this demo but not sure when. it's not gonna have vocal is he do release it soon. UPDATES: LPU members, check your email as Mike just send an email together with download link. (thanks sordomuda for heads-up)
  2. ohhh now i understand why NZ always get stuff earlier. 5 hours ahead of my timezone. interesting. thanks man for the explanation. so gotta wait for it before clock hits 12am.
  3. is it? haha. timezone always confusing. it's like gonna be 9+ hours.
  4. damn, cant believe the song will be release tomorrow. hype.
  5. What if it is an EP but just like "The Catalyst" EP? Features the title track and others like Instrumental, Acapella, and maybe remixes.
  6. I've rip this video and edited the silence part. Adjusting the sound little bit and here the result. Download the MP3 here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ka45do note: did the artwork for it. similar style like Steve Aoki did for his single/releases. https://www.deviantart.com/strangerz92/art/Steve-Aoki-Last-One-To-Know-Fan-Made-835216244?ga_submit_new=10%3A1585208874&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1
  7. hey you're back. as usual, you hate everything. that's great. 😆 anyway, looking forward to the track. didnt expect much. as long as it's something new from Shinoda, i'm in!
  8. hey man, sorry for late reply. it starts from 3:35 and end at 31:46
  9. New interview from Mike Shinoda with the guys from "itsthereal"! He talked a lot of interesting stuff. From the IG Live stuff to the craftsmanship of music. Mike's part starts from 3:35 and end at 31:46
  10. chill dude. why you so mad? 😆 just because the demo not up to your standard, doesnt mean it sucks. majority loves it. he can do whatever he want, release what he want, create what he want and more.
  11. Better than Sickness/WITE. "This is the unforgettable sound." ps: it's my opinion. you can have yours.
  12. if they really proud of their "lost music" or 20 years ago music, they can just use old Chester photo back in the days. oops, i guess they dont have much photoshoot back in the days, lacks or insufficient budget. 😬
  13. "i would blame this site for making such a big deal" it is a big fking deal. using someone else photo without credits and making money/profit from it.
  14. While i'm ripping the second updates for "Open Door" demo, I figured out what if the second demo updates is the early part of the track? so i've made this extended version for the song by combining both demo into one. The second updates is the front part while the first updates released in February 2020 is the later. Here's the link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/1mqr5y
  15. The reason why those cool stuff as Geki listed still remain unreleased is they wanna keep it for future releases. the moment LP disband (maybe one day), labels can still making money from that vault. Imagine if they give everything they have now, what's left for the band in the future? The labels surely wanna make more money. They're getting old too, dont think they will be fit enough to make more materials like few decades ago. So, yeah. Box Set for their discography we might not get it anytime soon. Even Metallica releases their box set after more than 30 years in the entire career. We're lucky if we get one.
  16. thank you so much for this thread! now i'm clear with it. btw, the "What I've Done" for Third Encore Performance doesnt have download link. Thanks!
  17. try this one: https://www.sendspace.com/file/r309ws
  18. no problem bro! pass it around. if this is the direction for LP, i'm fkin love it! this is just the warm-up. more to come i believe.#LP2020
  19. I've made this ripped just now. Make it into split part and also the full demo song. https://dbree.org/v/5e5762 https://www.sendspace.com/file/r309ws edit: uploaded it on YouTube too.
  20. true! despite what's happening in the LP fanbase at the moment, Mike finally decided to step in and control the situation. i'm already dgaf bout GD anymore. lol gonna stand up with #LP2020!
  21. it's funny when he claims that. not even close to be a "competing product". they're just a 90's band. there's tons of other 90's band that are way better than them. now they wanna do another records because Grey Daze well-known? that's really bad. they'll always live behind Chester's shadows.
  22. totally agree. that's the purpose for this forum. to discuss/voicing out opinions.
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