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  1. Too bad they missed the Intro to the show 😞
  2. Speaking of the second guitar: One Step Closer 2007 - today. So far I have not found out why they started using the second guitar at OSC in 2007? Or, since Mike didn't play the second guitar in 2001-2006, is it logically OSC for one guitar? (I know the video very well, just the sound from the OSC multitrack fooled me). This information is not written on Linkinpedia. Can anyone explain this to me? My personal opinion is that they added a second guitar for the more rocky MTM sound as a "condensation" sound. Thanks for the reply 🙂
  3. Yes, I understand. Next time, I will try another internet - storage.
  4. I scanned it in virustotal.com and its clear.
  5. Hi every one! Yesterday, I was in my favourite pub. I find list of unknown versions of LP songs in jukebox listed as "Project revolution". I didn´t have small coins to play it. Do you have some idea what are that? Yo can download pictures of this list here: https://uloz.to/file/qPkdbgmtxbio/unknown-songs-rar Thanks for discusion.
  6. We have something to look forward to. Maybe in the future ...
  7. I think it still takes time. Miracles can happen. In the few years I've been watching LPlive of those miracles, a lot has come ... From 2000.09.05 West Hollywood to Bristow 2004 ...
  8. And one question: Anybody know why Easier To Run and Hit The Floor weren´t recorded/broadcasted on 2003-03-03 Nottingham and 2003-03-17 Detroit? And why just these two songs?
  9. When you speculate about the origins of Easier To Run, have you thought about the origin of From The Inside from the LPU tour? Several times I compared the Hamburg 2003.02.27 audience record with the official LPU tour record and there are different: - beginning of Phase 1 - Brad plays guitar for a while instead of keyboard melody - in bridge Chester's scream sounds different than LPU record - at the end of the bridge at the words "I won't trust myself with you" Chester's voice intonation sounds like it should end the song So both recordings are not identical. PS: I apologize for my poor English and ignorance of musical terms.
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