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  1. How about "CUIDADO"? do you think it's a demo as well? or a song being cut from the final tracklisting? Meteora has so many mysteries to uncover.
  2. Is that the new album cover for Reanimation? what happened to the Gundam soldier?
  3. I see. the 2013 version is a demo or new recorded version intended for iTunes?
  4. I hate the remastered version of SOTD. Can we inform Mike about it? What's the deal why they changed it 7 years ago?
  5. https://hottopic.me/35GCkZx it’s on Hot Topic as well.
  6. They should've save this for Meteora20. Give some for ATS, for once please. ATS just turned 10, for God sake.
  7. And to add on that, I would even consider Viva la Vida from Coldplay as their magnus opus as well.
  8. At least we have Symphonies of Light Reprise from LPU 16. ATS could turn out to be the band's Sgt Peppers after all if the reprise made to the cut.
  9. Not related to the post but A Thousand Suns needs a sequel too.
  10. I was more curious of 'Can We Go Back' and Can We Go Back II/The Future".
  11. Alternate version of Don't Stay Early version of Numb Alternate takes of Somewhere I Belong The Bourdon drum session CUIDADO
  12. I hope we can get cassette tape bundles as well with HTEP, HTLP, Reanimation and Forgotten demos.
  13. I can take if they swap the B-side rarities with HT Instrumentals any day.
  14. No HT (Instrumentals) No Reanimation (Instrumentals) No HT EP (Instrumentals) c'mon LP!
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