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  1. Meteora will always be the gift and curse for the band and to all the albums after it. People will always say Meteora was the last great LP album ever made before they go shit and so on.
  2. Reggae is the only genre that haven't fully explored by Mike or LP (yet). It's gonna be interesting how can he pull off this one.
  3. Just release a proper sophomore album.
  4. LP going Pink Floyd route would be a dream come true! More longer instrumental jams, complex instrumentation and arrangements.
  5. IN MY REMAINS I'LL BE GONE You name it.
  6. Why Mike is keeping this Marroquin to mix? His mixing on LIVING THINGS was horrible!
  7. that's why it suck. I hate this kind of tune. embarrassing to be a "LINKIN PARK" track. it's more of a parody park.
  8. Is this an unreleased reanimation track from 2002? or just remixed recently and slapped with Reanimation in the title just to sound cool?
  9. How about "CUIDADO"? do you think it's a demo as well? or a song being cut from the final tracklisting? Meteora has so many mysteries to uncover.
  10. Is that the new album cover for Reanimation? what happened to the Gundam soldier?
  11. I see. the 2013 version is a demo or new recorded version intended for iTunes?
  12. I hate the remastered version of SOTD. Can we inform Mike about it? What's the deal why they changed it 7 years ago?
  13. https://hottopic.me/35GCkZx it’s on Hot Topic as well.
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