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  1. Empty Spaces would like a word.
  2. I hope Mike continue to work with Jon Green as well. Nobody Can Save Me is still my top fav song from OML.
  3. I can't really distinguished Across the Line's differences between the two versions. Which bass are we referring to? I compared the two versions both of them doesn't have bass on first verse.
  4. My MTM vinyl (reissue) is the same issue as well. SOTD version is the one with the strings.
  5. Just like A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience! Hell yes!
  6. We are still waiting for that Meteora Remixes for Meteora20. Can't wait to hear the demo version of Don't Stay!
  7. Kudos to LINKIN PARK. This proves that the band is still relevant 20 years after their debut album.
  8. That red LP logo with inverted "P" will always the best linkin park logo. that is more iconic.
  9. A Thousand Suns need some love, man. This is not fair.
  10. Meteora will always be the gift and curse for the band and to all the albums after it. People will always say Meteora was the last great LP album ever made before they go shit and so on.
  11. Reggae is the only genre that haven't fully explored by Mike or LP (yet). It's gonna be interesting how can he pull off this one.
  12. Just release a proper sophomore album.
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