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  1. I don't know if any ATS videos could reach 1B but WFTE could be a potential.
  2. I hope for once, they just have had stick to the folky sound for LT with minimal electronic elements. I think COG started as a folky acoustic demo same as Primo as well.
  3. And now, I'm curious to hear CASTLE OF GLASS original demo.
  4. Minutes to Midnight, Part 2? MTM: The Sequel? LINKIN PARK: The Reinvention of the Legends? Avenge the Fallen Son? Xero to Hero? NEW ALBUM, coming soon! Stay tuned!
  5. it's gonna interesting how Mike would give title to each tracks from CoronaJam session.
  6. Well, Nobody Can Save Me and Invisible are decent tracks too.
  7. 1. No Meteora Remixes 2. Not bringing David Campbell post-MTM era for strings. 3. the 2 step backwards mentality in LIVING THINGS especially coming after from their best album, A Thousand Suns. 4. Putting UIG in The Hunting Party. 5. not releasing CASTLE OF GLASS (LINKIN PARK REMIX). - the version that appeared in Australia /NZ Tour 2013 LPTV. 6. By releasing only 10 songs for OML.
  8. Sounds like a mix of 2002 pre-Meteora demos + Holding Company demo
  9. I'm curious to hear 90s Hip-Hop vs 80s new wave
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