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  1. Would love to hear the original demo of Castle of Glass.
  2. We need more acoustic/folk tracks from the band in the vein of Devil's Drop, Primo, Three Band Terror, Final Masquerade (acoustic), The Messenger and Sharp Edges. I would love to see that as a direction for them to explore more hopefully in the future.
  3. I find it interesting honestly. After listening to LT, RECHARGED, and OML, it's starting to feel bloated. A stripped down folk, acoustic, strings-oriented record would be a breathe of fresh air. Final Masquerade (acoustic), Primo, Devil's Drop, Three Band Terror and Sharp Edges were heading into that direction. We need more of that.
  4. I think it's time for the band to return to strings-oriented songs like you mentioned. Imagine a full album of strings/orchestra (ala Viva La Vida) would be an interesting take for the band with a mix of folk and acoustic.
  5. The question is do the band still has the capability to deliver an album on the same caliber as A Thousand Suns quality? That's the problem right there. If they can make a sequel to that, I'll be more than happy. I don't count The Hunting Party as successor to A Thousand Suns, not even close.
  6. Unless they signed to a new label that is less restrictive to the band's creative direction but every label wants their artists to put out something commercially viable to the public since it is business. That's the reason why the band have this weird pattern of releasing records, a risky records like Hybrid Theory, A Thousand Suns, and The Hunting Party followed by universal records like Meteora, LIVING THINGS, One More Light.
  7. They can go independent for sure, LP has Machine Shop anyways. The more they go underground in the next record, the better.
  8. What would be the band's music if Mike was not the producer of THP? Would there be any impact on the direction they're going? Let's say for example, the band approached a different producer (not Gilmore nor Rubin), a totally new producer. I'm curious how it's going to unfold especially when you have an outside perspective in terms of vision and execution.
  9. I agree. THP is my least favourite record from the band (though I love Rebellion, Drawbar and GATS), majority of the songs from THP are liveless. THP would've been better if they had and external producer to oversee the process of the record. I know Mike and the band are capable of producing it on their own, but IMO, it's much better if they have an outside perspective of what could be the record all about. If LT succeeded with a full blown folk-record then I'm sold on that one because LT had that vibe to it but it's subtle. That's a great progression from LT to LP6. Devil's Drop from the Mall OST, is a perfect example of transitioning from LT to LP6.
  10. The riot scene always reminds me of linkin park music videos. (from the inside, shadow of the day)
  11. Maybe he's familiar with LP working with Transformers franchise especially way back 2011 when LP performed in Red Square.
  12. I'm happy whichever direction the band will be heading to. I don't really mind.
  13. is there any chance we can get that COG (LP REMIX) in flac or wav file?
  14. Imagine Hahn joined the stage as well at the end of the set and played Joe Solo Medley with a new twist. Damn, that's gonna be awesome. Imagine Hahn, Shinoda and Bourdon doing instrumental solos in the middle of LP set (such as Session, CFTI, Lockjaw or Drawbar).
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