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  1. I'm curious to hear 90s Hip-Hop vs 80s new wave
  2. ALTNC was the jam! Darker than Blood was forgettable, tho. Didn't like melody. This one is the best (since Mike wrote this originally a year ago) it's a different kind of vocal delivery from Mike. I'm curious why Mike decided to sent to Aoki and not making it to be a Shinoda song.
  3. loving some fort minor vibes right there!
  4. Make Robot Boy, Part 2!
  5. We miss you, Chaz. Please come back home! Where'd you go?
  6. How about incorporating layered vocals of chant like, "Yeah, Yeah, yeah!" on top of A plot twist that we didn't see coming" and "We'll, no, no, no never stop running".
  7. it is so catchy! I like the rap verses and chorus!.
  8. I want LP to continue and make more amazing records with the 5 of them. There are a lot of potential for them to explore yet. This is the time they can truly de-linkinparkify the LINKIN PARK sound and go into different direction. 7 albums is not enough for a band like LINKIN PARK. Weezer has 13 albums and still kicking and rocking. Mike can branch out and travel to different parts of the world to get inspiration.
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