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  1. Imagine if the last show for this year's PT tour with Phoenix, Joe, Rob and Brad joining Mike on stage. Wow. That's gonna be massive!
  2. LT should've been straight folk, acoustic record. I don't like the electronic elements reallly.
  3. How about some AU/NZ/Asia Tour, Mikey?
  4. It could be released as singles in the future.
  5. I've got 2 copies of PT vinyl, really. 1 for playback and 1 for collection. Such a bummer for my side. Can I purchase just the 10" vinyl only? I think that would go inside the sleeve.
  6. I'm getting a Funky-jazzy-vibe with this one. Collab with Bruno Mars please?
  7. How about Jon Green? I would love to see Jon with Mike onstage again.
  8. I like Mike when doing solo since there's no restrictions/boundaries to approach in songwriting. Mike is free to do whatever he wants and I like it. In LINKIN PARK, Mike is not the sole person to decide which song they're working on but there are other members of the band that have something to contribute and brainstorm every single demo they're working on. That's the reason why a LINKIN PARK record takes 2-3 years to make.
  9. Hoping for Australia tour, as well. *fingers crossed*
  10. There's a new angle shot of Shadow of the Day emphasising the string quartet.
  11. Hope they keep it this way if they decide to record this in the studio.
  12. How come they didn't announced this?
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