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  1. And to add on that, I would even consider Viva la Vida from Coldplay as their magnus opus as well.
  2. At least we have Symphonies of Light Reprise from LPU 16. ATS could turn out to be the band's Sgt Peppers after all if the reprise made to the cut.
  3. Not related to the post but A Thousand Suns needs a sequel too.
  4. I was more curious of 'Can We Go Back' and Can We Go Back II/The Future".
  5. Alternate version of Don't Stay Early version of Numb Alternate takes of Somewhere I Belong The Bourdon drum session CUIDADO
  6. I hope we can get cassette tape bundles as well with HTEP, HTLP, Reanimation and Forgotten demos.
  7. I can take if they swap the B-side rarities with HT Instrumentals any day.
  8. No HT (Instrumentals) No Reanimation (Instrumentals) No HT EP (Instrumentals) c'mon LP!
  9. I don't know if any ATS videos could reach 1B but WFTE could be a potential.
  10. Next target: What I've Done and New Divide.
  11. They need to progress, not to regress.
  12. I hope for once, they just have had stick to the folky sound for LT with minimal electronic elements. I think COG started as a folky acoustic demo same as Primo as well.
  13. And now, I'm curious to hear CASTLE OF GLASS original demo.
  14. Minutes to Midnight, Part 2? MTM: The Sequel? LINKIN PARK: The Reinvention of the Legends? Avenge the Fallen Son? Xero to Hero? NEW ALBUM, coming soon! Stay tuned!
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