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  1. Have you listened to what anyone said in this thread? How can you know what the album will sound like, have you heard it? You just keep complaining about something that "you don't care about" and you should be called out for it. It's getting really tiresome. I like your passion, but you are all over the place.
  2. Very interesting. I can safely tell you, however, that every tv show that played music video's showed the regular What I've Done video - and was extremely popular.
  3. Mitch

    Fall DSP's

    Actually auburntiger is completely right. You can't just expect other people to buy a show (but not contribute yourself) and then complain that no one has bought it yet. Either be patient and wait until someone does, or buy it yourself. Simple.
  4. Mitch

    LPU Video Chat

    If you could send me the info I would be really grateful, as I only saw the first 10 minutes
  5. Yeh thanks for the videos Narc, good to relive what I had just seen
  6. But Blackbirds also got played on Australian radio, and that wasn't a single was it?
  7. That's awesome! It was pretty cool how Mike stayed and chatted after all the other band memebers had left.
  8. Someone in the meet and greet asked Mike to do High Voltage, but he said that might be hard to add in somewhere. Instead, Reading My Eyes verse 1 was over the intro to Bleed It Out
  9. Yeh I'm going! And thinking of asking to play faint in the meet and greet lol.
  10. My favourite moment would had to have been Papercut in Melbourne on the second show. This is where Chester broke his arm/wrist and it was badass how he kept the show going without leaving for a hospital.
  11. Mitch

    Mike's Update

    I hope this album is in the same vein as "White Pony" by Deftones.
  12. I would have liked to see Terry Date produce the next album.
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