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  1. Duh, the one in HT20 Anniversary. There's just one LPU CD.
  2. I got my replacements only yesterday, even though my friend from my city got it in late December. BUT! I got LPU CD replaced as well, while she didn't. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with what I wrote in original email, cause I specifically stated which items have issues, and then asked about LPU CD again in later email. I have not checked it yet, however, so I'm not sure if it really fixed
  3. Nope, you don't. There will be 6 different vinyl versions.
  4. Hey, @martinez, what's up with the site?
  5. Do we have a show page for it and the surprise performance of Jane Says?
  6. CD credits: Thanks to..... Mike Shinoda for working so hard on this project even though he was coughing up a lung... Also Mike is credited for Art direction, Illustrations and Graphic Design.
  7. Guy is known for posting fake info, so just forget about it and wait for official announcement.
  8. And it would be actually illegal anyway, so we shouldn't discuss it here, at least in the open
  9. The list has now moved to http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=List_Of_Available_Demos lpliveusername, I'm not sure about everything you mentioned in your post. We can discuss it. I have added Unmastered HT, LPU15 tracks, changed Reanimation demos list. Regarding Mastered for iTunes, I think it doesn't belong here, as those are not demos. Simply alternate mixes, or whatever the fuck they are. The Catalyst and Blackout - are those really considered as demos? Or are those alternative mixes too? Never heard of unmastered Enjoy The Silence before.
  10. I have some of them, not sure if all.
  11. To tell the truth - I loved the 2.0 version with all its problems. I was kinda guru at editing that Web pages. That was probably the period, when I did the most for the site. With 4.0 I was very confused with the procedure of editing the pages, as for me at that time it was a lot harder. All of that databases made me dizzy, lol. Oh, and by the way, the picture in my signature is actually one of those rotating banners from the older version of the site.
  12. 3. Current and former LPLive staff members cannot participate. Oh, OK
  13. Holy mother of god... I transcribed the same interview on my own, lol...
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