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  1. They are not out of sync at any time, If you listen carefuly you can heard that the instrumental starts twice, at the second 00:34 the REAL instrumental being actually played on the stage starts (and you can see the crowd react to that) I guess they realize the fuck up and try to fix the mess (around 01:15 you can hear both instrumentals playing at the same time and that keeps hapenning until minute 2 where everything gets fixed and the on stage instrumental is the only one that plays). I don't think that this happens on the stage and is just a mess on the broadcast side, but who knows.
  2. Yeah, looks like it's the way to go now. Unless those 2 people that we're waiting answer of actually answer this week... Neve loose hope. Despair will never win!! (xD)
  3. Well, the fact that Lance replied is relieving at best, it means we might get something to listen to the next week About the song, take a loot at your PM
  4. Yeah, I noticed that too while listening to it. Sadly there isn't any singing from him.
  5. The Miller London's answer looks promising. Hope he finds the CDs. I'd gladly buy them (?) hopefully he is allowed to just rip that song. Can't wait ^^
  6. Although I do like this song more than heavy (hell that first chorus of chester and the drums on the background is just amazing) I miss more Mike on it, rapping the shit out of the song. I hope "Sorry for Now" or at least, two/three other songs in this album have Mike rapping on them.
  7. I've been trying to find info for Rapology twelve, xii and different things that came to my mind with no luck.
  8. There are a couple of SoB tracks there. I'll be releasing the rest of the tracks as soon as I can dump them.
  9. Indeed: https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/840354764462350336 https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/840355547081662465 https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/840355987898826753 Interesting side-note too
  10. 1- That looks the case for the Kenji song, as you've said a lot of songs on that record are titled "Drop" 2- It says "CD Rap Up", not "CO Rap Up", anyway, It most probably means Featuing 007 as you've pointed out and CD Rap Up is the label, but the desing of the back cover isnt consistent on that one. It wouldn't make much sense for the song name to be that long anyway. I guess we can end up with Xero ft 007 - Fiends.
  11. I've re-scanned the Rapology Thriteen CDs as these had fingerpints and even my cat's hair on it. The other scans look completely clean, but these two CDs look way better now: http://imgur.com/a/6kYMu
  12. I do think they should make releases of this kind of songs. I really like these two demos because of how raw mike sounds, still powerfull and showing the best he does, rapping like there is no tomorrow. I do hope to see some more demos of this years released in the following months, I'll keep an eye for any opportunity I see to purchase and dump them for the community. We all can dream XD
  13. I do think the same, or probably a very similar sentence. - Some people have already said that Joe Hahn used ArtOfficial as his nickname back then, i think it was Hahninator - Some people have suggested that, we might need to wait for Mike's or SoB confirmation on that one. - It doesnt sound like Mark, but its not too long to really make some connection out of it - There is already a work ongoing on the lyrics. Hahninator has posted most of the Drop lyrics, and Mesck547 has added some to it too
  14. Some people at lpa think the same but the CD coves look a bit different that other songs. As in, artists names use a bigger font that the song name, and in the case of xero song the f/700 is in a smaller font, just like the other song names. Guess someone might need to confirm that from an appropriate source maybe?