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  1. selling my SEALED Reissues Hybrid Theory EP. email me at richardthinksorg@gmail.com for more info.
  2. is that confirmed it was an extra song? doesn't sound like something RA would do. but regardless it shouldn't be surprise set.
  3. Rise against didn't play a surprise set. they were on the bill.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/sch/cheetos09/m.html?_...p;_trksid=p3686 selling my meteora & reaimation vinyl. get on it, less than 48 hrs to go haha.
  5. i would have much rather have had this as the final album cover
  6. gotcha, didn't read it correctly. sorry
  7. LOL @ this thread. Though i am kinda bummed this apparently never happened. Was hoping someone out there had a recording that would surface eventually.
  8. makes me want to play 8 bit rebellion
  9. so looks like today was supposed to be the actual day it was to stream. wonder how many hammers of justice were swung on friday
  10. we'll def try to coordinate LPL m&gs at the shows. I think this show will be the easiest to make happen as all the seats are assigned so if we decided to meet during mutemath we wont have fear of losing our spots.
  11. yay! we should see if we can switch seats off with random people and sit together xD
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