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  1. Glad that Oli cleared it up, I was disappointed at him during the live stream, but this is MUCH better.
  2. agreed. Sucks that Charlotte is so bassy on the release, but it could be remastered into a way more balanced for sure. I can give it a shot if there is interrest AND permission by the taper.
  3. Metallica won't tour Europe again before fall 2017. Would rather assume Guns'N'Roses.
  4. was about to say the same, the loop had more similarities with the 2007/2008 intro than with the 2015 intro
  5. LP are one of the 3 high headliner rumors for Rock Im Revier at Veltins Arena + Rockavaria at the Olympic stadium in Munich along with Iron Maiden and System Of A Down. First bands are being expected sometime towards the end of october.
  6. I accidently deleted the files off MEGA, I'm reuploading everything right now, will relink and edit this post! All MEGA Mirrors have been updated in the first post! Enjoy!
  7. I accidently deleted the files off MEGA, I'm reuploading everything right now, will relink and edit this post!
  8. Yeah in Copenhagen at least. In Düsseldorf it wasn't that much, I suppose this was because Copenhagen was in a 600 ppl only small club.
  9. even though it is written as COG only on the setlist, I believe in the same form as it's written on LPLive 'cause Kenji is a seperate song and I myself wanna listen to it seperately when playing it, that's why I split it here too!!! You're welcome, hope you enjoy it nevertheless!
  10. I know you all waited very long for this and I'm really sorry to have kept you waiting even more than planned, but finally it's here, my Fort Minor Copenhagen recording in FLAC (16 and 24bit) and mp3! Samples: Cigarettes: https://mega.nz/#!M4F21Iya!-4vkuGHUzze1TtoObmfI2Bdqda8-yBrS4nbhGq9aEvM Remember The Name: https://mega.nz/#!Ql0TxT5I!KwEUP3fcjvN66iS8LuNl52MWs8F0Q9ryGD4JtSjSlFw Source: AT933 bodies (AT853 cardioid capsules) (lowsensmod) > Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/48khz, manual gain) Location: Left Side, approx. 5m from the stage Transfer: microSDHC > PC > Audacity (bass reduct
  11. Let's get back to facts of this show! This was the first concert ever at that stadium, similar to Jämsä, I believe that should be added to the other notes yet.