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  1. I’m arriving Taipei on Saturday morning for the show!
  2. WTCFM last night was the full version
  3. i'll try but i want to enjoy the show, may record some with insta story
  4. Nice preview! I'll be at the show and give you all updates tomorrow
  5. can't wait for the show here next week!
  6. The drawing has all the hints towards Hong Kong. The bauhinia emblem, harbour view of the buildings, and the iconic sailboat
  7. Thanks, I bought tickets for all 3 November shows last year. I still went to Tokyo for a week during that period. Have been to Osaka and Tokyo twice each
  8. already planning a Japan visit for this, need to decide which city (or both Tokyo and Osaka)
  9. can't wait for the new songs, let the hype begin!
  10. thinking traveling to Japan for a show or two
  11. Hope that Hong Kong is included in the tour, might also go to Japan for the show!
  12. Replay here Papercut http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/n0017ldhx2r.html Given Up http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/o0017lszte3.html POA http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/f0017aczoul.html One Step Closer http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/y0017oae03e.html A Line In The Sand http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/k0017yl47og.html From The Inside http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/r0017hxgy8q.html Runaway http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/i0017qgzzn6.html Wastelands http://v.qq.com/cover/u/usi5nlz6bfpchik/p001745x04k.html