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  1. Nice one! Didn't read the entire text and noticed it's Miami '01 instantly 😀 That read mohawk!
  2. That trailer gave me goosebumps! I wasn't that exited about a LP release since a long time.
  3. Unreleased PR04 IEM, can't get much better than this Thanks Felipe!
  4. LOL I came here to post this exactly. Glad to have like-minded persons <3
  5. Geki spoiled it... Wait, that's a virus page too, right?
  6. Yeah, seriously, why did no one reply yet and put a link ?! tempted to post a Mediafire link... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. We got 24 snatches so far, I seeded 952GB and LP-Bits got 49 new users according to their stats page!
  8. It's up: http://lp-bits.com/details.php?id=673
  9. Mark stopped uploading to my FTP about a month ago, I dunno if he forgot about it, has bandwidth issues or lost his external^^ He's welcome to continue to upload, so we can create a master torrent eventually.
  10. I'm in favor of going the "master torrent on LP bits" route. To check for corrupted files during the upload process I wanted to run a md5/sfv before torrent creation.
  11. I'd offer my help (dedicated server) to get this seeded/distributed and to keep it alive afterwards.
  12. A 22.62GB torrent of the 4K broadcast is available at rutracker, on it with two webseeds. Let's do that TB! I'll upload it to LP-Bits once it's done (it'll take some hours), if no one else does it. General ID : 1035 (0x40B) Complete name : O:\LinkinPark_UHD4k\03_Linkin Park20141120 0022 - Astra Ultra HD Demo - instant record.ts Format : MPEG-TS File size : 21.3 GiB Duration : 1h 37mn Overall bit rate mode : Variable Overall bit rate : 31.2 Mbps Video ID : 210 (0xD2) Menu ID : 2 (0x2) Format : HEVC Format/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding Format profile : Main@L5.1 Codec ID :