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  1. Hey guys, can someone please upload this show 2013.02.23 - Bowen Hills, QLD - Soundwave FLAC ?
  2. Can someone please upload Source 3 [FLAC] from this show ? Thank you
  3. Can someone please upload Source 1 from this show ? .shn would be amazing but I'm ok with .flac. Thank you
  4. Hey guys. I'm updating my audio collection while listening to some old stuff. I've found some dead links so could you please fix them ? 2000.11.30 - Providence, RI (dead link) 2003.08.09 - Los Angeles, CA (mp3 instead of FLAC) 2007.06.08 - Lisboa, PT (the .rar is corrupt) 2013.02.23 - Bowen Hills, QLD (no link) 2013.02.24 - Homebush, NSW (dead link) 2014.08.19 - Wantagh, NY (dead link) 2014.08.30 - Clarkston, MI (dead link) Thanx a lot for your job and for all your efforts to share all these shows.
  5. @Mark, don't forget I still have my code from Arras.
  6. Does anyone know where are ARENDAL, WERCHTER & ST GALLEN ? =/
  7. Ok, so you can write my name on the list of the potential downloader for the Asian DSPs
  8. Hey guys, i've a code from Arras. Maybe it'd be usefull to keep it for the Asian DSPs since my French friends will download the show. Let me know your thoughts about it !
  9. Hey you guys, im off topic but i'm listening to the NovaRock DSP and Mike & Chester sang the BITS chorus over the BIO bridge and not APFMH as indicated here.
  10. I kinda miss W&K a lot ! bouh
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