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  1. Please someone ask Mike about Thoughts That Take Away My Pride!
  2. It doesn't sound like a HT style demo, but it is amazing. We need more heavy demos like this and not soft shits like Open Door or Aoki song.
  3. Another shit song. LP with Aoki sucked, Aoki with Mike will suck too. They should release "Thoughts That Take Away My Pride" and not those shits.
  4. I always thought that this is a Hybrid Theory era demo because if you listen to the end of the demo, it sounds like "Ambient" which is a HT era demo.
  5. It sucks like all new Mike Shinoda Post Traumatic "songs", better said demos. He should release Underground 20 with demos we want to hear and not these sloppy "songs" created in a few minutes.
  6. Makes me wonder how many songs will be in the album and also if there will be some unreleased songs or songs when they were called "Sean Dowdell And His Friends?". That would be great to hear those 3 in better quality with new music.
  7. It's not that identical. It's similar. With Chester it is louder and the sample after lyrics "And I'm far from a wait list" is slowed. And I agree with you, it's on 100% that there are Xero - Slip and Esaul versions with Mark. I can imagine his voice in those demos. We know that Mark is on the credits for those two. I also believe that all demos from Xero Sampler Tape are re-recorded with Mark in studio.
  8. I dowloaded it. I waited o this moment my whole life!!! Amazing demo! Mark Wakefield is amazing.
  9. Can you send me the link on video where Chester is recording vocals?
  10. I like "Caution" and I believe that they have a full demo. I hope they release it one day.
  11. OMG, it sounds amazing. I can clearly hear Mark Wakefield's voice. Thats incredible. When I hear this, I believe more and more that they also have other Xero demos re-recorded in studio with Mark Wakefield. 😍
  12. Mine is too. Imagine Fuse studio version with Chester.
  13. I don't mean studio masters. I mean re-recorded versions. In my opinion, if they have Rhinestone re-recorded, then they should have also other demos re-recorded.
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