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  1. I found this. It's just an information. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0550867/soundtrack
  2. You can share it with a small group of people who will no longer share it. Personally, I always wanted this remix in my personal collection.
  3. Hello everyone. Do you know Dimitris Papasinos and his "band" DPARK? I just found him on the internet yesterday. He looks like Chester and his voice is like Chester's voice! In my opinion he should go to join Linkin Park! His voice is amazing. Listen to his songs and let me know your opinion: http://youtube.com/channel/UCDxEeyX2Pcd43SlW9PBuFZA
  4. Xero - Rough Mixes https://abc7.com/entertainment/linkin-park-frontman-to-be-remembered-at-santa-monica-memorial/3794831/
  5. It's still unbelievable that Chester is dead and it is one year. It's going so fast like it was yesterday when I saw that sadly news. He could make more amazing songs with his amazing voice. I was on concert in Hungarian Volt Festival a month before his dead when I first saw Chester and the rest of the band on live. I did not know back then that it would be also the last time when I am seeing him...
  6. OMG Chester sounds like he is still living, like he recorded that vocals in this year. It's so amazing and perfect made *_* can't wait to hear more!
  7. I think that if A.06 and A.15 exists released, it is possibility that LP could have other unreleased demos and songs with A. names. Maybe they have demos from A.01 to A.20 and they are unreleased if I don't count that two (A.06 & A.15). I can imagine A.15 as a normal long demo with an amazing guitar riffs. What do you thing about this guys?
  8. I support a replacement for Chester. Yes, he has right that nobody has voice like him, but Mark Wakefield is his friend and original singer from Xero. They can make new songs with him. I want hear new songs with Mark Wakefield. The old ones with him were good and they would be much better if they record them in studio not garage.
  9. Thx for info. So no new stuff. You can delete this thread.
  10. Hi all! A few minutes ago I found this: https://www.discogs.com/Linkin-Park-Extra-Reanimation/release/7759263 Anyone know about this? Are the songs in this Vinyl really unreleased? I am quite curious on "And One (Unreleased Studio Version)". If it is a known demo, or possibly the studio version played on live? That would be great. Thanks for any info. Edit: Here is another link: https://www.popsike.com/php/m-detaildata.php?itemnr=111781232907
  11. But he sings about him on EP and also in his new album he will sing about him.
  12. New LPU17 album he can't make and release but recording new songs he can do.
  13. This is info about CD: http://twitter.com/lorenzoerr/status/933082715418714112
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