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  1. Faint was the first song I heard in my life. I started listen to LP at this point... Btw, Cuidado T-shirt is cool. I think Cuidado is Thoughts That Take Away My Pride:
  2. https://youtu.be/v5dIidOHJk0
  3. My questions https://www.reddit.com/r/Music/comments/lhpg9p/comment/gmzogoh OMG, I want so much to hear those demos. We must get them some day. 🙈🙈🙈
  4. I hope he will continue and finish interview with you and I really hope you will post all Xero stuff in some .rar format file for download. Instrumental Xero demos and Xero demos with your vocals (if you have them recorded) would be great to hear. Also some photos of tape or Jeff Blue's package with lyrics would be amazing to see too. For hardcore LP fans like me has every Xero material big price. I like every Xero song and I wish that one day we will get all unreleased stuff from this era.
  5. Holy shit this is so fucking amazing!!! I want to hear it all shiiiiit! I always thought Carousel was a Xero Demo because it sounds like Xero Demo! And now I know that Mike just released nothing in the HT20 if I compare it with this. OMG. My mind will blow up with these info. I want the first studio Xero CD so much.
  6. OMG you have right. It's Thoughts That Take Away My Pride. So now we have 3 videos in which was used this song.
  7. I bet it's a verse of the song. Just listen carefully on it. Verse follows chorus. Even the violin in backround sounds like it follows guitar in chorus. It's a typical Meteora demo. We can also say that verses from Ominous, Program and other demos are just simple beats because they really are simple and that's why they are called demos.
  8. That beat is similar to Numb. After listening both videos you posted, I believe that "beat" from Mikes Shirt is a verse from Thoughts That Take Away My Pride but maybe it is just a different version of it that was made as beat without chorus and bridge and in Summer Sanitarium we can hear a full version with chorus and short verse. I think you have right. I have never heard this "beat" before. Nice find.
  9. I wonder when Mike remixed a song. I hope it's a remix from years around 2000. I like Enjoy The Silence or Butterfly Caught. They are remixed in Meteora or Hybrid Theory styles and that's why I like them.
  10. Could Have Been - "Alone again" Interesting that there are similar lyrics in songs
  11. You have my speech. 👍🏻
  12. Maybe it's not incredible fucking thing but it would be good to have Deftest in the collection and listen how the very first early Xero days sounded like. Also Pods 1, 2 and 3 aren't so good but he released them. He still can release this too. Nothing would happen to him if he would release it. Personally, I am very curious on every single unreleased demo.