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  1. that's a nice topic. my favorites are some of the 2000-2004 era, like LPTV 2003 or Making of / Behind the scenes or interviews that they did. i will make a playlist of them.
  2. found a Sample used by Mike on "Beat 4", the sample is named "Bond1" on the "Mike_s Beats #1" folder... Beat 4 (isolated): Original Sample: Sample from Mike's folder: https://vocaroo.com/104YczoFr2zR
  3. we can actually open the sequence of the song on MPC, lol, i'm working on this
  4. mobb_kic, mobb_kic2, MOBB1_SN, MOBB1_SN2... idk which Mobb Deep song Mike sampled...
  5. on "MIKE MPC" folder we have some .APS files... when you open it on Wordpad or Hxd you get all the sounds that were used for the song... Goop in this example: https://imgur.com/a/1aMsIG3 These are all the .APS files that we have on this folder: https://imgur.com/dF4oeDt... i will try to find more.
  6. Hi everyone, since last year i've been wondering which are the Flute sample from Dialate... the drums used are on Mike's MPC "Xero Folder"... but i didn't found anything that sounded like the Flute... does anyone found it?
  7. i think a stuff that Mike could easily (i think) release would be the beats from LPTV (i think that they are all from HT sessions)... like "Grr" for a example... it appear on LPTV 2003 and they released on LPU15... i would love to hear all these beats.
  8. Hello guys, early on this morning i was exploring the "Xero Current" folder and i found a sample of Ashes... how could this song sound like? maybe like Dialate? https://voca.ro/1iWBrxZmtD0W
  9. The dude that uploaded said in the comments, must be a Text reference to the song
  10. Just a info to add to What I've Done page, did you guys know that What I've Done was meant to be on Midnight Club Los Angeles? it got removed for some reason
  11. Did he mentioned this show? could you send the link pls? MTV may have the full lenght concert, but i don't know if we will ever see it
  12. Of course one of the biggest LP concerts, Chimera Festival in São Paulo back in 2004.
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