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  1. Ooh, APS is the files that set the sounds to the project, like, you select them with a .PGM and you get all the files set to that .APS file
  2. AKI is a format of Kontakt, you can give up on that because is impossible to load or play it without the original WAV files 😕
  3. . .ALL is a MPC format, it loads the sequences of the song.
  4. Yep, since The Crow EP that had Rhinestone came out in May, 99 we could get these eps from this era.
  5. We could def go thru all NBA promos from 1997/1998
  6. NKI is a format of presets for Kontakt i guess
  7. PUN_NOISE is the sample from By Myself/Sad distorted intro/hook sample
  8. Portis1 (used on Goop) sounds like Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep...
  9. how do you found these samples? lol. i found the RME string sample by pure luck 😂😂
  10. i will end the mix of all the demos soon as possible
  11. It's ok, i just noticed this because i was finally able to open the projects on MPC desktop.... i wanted to see if the sounds from this version of LPTV existed on the project... when i opened Sequence6 i noticed that it had a sound that was muted... that Snare.. at this moment i asked myself if the other demos had these muted sounds.... that's the good part of being too curious, lol... and i plan to released this version with the muted sounds turned on i guess it is, i wonder if there's a project for the other beats.. like Grr or the unreleased beats from LPTV, thanks for the update
  12. Another discovery.... remember "TUFF" from the MIKE MPC folder that doesn't had an .SEQ file? for my surprise it contains the exact same samples from "AL_INTRO" https://imgur.com/a/8tbUlep it would be a great update to the LINKINPEDIA page tho... http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Hybrid_Party_Of_A_Thousand_Things
  13. Hey, i have a new found.... whoever exported the "Hybrid Theory Demos" forgot alot of sounds, in this case... Goop https://imgur.com/a/yTPHvtK I thought that this was an alternative version that Mike probably worked at some point after he first made the beat... But NO.... there's some sounds that don't play on the project https://youtu.be/6CI0XLvjIEk?t=72 the sample of this snare is called "D_ANGELOSNAR2" and it don't play. Here in 1:26 we can hear this drum in the background : https://youtu.be/6CI0XLvjIEk?t=86 These drums samples are called "PENNYBUMS1" and "RACOSNARE" and it was supposed to play in this part of the song... https://youtu.be/3bI1wVcfiyk?t=45 Anyways... i will try to fix it and see if we have more "hidden" sounds from these demos!
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