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  1. To me this sounds like a child no one wants to play with, so it makes it sound like it's the other kids' fault that he has no one to play with. Don't need any of that, got plenty of them at work. Btw thx for putting that "nice find btw" completely out of context. It was about someone else finding out that Underbite was the working title for The Catalyst.
  2. Yeah and they obviously worked on Rhinestone I don't think the Rapology songs matter at this point - they were Mike only - maybe with assistance by Joe, they just labeled it as Xero for the time being (would even make sense if the band was already HT) Also Chester didn't know Xero Reborn, so that makes that impossible to have happened.
  3. There's plenty of songs made by fans in style of Meteora and since there is no vocals on them, there is no evidence any of it was made by Linkin Park or any of their respective members
  4. Where'd you find it? Can't find it on the usual page
  5. That's actually what I'm more interested in, I know Mike has said plenty of times that pictureboard wasn't that great of a song (still excited tho)
  6. Yeah but at the same time Mike doing something and that being mentioned here is something different from Grey Daze doing something with Chester's vocal tracks, 'cause they're not LP. I agree that old GD is something worth mentioning in LPL and Linkinpedia, 'cause that's kinda part of the evolution. Same with Xero and Tasty Snax etc. But new Grey Daze is like "hey guys check out this remix I made". When did he state that?
  7. Not to excited with this one.. Sound really blend and repetitive IMO - but you can't expect him to produce a banger everyday
  8. I found none of them in the Folder not even with the names swapped
  9. I have trouble getting on the other page.. might have been banned (even though there's not even a single reason to that I can think of..)
  10. this is why I wish I could thumbs-up comments
  11. sorry I got Sharp Edges confused with Until it Breaks. But I'm pretty sure I got an offer for The Messenger (around 10 Tracks) you're talking about The Requiem/ The Radiance 60 Tracks, right?
  12. only the acapella has been leaked Robot Boy, WJ&L, The Requiem/The Radiance, BITS, Jornada del Muerto, Fallout and the Messenger are all out there but none of that stuff has been leaked. Like Until It Breaks and Halfway Right haven't been.
  13. LPsMart

    Xero News

    but it does have a whole different mixing, doesn't it? (don't have the HT demo on me right now)
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