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  1. really looking forward to that! finally something exciting again ❤️ thank you
  2. NGL this just cracked me up real good, thanks for that
  3. I'm sorry to say it, but that's not the sample used in but rather isolated from the song, also I'm not quite sure whether it's a female, because it was sped up in the first place
  4. not sure if I hear piano at all, surely no piano chords sadly EDIT: there's some subtle piano, but not the right tones might be from that show though
  5. try it out sometime, it's mind bugging. will eventually do the rest of LPU if possible, so the topic is off the table
  6. Just realized the SNDS1 folder is identical to PACMANNYNEW, so no such thing as an MTM folder, but rather Mike reusing certain samples. Other than that: NIN_BLUE from Xero Current was used in Lost In The Echo on the second half of the "let you gooooo" bridge. ("We don't use samples by other bands" my a** hahaha) Meeting up with a Nine Inch Nails expert today, hoping she can help out with all those NIN samples in there.
  7. there's no need to, if that's on Linkinpedia. The spead sheet is run by LPLive members as well. Edit: I did the LPU 12 for you, I hope that'll be it for some time. Finding out the BPM destroys the song experience, so I truly hope this will keep you busy.
  8. Chester was at some point singing over another take of himself singing, one track at least has to be there. I think he rather meant, that it was a cookie and didn't turn out to be a song. Like they didn't know, that the fanbase wanted exactly what they asked for.
  9. Sample19 from the SNDS1 folder is the main sample of Ammosick, meaning this folder could contain more MTM era samples
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