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  1. He did do the remix on the single but the price for that was being on the album in some form. He should've been either on Jornada Del Muerto or WTCFM
  2. They have been for quite some time especially Invisibile or did you mean Iridescent?
  3. yeah it does. it's just more quiet. I went through all the tracks and couldn't find anything that starts in the outro.
  4. Someone please explain the difference between those three
  5. thanks what were they called o.O don't think I got them
  6. where were they leaked and also when? can't remember this Also still don't know about this
  7. Never heard of Joe's Open Labs Samples, were they released or can't they be reached like Mike's stuff was?
  8. Yeah I guess so but where can I find those? Wanted to check them out but can't find anything about them on lpl
  9. Someone on reddit has referred to lplive to have uploaded some snippets of HT era demos, how come?
  10. Does anybody know if Alyssa Morse is Tobi Benningtons daughter? Also does anybody know why all of a sudden Tobi and Samantha are calling out Mike for mistreating Chester?
  11. hasn't the The Visionaries Feat. Linkin Park - Unknown Title been out for years now?
  12. LPsMart

    2017 Tickets

    Can't tell.. Did I send the southside ticket to the right email address? cause it says southside is received but there's no pic on the gig page
  13. LPsMart

    2017 Tickets

    Southside, Germany right here! I will send a copy the day after the Southside performance
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