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  1. I found none of them in the Folder not even with the names swapped
  2. I have trouble getting on the other page.. might have been banned (even though there's not even a single reason to that I can think of..)
  3. this is why I wish I could thumbs-up comments
  4. sorry I got Sharp Edges confused with Until it Breaks. But I'm pretty sure I got an offer for The Messenger (around 10 Tracks) you're talking about The Requiem/ The Radiance 60 Tracks, right?
  5. only the acapella has been leaked Robot Boy, WJ&L, The Requiem/The Radiance, BITS, Jornada del Muerto, Fallout and the Messenger are all out there but none of that stuff has been leaked. Like Until It Breaks and Halfway Right haven't been.
  6. LPsMart

    Xero News

    but it does have a whole different mixing, doesn't it? (don't have the HT demo on me right now)
  7. LPsMart

    Xero News

    what I find interesting is that the whole outro (except the vocals obviously) is exactly the same as the Hybrid Theory demo of Forgotten
  8. LPsMart

    Xero News

    AFAIR It goes Through was originally titled Luna and I recall having seen this title on the board in either the ATS or LT era
  9. He did do the remix on the single but the price for that was being on the album in some form. He should've been either on Jornada Del Muerto or WTCFM
  10. They have been for quite some time especially Invisibile or did you mean Iridescent?
  11. yeah it does. it's just more quiet. I went through all the tracks and couldn't find anything that starts in the outro.
  12. Someone please explain the difference between those three
  13. thanks what were they called o.O don't think I got them
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