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  1. that's crazy cause I live in Germany too but didn't get anything..
  2. I found the stems to Complimentary recently, but I don't have Stagelight. Henceforth I wanted to ask whether or not there are stems to Space Station etc
  3. Also left and right channels are switched
  4. I never knew - this is amazing ❤️
  5. you can't any of the Interludes hear somehow
  6. If you monetize your cover you've got to clear the rights first But covering a song without getting anything from it, usually doesn't bring anything to the table. At least as long as it's not big enough to get Warner's attention. But legally I think you may cover whatever you want
  7. alright I listened to the Vinyls and yes they seem pretty noisy, seems to be CD mastering somehow, which is fatal if pressed in vinyl. also I noticed a cute little CB signature on my HTEP vinyl, did anybody else find it?
  8. yeah but it was cassette quality right? I assumed the XERO INSTRUMENTAL cassette photo belonged to it
  9. I'm about 90 percent sure that it'S a verse of Rhinestone
  10. hell yeah Passenger is my absolute favorite and I love to see Mike on that track I agree
  11. My OG vinyl print of HT (bought it around 2016) is missing like all of the subs and middles - it's annoyingly treble-ish. Haven't touched the HT20 vinyl yet
  12. Do you guys mean the Xero Tape Instrumental?
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