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  1. yeah, 'cause I added it, when HT20 came out. but the fact that there's one track with the same bpm, doesn't mean they're a reliable source. I'll check the songs' BPM for you and add them to the spreadsheet EDIT: alright, those were pretty accurate, but they made huge mistakes. As said before, And One is like the only song by LP without click, so no BPM there - just a bold assumption made by a computer. Also, seemingly Mike had a little fun with numbers programming the beats, because Dialate has a BPM of 105.678 seems intended to me, as well as Reading My Eyes' 136.636. You cannot just round them up to something, because the click would speed up every beat compared to the track itself. PB, She Couldn't and S'n'M were right though, my bad. I also added the keys they're in and the time signatures. Need a little help with Could Have Been - I think it's in C# Phrygian, might also be C# Minor. I'm waiting on Astat's opinion, if he reads this.
  2. If you had fact checked it, you would have realized that And One isn't played on click (except the outro, which isn't 110 BPM but 100), and if it were, it would be around 115. All the sources you find googling "BPM" or "Key" of a song differ from each other, and mostly you'll find they're all wrong. I suggest you to get BPM from either linkinpedia.com (LPL) or the remix spreadsheet 2.0, which both are reliable sources. If the BPM aren't on there, you'd have to find out yourself or ask someone to help you find out.
  3. it's a freakin working title, not a demo this is just wrong and you know that
  4. I think they were rather talking about something from early stages HPOATT-like. And i mean since Mike said that doesn't know anymore, but believes that the song started with guitars and the beeping sounds, I get why they think there must've been more to the song before they tracked it for HT. But as I mentioned before, I don't think they actually made a "demo" like Dust Brothers/Now I See. You could say that about a few more songs on HT, that had their working titles on the unmastered versions but final titles on the actual album. Which are basically exactly the same recording.
  5. how should we know? I don't think we don't have anything from Harmonic Song on the multitracks. If there is something, it should basically be the drums, 'cause they decided on the name change while tracking drums. I doubt they really did a demo of that, maybe some project in ProTools to structure it. But I think it was after they had written OSC and Papercut, when they started writing PMA, but who knows? You should go ask Mike, if he remembers at all or even answers.
  6. Why would anyone ever ban YOU?!
  7. so we can actually tell, that the name Pushing Me Away was decided on on either March 15 or March 16, maybe that's also when the lyrics seemed about done. which would mean the song was an even closer call than we already knew it was, cause the lyrics should be finished before going into the studio. I wonder when Mike rewrote the lyrics of ITE to the final version. Very unlikely that a demo this late exists, but I would love to listen to Mike spitting the final lyrics onto the demo to try them out and check if they work, like a "Take 1 at home".
  8. I've watched the series and can't recall anyone confirming it was Dialate. EDIT: I'm blind. It says it right there in the text, that such information was exchanged behind the scenes.
  9. yeah I feel that, I know it's not perfect and it's annoying - but patience - audio engineering has improved so fast yeah seems about right (even though no stereo drums) - but everything was mixed before tracking it onto a 1-track-machine, you can hear the quality has suffered when listening to each individual track but altogether no glitches are notable. naaah definitely not. but I'm both excited and anxious about the future and what's to come
  10. George Martin and Crew actually did that for The Beatles' 1, Love and the RB game, with technology we would never had believed to exist back then
  11. I'm pretty sure they don't even have all the original stems themselves. e.g. Reading My Eyes was a direct remaster from a 1-track-tape. about the technology: what I've learned about how AI treatment does shit is shocking. you could even like extract single instruments from RME but still.. there's a difference between stems and deconstructed stems (even though the quality has increased alot over the last year.) If you're interested in deconstructing songs I suggest you getting a free trial of izotope's RX8.
  12. dude I'm starting to believe that's why it's so hard to get hands on the multi. they've been strict about those to prevent people from knowing that producing technique to make such amazingly strong vocals. or they just treated the vocals on the 5.1 release like some sounds on CFTI I find those tracks extremely weird to listen to, they sound so heavily different
  13. I'm just so in love with this site, thank you guys for all your work ❤️
  14. well you'd have to ask JB if he remembers, but he barely answers anything the way you'd expect him to. I would advise rearranging Emo and putting some guitar on it, I think that should basically be it, but I',m just theorizing
  15. welcome to pop music. If you went by that theory there's plenty of songs that you could consider inspiration for other songs
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