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  1. Probably on release date like usual I think that's not up to Linkin Park to release it officially.
  2. Dude it's pretty obvious especially when he differs his vocals on "wearing his magic hats" Also he sings a whole octave below the other take the whole "chorus" (send me your powers) I hope I recall the lyrics correctly
  3. Lol that's already on the LPU Rarities and way shorter
  4. Since Chester sings over another take of himself this is not the case
  5. But most of those were promotional singles. Check the Linkinpedia
  6. I'd rather say it's "with my demons - de - o - e - o, -mon - my - demon - my heeaad", but your point is very well made - I'm totally with you on this
  7. they actually want your paypal data?
  8. i know that and considered that and it doesn't disprove my point
  9. I was rather surprised having them on instrumentals and I would have treated them differently BUT they were certainly not recorded for themselves being sampled in the first place so it makes sense compared with the By Myself "myself"-scratches which are kinda treated the same or that scream sample on faint (not scratched) which is also considered instrumental (tho mixed fairly quiet into the song)
  10. Yeah maybe it was a pressing error but I've heard of several people buying it and the results differed from EU and USA reissues
  11. I'm not saying that I would do it, not ever inferring anybody should do it but just saying that HTEP will be a good money maker just like the CD is Idk about Reanimation, on amazon it says new and used from $99.99 - couldn't care less, cause it's part of the Set I'm even grateful for another HT Vinyl cause mine has a horrible Master (probably CD Master)
  12. Pretty sure you will make a good amount of money with that HTEP Vinyl on it's own. Maybe also with the Reanimation Vinyls - I heard they were out of stock on their own
  13. I would make another paragraph for Promotional Singles
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