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  1. he's a robot bot bot bot bot and he won't stop stop stop stop 'cause he's a robot Edit: maaan i was late to the party and didn't even realize
  2. yeah of course he was involved in writing and stuff but most likely didn't perform, that's what's disappointing Brad not playing guitar is a whole different story - he is super involved in the process (as you can see e.g. in "the meeting of ATS" or "Brad says hello to mikeshinoda(dot)com", which is hilarious btw) - and you know he wrote Three Band Terror on his own, so there's a whole song he performed on his own on LT - even though the music itself on UIB was mike and brad for sure, he sang. Lol CFTI and Session are super Mike-y, idk how ppl would think it's JH. With You for example has tons of scratching and isn't a JH song at all.
  3. nope I'm 100 percent positive that that was Mike, I think I read it somewhere, not sure about The Summoning though - that should have been Joe please, if not it would be disappointing to have only 5 members on that album
  4. I think everybody did great on that album - especially Rob had his time to shine, he's just an excellent drummer. Brad did some sick soli, Chester brought back some amazing screaming, Mike showed off his singing ability once again on ALITS, and did major songwriting on the whole album. Well and then there's the bassist and we don't need to talk about Joe on THP I guess, he didn't even direct any music video besides UIG. I know people dislike the songs for their lyrics and I couldn't care less, 'cause musically it's still a wholesome album and I feel rather bad for people, that can't listen to it like that.
  5. this topic being reviewed in 2021 is something I would never have dreamed of hahaha
  6. that's on the album too but way down in the mix, here it's just not mixed well check the multitracks, you can hear it pretty clearly
  7. there's very subtle scratching on the studio version too. they did that usual manipulation stuff with an MPC and then Joe scratched it up.
  8. I think so too. I believe there has to be another demo, from Chester's very early days. Like rerecording the Xero CD with Chester and that's it. I think So Far Away should be on there too. I suppose it was written right after they fired Mark and then Chester hopped on there to do his very few lines. Also I think Flower was never recorded onto CD, I think it was just between Emo and She Couldn't and since it was a pretty song they called it Flower for the time being. I think it's just a literal working title for the project of this song before the vocals finally came together. To me it sounds like they put Brad and Joe on Emo and called it Flower before Chester and Mike wrote lyrics, like it's obvious that version could never have been on a demo CD, 'cause that would've been like "Ashes", which I still don't understand why they included it before finishing beforehand. An early demo of She Couldn't
  9. nah that's what I think too, there's just no demo out there that contains it (except the one in Mike's closet)
  10. Unpopular opinions right here: I enjoy the studio version of QWERTY more than the live version I think the intro of Blackbirds makes it more of a "being a part of something" experience, but I left it out on the instrumental, 'cause it's just a loop and I see why that is annoying in some way Not Alone has amazing lyrics and great performance and it's certainly hypnotizing, I just don't like the sound they used on that one that much. but still it's a great song and if it was more energetic I would listen to it way more often - even though I listen to ballads like that on the regular, it's just a little different from what I like
  11. Alright I'm pretty sure it's not from those recording sessions. No live drums, which doesn't make sense if Rob in fact had recorded some. Totally different guitar tone to the album and also not as polished as later recordings (tone-wise of course not as good as the HT masters but I mean rather guitar song writing - e.g. the lick before the last chorus is sounding like something Brad would have improved on later on. The harmony vocals are even a little louder than the main vocals, which makes me believe this is rather a home recording they did. Also the vocals are a little flat here and there which is a big no-no on album takes. They're not even edited. I think that's enough reasons.
  12. I think we can all agree on 1. QWERTY 2. Blackbirds 3. Not Alone
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