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  1. Trollnoda at it again. I love his kind of humor also super lame interview other than that, sadly
  2. I remember something like that too, I think that was around 2016 iirc, not sure tho. Actually I think it would fit a Linkin Park demo rather than a song originally performed or written by Xero. Chester's ATS demo he thought would end up as a DBS song was called "Fucking Awesome" and we have a demo out called "TooLeGit", which seemed unlikely as a LP title too. but on the other hand, how likely is it that a song from the Xero era is out there, of which the name is unheard of, now that we have the One Step Closer book. Deftest seems to have been a home demo by Mark and Mike, so an
  3. I'm pretty certain it's a Mike Shinoda demo on a Xero Promo Release. Like Fiends (which I'm sure is MS or at least almost only MS) on the same disc and later Pods on an LP release. Rhinestone, Esaul, Pictureboard, Fiends, Stick N Move, Carousel, Slip, Pointillism and Step Up
  4. yeah, not happening, sorry man.. I did everything I could. I suggest you look up a tutorial on how to read sheet music and use the sheet music I made especially for you, along with the guidetracks that EXACTLY teach you how to play with each finger. If you don't know where notes are on a keyboard, I strongly suggest that you should learn that before asking for such things. it is the same thing over and over and over and over again, there's nothing else happening on the keys iirc
  5. didn't ITE get like 3 different CDs minimum plus DVD plus VHS releases? but that's basically it. Numb, Faint, Waiting For The End, The Catalyst, Burn It Down and ALTNC saw two releases I think. Don't know about the MTM era with the picture vinyls and stuff but I mean, that's why I'm grateful for ppl like you martinez, you kept track of stuff like this did all the physical releases get digital releases too? like if I wanted a b-side from a Meteora or MTM single that's not been released elsewhere (if that's even the case)
  6. Yeah lol wouldn't make sense in another context hahaha, sorry if this could be misinterpreted Also:
  7. he just wrote that he can't convert it, stop being a douche lol
  8. yeah I'm sorry bout that, but then again the latest update is from 2004, we couldn't expect any different
  9. that's not a program you open. you drag your files onto the exe and then the .wav files will be in the source folder if that's still a problem, try to find out if your pc can emulate x32bit, if it's x64
  10. ADAM12PIANO was used in Grr D_SNARE1 was used on IN PIECES!!!
  11. unlikely - the sample is 0:08 to 0:12, can't remember there being mellotron and acoustic guitar on HV
  12. On Papercut it says about the single version "No guitar feedback at the end.": that's actually a synth from OSC foreshadowing and it IS on the single version. it is absent on the HT unmastered though. Also I'm glad blackbear gets himself some, but actually it's more likely there's a typo on the front page.