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  1. What do you want? Lol There hasn’t been any update lately so what exactly are you hoping for?
  2. That is litterally so far away from being the same, that it’s not even worth mentioning.
  3. Woooooaahh what a song! Chester could do anything, i get so happy and sad at the same time when i hear something like this. our favorite singer ever should have had 30+ years of songs sung for us..
  4. I haven’t even tought about them both, damn i think that would change LP’s dynamic in a wicked way. i could only imagine what kind of cool remixes from the old songs, and what kind of new songs the could come up with.
  5. I really hope that they will add John Green or Matt as an extra member, with Mike being the frontman, and them to rotate a bit between guitar, keyboard en with some songs that person as a lead singer.
  6. I really love the fact that on the YouTube comment section of the “slow version” everybody is trolling by saying how good it actually is.
  7. Yupp, money rules even our favorite artists
  8. Real or fake, cashgrab either way.
  9. Has anybody ever tought about the idea, that maybe the band does not want to release much more demo’s cause of how special they are for the band members themselves? maybe they just don’t want any outsiders to hear some of the stuff, because they care about it more than any of us could and would ever do. Think about it, if they wanted to release more it would not be an issue.
  10. Are there full versions avalible somewhere? because i have great ideas for the december 14th track.
  11. @lpliveusername if you ever find that performance of man in the box, Can you please send it to me also? i would die to hear Chester on Alice ‘n Chains.
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