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  1. Shit... This really seems to be a cashgrab. Why, just why..
  2. The fact that they talk about a Linkin Park collaboration makes me hopefull for this years return of the band.
  3. I love This comment more than my own sister.
  4. They literally explained...
  5. I thought the same as JZLP, but i never tought about these things before. thankyou for changing my perspective.
  6. I really got the same feeling, but i can’t quite put my finger on it..
  7. I hope they will release “In time” first,
  8. Pretty stoked! my guess is that they are reworking this, just like Mike did with “Make It Up As I Go”
  9. Yess that was the one i was talking about! btw can you explain me how you Can put images in your comment?
  10. I would love to hear Some new music. i’m fine with a Mike Shinoda solo song, but i really cannot help to for a Linkin Park song. Btw i cant upload the image right now, but on that insta-story post, fine was also included on that list, so this seems legit.
  11. Don’t really like it tbh. btw, not to be disrespectful, but why is This on the front page? I don’t think a lot of people are interested in This.
  12. Some people just die for atention, he is one of those people, don’t even react to that Guy, you only wind yourself up when reacting to his shitposting.
  13. Aah thanks! looks like a pretty safe setlist for an last show.
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