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  1. @lpliveusername if you ever find that performance of man in the box, Can you please send it to me also? i would die to hear Chester on Alice ‘n Chains.
  2. Will it really take away fun from watching it if it’s dvd instead of Blu-ray? I really don’t understand all of the complaining.
  3. They probably won’t come out before the actual release. it was all just speculation.
  4. I don’t really like it tbh. her voice just doesn’t sound right for me.
  5. Or maybe they just like giving fans of Chester and Grey Daze the same opurtunity to hear the rest of the songs, the same way as they did with amends?
  6. Maybe you should talk in more than a couple of words when you’re reacting to someone, and be a little clear for once.
  7. Same with She Couldn’t i believe, that’s the only reason why that song will be released “Above Ground” i
  8. Seems like it. Damn, we need some IT people to help us out here
  9. The worst part is when she’s doing that horse-face kinda thing when she’s singing higher notes.
  10. Maybe he’s not very deep into all of the ins&outs of the band. i really don’t get why you can get so offensive about some questions.
  11. “I don’t want to hear his voice” Shit, that made me sad as hell, i can’t imagine what he must be feeling..
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