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  1. Some people just die for atention, he is one of those people, don’t even react to that Guy, you only wind yourself up when reacting to his shitposting.
  2. Aah thanks! looks like a pretty safe setlist for an last show.
  3. Too bad LP live twitter couldn’t cover it.
  4. Does anybody know what time the show Will start?
  5. Wich country do you live in? maybe we Can start up Some sort of crowdfundin, so you don’t have to go trough selling the things you love the most.
  6. To bad the setlist wasn’t that special.
  7. Exactly what i was thinking
  8. Nobody Can Save Me is closer to alternative rock / pop rock, than to “bubblegum pop”
  9. Just as good as the other members of LP? lol
  10. It’s nice for the fans living there, but tbh i hoped that the PT Cycle was over, and we would get Some LP news.
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