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  1. The worst part is when she’s doing that horse-face kinda thing when she’s singing higher notes.
  2. Maybe he’s not very deep into all of the ins&outs of the band. i really don’t get why you can get so offensive about some questions.
  3. “I don’t want to hear his voice” Shit, that made me sad as hell, i can’t imagine what he must be feeling..
  4. That ai mori cover sounds really like she’s Somekind of edgelord, so no This is not for me. hope he releases the song sometime without the collabs.
  5. The worst one? that has to be “things in my jeep” 😂
  6. I hoped i would like it, but the “hoora,hooray!” Parts makes me cringe trough my bones. first song on this album that i will never fully listen to.
  7. Those “shady measure” sounds like cop threaths in movies. nothing real, just smoke and air.
  8. And once again, the LP name has been used for false promotion.
  9. The part about them choosing the opening act is really interesting. I really hope Mike wasn’t involved in the decision for the opening act of his PT, Amsterdam Show. Some kind of cheap trashy dutch rap “band” was put up as an opening act, and it sucked donkeyballs. every damn person in the AFAS LIVE Stood still, except those idiots on stage, not to mention the cynical applause these Guys got after every “song” After they went offstage, someone put up a balloon in the centre of the room, we all cheered louder for that damn balloon, than for that awfull opening act. good times, good times..
  10. This confirmes what most people tought already, that Promises i can’t keep was more a Linkin Park esque kind of song.
  11. Interesting! wasn’t that song found on that IBM site? ( idk the real name of it )
  12. I think they never get the dates right because nobody cares. it’s totally unimportant.
  13. He sent out an update where he mixed al 3 together, and it sounds really awesome!
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