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  1. What a bummer. Hopefully someone will record it and post it here…
  2. Love FF, way better than HR imo if that’s what they compared it to. Chester sounds great, the melodies and instruments 👌🏼great and that acoustic guitar touch at the end just beautiful
  3. He’s probably trolling lol they obvi know we’ve been going crazy trying to figure it out. But then again it could be actually QWERTY casuals will go crazy over it most of them actually don’t even know it exists
  4. Exactly what I was thinkin and how it always works lol
  5. Would LPL and Martinez happen to know the Answer for Looking for an Answer? 🤔
  6. 45 sec snippet on SoundCloud the band uploaded https://m.soundcloud.com/linkinpark/friendly-fire-preview?fbclid=IwAR3hSMBch35UvNbL-MMScdcB6PTvTsjLscEFbGkU9YJcXjfIxqvIg4ZzCIw_aem_AUUHlxxXLfmdav2uamjEYaSaTaalGaYeK2zL8AUJ8FnW7bn5CD2F480c_zV1O9NPYt0
  7. Honestly it’d be great if it was somethin from THP. There’s something for every album except that, so at least 1 song representative of it would fill more complete. I know everyone has diff opinions on THP but it’s the same for every album lol def needs 1 song even if it was nothing in comparison to the rest as far as being a hit and impactful-ness
  8. FF sounds amazing!! It’s track number 20 so that raises the question…what’s 14? Another unreleased song from OML or another session? Or possibly a brand new song?
  9. https://youtu.be/jt8d6TSW3Oc?si=OJRN9Qf9a5sGK61- Friendly Fire snippet
  10. Holy shiii my bad guys I def meant LITE I was at work and was tryna type fast 😅
  11. You know it could be strategic, maybe not intentionally, but for new fans…like they’ll listen to “the greatest hits” and then may want to dive deeper into the catalog and find those other gems like SOTD, The Catalyst, LIO, GATS, Heavy etc etc and then want to dive more
  12. I mean when P.O.D. released their GH “The Atlantic Years” they had a brand new song at #3 and an unreleased song at #16. There were 17 tracks. So really doesn’t seem that off tbh
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