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  1. Yeah I don’t remember Mike saying PB was bad. He just said the song wasn’t that good, like for us to be so hyped up about it lol
  2. May be a lot to ask but I think it’d be cool if LPL put together a thread with clips of any unreleased stuff we have from “making of” albums and LPTV etc with the names of the demos/etc. Just the ones we do actually have some audio for. And then if we get anymore for something we don’t have or another clip of something we do then it can just be added and updated!
  3. I actually took the small vocal clip off of the making of Meteora and placed it where it sounds like it goes on A-Six, sounds right and pretty good!
  4. It was leaked, pretty sure it’s the version with Mark
  5. I think staff will have to reply to that....
  6. I think they’re involved, even if it’s just going over ideas for the release and deciding as a whole if they like it or not
  7. Makes sense considering it was rumored Pictureboard was played once or twice and the “In yourself” jam was played twice...very possible!
  8. Im not against any Mark stuff, I just don’t see that happening. Yes Mark was apart of early stuff, but it was Xero. Hybrid Theory, even as a band name was Chester. Every thing they did was for the debut album. They dipped back in to some Xero songs and done those with Chester for Hybrid Theory. It’s a Hybrid Theory celebration. Imo, I believe the songs are from Chester’s audition, not Xero era Mark. Kind of makes more sense to me of why they randomly played Reading My Eyes back in 2006, makes it more believable to me that Chester recorded vocals for it on his audition tape. But that’s just what I feel, obviously I have no clue, none of us do lol we’ll find out when we find out! Excited either way!
  9. They’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album that has nothing to do with Mark other than the fact he was on some very early tracks of 4 songs....they’re not celebrating Xero. I highly doubt Marks vocals are on any of these.
  10. Pretty sure we’re gonna get 4 more demos, if you look on the “leak” Mike had carousel, points of authority and 2 more tracks at the bottom you can barely see. 12 total
  11. I’m hoping eventually we’ll get to hear 10 to 30 sec clips of the songs like a lot of media players did back in the day!
  12. There were also tracks at the bottom we couldnt see any name so....could be other tracks we haven’t heard of
  13. Yeah I know that’s what I was just saying lol I think some people took it as any unreleased music with Chester on it but pretty sure that’s not what he meant
  14. I think he meant new stuff, as in the One More Light b-side he was talking about. That would be like almost a brand new LP song, not a demo. Then again, he might have said that to throw people off and make HT20 more of a surprise. They’re celebrating the album anniversary I doubt there will be any Mark stuff....think everyone is pretty sure it’s Chesters audition stuff plus some other demos that didn’t make the album.
  15. I think we get a password tomorrow
  16. P.O.D. and LINKIN PARK have always been my 2 favorite bands!
  17. Either you like it, or you don't. And I like it!
  18. Linkin Park did record a music video for Burn It Down and had that picked as the single before Living Things was finished, Mike said that during the making of the video. And Linkin Park coalition on vk supposedly has a 9 second clip of the new single
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