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  1. Didn't we knew that already? with the "LP LIVE EXPERIENCE DRAFT ONE" thing
  2. Yeah you are right in that. also my comment was kind of rough lol Is always cool to have more unreleased shows, the san diego one wasn't enough
  3. Wait they are selling tickets just to watch some old live recordings?... Would be cool to get the full show same with the Deftones show playing ATF
  4. We know about that songs since 2005 (fifteen years, that crazy) and people have been wanting to hear the song since then. The band played it live in 2000 when they just switched to Linkin Park, There is proof that the song was played live thanks to one of Joe vinyls that has the same sample found on Mike MPC with the name Pic. The band had plans to released it for the LPU9 but Mike said that it has some samples so they couldnt release it. Maybe the song isnt that great but the mystery behind it makes people (myself include) wanting to heard it http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Pictureboard
  5. I'm sure pretty sure that Mike don't rememeber any Meteora remixes (if they exist) after like 18 years, we know him. But is weird that he totally took the Meteora remixes out of the answer and didn't mention anything. The whole never do another remix album thing is pretty obvious imo, Mike had a big role in 90% of the Reanimation songs, i don't think he want to spend all that time again just for a remix album so in Recharged they just send the multitracks to some big name producers in the EDM scene and call it a day (Which explain why is that bad) How much shinodabucks is a question?
  6. I never thought about that, maybe cause it never bother me at all but you are right. is probably one of the few LP songs that take like a minute to hit the instrumental chorus on the intro
  7. I wonder what is going to happen with the sample, if they are going to clear it or just delete it from the song
  8. This represent pretty much 90% of the HT demos, especially all of the Esaul versions or the Crawling demo with a Mike verse throw in the middle of the song just for the sake of doing it. And like always thanks for doing all of this recaps
  9. Yes they can, is a good idea? i don't know. Of course and thats shitty as fuck, capitalizing on a dead person is not good in my opinion... Yeah he record it and the band wasn't in a label at the time he has the full right to it, but i don't think change the price in the middle of a deal says good things about him. Maybe i'm wrong on this and thats the way people handle things like that
  10. Yes, he is the guy who recorded some footage in 1999, i get it that he want money but at this point nobody is gonna buy it he just went full greedy mode and it screw it up for himself imo
  11. Everyone is throwing some really good ideas. but nobody mention more rehearsal footage, I'm not believing that Esaul was the only song recorded in video that day (The one that came as a bonus on the Frat Party DVD). I doubt that we gonna see the ostrich tapes cause i don't think the band is stupid to pay like 10K for that. but i'm sure they recorded more stuff themselves. Also getting OSC from the BBC Radio session would be cool if that exist
  12. My list is like that dude that scream "oLd LiNkiN pArK wAs BeTtEr", by the way some of the parings were dumbs and other hard as fuck but it was a lot of fun Here is mine
  13. Not exactly bad video quality but the audio of this videos is so bad (the ones that had the album cover, the non singles from the albums). Sounds like an issue with the way the file was exported, is really evident when the songs hit the chorus Hybrid Theory: Reanimation: Meteora: Minutes To Midnight (Only this two songs): A Thousand Suns is fine Living Things: The Hunting Party: This is the perfect example of what i'm talking about
  14. Here: https://www.linkinparkguitar.com/tabs.htm You shoud follow Astat on some social media he mention that he was moving all of his tabs to his website
  15. This was a good reading. i never expected to see Chester and Suffocation mentioned on the same page lol. Wish we could have the early DBS material, Howard fuck it up some of the songs thats really a shame cause he produced some of my favorite albums. By the way i totally forgot about the Chester's injury
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