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  1. Imagine if the 4 songs were from the underground albums that we already had (6, 9, 10 and 11). that would be the biggest troll move in a long time.
  2. Well people already discover how to acess the chatroom https://www.reddit.com/r/LinkinPark/comments/i5ndsy/linkin_parks_old_band_computer_we_are_chatting/
  3. I already try upscale them and it didn't work also i played with the brightness and saturation and nothing came out of it
  4. Wait what???? Okay already found the "MShinoda Music Server" but the files are "corrupted"
  5. Yes but only if it is early metalcore
  6. A lot of the Mike's beats seems to be a reflect of the music that was/is popular at the time: From Xero to Meteora: it was Underground Rap, Industrial and Rock/Metal MTM: was Rap and more chill or "emo" stuff and bit of pop. and so on Of course he has been developing his style from like 25 years or something like that, so he unconsciously can write a song in whatever genre and you know is a song by him, Thanks in a big part to this: And some other factors. like the gear he use MPC, pads and all of that stuff, is not the same to program drums by using maschine or any other products like that than do it with your mouse. Plus he really know what drum samples use in each song, you can hear this for example on The Rising Tied all the drums are very similar sounding. it has that hard hitting sound and they then to be very dry
  7. I like this a lot more than the volumen 1. i find the song on this one more "serious" for a lack of a better word. Crystalina totally accomplished the purpose of being a trip-hop IDM song (No joke the piano is borrowed straigth from Stem by DJ Shadow and at the end it sound like Flim by Aphex Twin). Big fan of the Chiptune/Trap vibe in Julio's Revenge, Side Scrolling and Dungeon Crawler, you can easily tell what inspired this songs without need to know the original requested style. And the other songs like Astral, Channeling or Dog Whistles are pretty good also
  8. The HB show was so special (especially compared to other tribute shows in recent years). they put a lot of love and passion on it I listen to some of the song from time to time but numb absolutly destroy me i just can't man Also this. exactly
  9. Any reason why there are so many versions of It's Going Down or it was just for promo stuff and radio play? Also is just me or that song kind of hurt the X-Ecutioners career a bit? like they were amazing but in the end they were the guys who made that song with Mike Shinoda for a lot of people
  10. No. LP as many bands record 1 or 2 guitars for each side (1 L and 1 R or 2 L and 2 R) to make that heavy wall of sound especially on the old albums. you can easily hear this by extracting the centre channel, you get pretty much an isolated guitar track. this is like the standard for the production of a rock/metal album. Of course they put guitars in the middle but not always.
  11. This is a forum and is all text so the "jokes" get a bit lost sometimes. Also since in the past you attacked Mike's music (TRT, Dropped Frames, Etc) people get a bit defensive and bring Amends on this, since you mention it in every opportunity you have. of course people are gonna take advantage off that and try to attack it just to pissed you off, thats like internet 101.
  12. Weren't those already posted here? like a two months ago or something
  13. Big fan of this. could be also a Boss Heavy Metal since both of them are from the same years and share the same color. Also i'm recreating the tone of One Step Closer with free plugins and is pretty close. i'm probably gonna posted here later
  14. Amazing, thanks for this. pretty haunting vocal take on this one
  15. Man her fans are creepy they just post her covers everywhere and prize her in every opportunity they have
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