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  1. Yeah exactly, i should have mention it on the post
  2. I don't think mentioning that Chester sings on that song is a good idea, the band don't need another "Friendly Fire" situation. Or maybe is something like Dialate and is Mark on vocals
  3. "The 'run it!' vocal sample at 0:04 was used in the Styles Of Beyond track "Come Out Your Frame (Interlude)" off of their album 2000 Fold. Otherwise these are random samples." Is this the same one that Joe scratches on the live performances of High Voltage? sounds similar but i'm not sure
  4. So Deaftest? here we go again, see you guys in 20 years. The weird thing is that he dropped the name of the track like it was include on the Forgotten Demos Cd or something lol
  5. So what is the timeline for Stick N Move? i guess the one from LPU9 is the seed for the one on Forgotten Demos. but i have zero idea about the two version on Hybrid Party
  6. Same one from the Xero tape but sound slightly better apparently :C
  7. They played on Sirius and is the Zomba version
  8. That sucks, same with them dropping it from the setlist for the Project Revolution US tour. It really annoying cause RME is my fav song by the band
  9. Full Multitracks? yeah only Roads, but we also have Lost In The Echo (constest), Burn It Down (from a game) and from other songs we have samples and that kind stuff floating around (check the Linkipedia section of every song if you want more info)
  10. Is there any reason why the live version of High Voltage on the LPU2 is uncensored? I'm talking about the "bullshit" part. Did they started to censure live songs for releases after LPU2?
  11. 3 songs againts 2 albums, 1 EP, a lot of demos and B-sides, 3 live shows, and 1 DVD. don't seem like celebrating Mark's carrer that much tbh. Yeah i know he is not Chester but who the fuck cares? Like it or not they wrote some songs with him that end up on HT, and they are still friends with him. Also i doubt anyone beside the people here would here those songs more than 2 or 3 times
  12. Page 2, mediafire link. thanks to Skipees for uploading that way back, what a legend http://www.mediafire.com/?dz2zqcngjum
  13. If you talking about a version without any scratches or rewinds Astat did that edit for the entire mixtape. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/916-fort-minor-we-major-no-rewinds/ Also Mike released the instrumental on the MTV VMA Score
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