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  1. I think now is the moment for the band to go full experimental if we take in consideration the stuff mike is doing right now (Fine and the beats/remixes he is doing) it has that dark edge to it similar to ATS without sounding force or cringe, thats the style that fits the band right now. we don't need more pop songs, it was ok in 2017 but is time to move on and i don't want the band to become a Chester tribute for the rest of the days, but that doesn't mean i don't wanna see Looking For An Answer getting relesead. And yeah maybe ATS just worn out the band. i don't know about the sells of that album but maybe it didn't sold that well compared to rest or their catalog so they went with a more "commercial" style for the next ones, and there is nothing wrong with that is the job of the band if you don't sold enough the label is gonna give you troubles
  2. Surprisingly enough the Meteora photos are in really good quality. By the way Garret you know about any MTM or Chester pics that would benefit of this process?
  3. Hahahaha they are the tipical 90' metal band photos when they try to look cool and angry
  4. Thanks, do we know how take the photo? Also why some of the HT EP have this stupid watermark on top of them, them one who looks like bubbles?
  5. Is not a secret that photoshoots from the early years of the band are not in the best resolution for obvious reasons, High quality screens weren't a thing and it was more easy to upload photos with a small size to websites. So with that in mind i decided to try to upscale some of their old photos. There are a lot of softwares and website that use IA learning to upscale photos, but there is one problem the original image dosen't have to be pixelated or the result would be blurry making the image looks like somebody just put a photoshop filter on top of it Here are some examples of the photos with the original and the upscaled one Jen Luciani Photoshoot Frank Maddocks Photoshoot For Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory EP Photoshoot Thanks to Martinez and all the people that collaborated in the Band promo photoshoot thread that is the source of the original images that i used in this thread Also feel free to request me other photos, I'm doing more
  6. They are pretty easy to find dude, they are all over the internet. also don't write all in caps
  7. Seriously 2004 has the best LP shows, they were on their peak and the setlists were so cool like the PR04 tour with Figure 09 with the transition to FTI. Thank you so much to everybody that worked to released this, I'm still hoping that someday we can get the full smoke out show
  8. I kinda see the resemblance with reanimation the band worked on remixing/remaking the songs to make something good instead of just give the multitracks to some random producer to do whatever he wants, that why pretty much all the remix albums are trash, there is no involved of the band or singer in the creation of the songs. And yes the vocals sound a little low but the rest of the mixing is good. i have to admit that i'm not a big fan of this but it sound really good
  9. I feel that Pride ended up beign in the same situation like Across The Line, totally finished song that just got cut from the album. It such a shame that it never got released it would have fit perfectly on LPU9
  10. The esaul video from the frat party dvd is from the ostrick tapes or is just a recording made by the band?
  11. He knows that he has something that has a high value by how much the community hyped up the tape and since chester passed away hes gonna ask for a lot of money. By the way i don't know anything about copyright stuff but isn't kind of illegal that this dude is trying to make money selling stuff from the band that he has zero right to their music? i know he record the tape but the song are by the band not by him i suppose that warner can sue him easily
  12. Diaux

    Xero News

    Oh shit i got really hyped with this. wonder how you guys found that video?
  13. Wow Garret thank for doing this, it seems like a lot of work also i think other performances worth mentioning are Papercut live in Arizona in 2008 when mike talks about how chester join the band that was amazing and the POA performance in Stuttgart in 2009 when mike rapped High Voltage mixed with Bloc Party in the intro and Reading My Eyes at outro which sounds heavy as fuck
  14. Mike just casually droping a demo version is so funny
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