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  1. I think is the last scream of Victimized
  2. Wow i'm so excited for this!!!, thanks to everybody working on make this possible
  3. Can't wait to see thousands of people sending message to Jeff to leak this stuff just to scared him away. On a unrelated topic has LPLive ever had the changes to Interview Jeff? i feel like some good content would come out of that
  4. Dude they are named on the post it was a joke😆😆
  5. Oh so you guys waited a long time for Pictureboard? what if i told you there are 3 more unreleased songs from that time. GG Well Played
  6. The whole band with Mark is credited on Stick And Move, but is probably just Mike with his MPC. The same deal for Coal althought i don't think Mark is credited on that one
  7. Diaux

    The Filmore 2001 DVD

    I don't heard it muffled but the mixing is a bit strange. The drums sound crystal clear with a great punch while the guitars are a bit thin, or Joe samples are really loud. I think is because it was recorded by MTV (Maybe somebody can clarify that) and probably they later mixed in the best way possible
  8. Oh shit Passenger is my favorite song of white pony, Maynard's vocals are amazing. Also can't wait to hear what Squarepusher remix sound like that dude is a breakcore master
  9. I can't listen to the example but the best way to get a tone closer to the HT stuff is just doing a EQ maching (i higly recommend watching a tutorial), you can use the multitracks since there are a lot floating around This is an example i made of EQ matching with the Xero tape guitar tone https://mega.nz/file/8ggDwISC#8Tb0e0hxdDWluwI4FNWaKLd7vvHTu3V1s2eoOzhw0wQ
  10. LMAO i actually like some of the songs on that album, although POA is a fucking disgrace Also i don't even know the last time everyone agree about something being trash. grandson instrumental is cool i find the 808s on the second verse weird but i don't hate them, his voice is meh at best. And ITE is pretty similar to original song but the dude rapping sound like Vanilla Ice
  11. Yeah exactly, i should have mention it on the post
  12. I don't think mentioning that Chester sings on that song is a good idea, the band don't need another "Friendly Fire" situation. Or maybe is something like Dialate and is Mark on vocals
  13. "The 'run it!' vocal sample at 0:04 was used in the Styles Of Beyond track "Come Out Your Frame (Interlude)" off of their album 2000 Fold. Otherwise these are random samples." Is this the same one that Joe scratches on the live performances of High Voltage? sounds similar but i'm not sure
  14. So Deaftest? here we go again, see you guys in 20 years. The weird thing is that he dropped the name of the track like it was include on the Forgotten Demos Cd or something lol
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