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  1. What is the "The Catalyst_TV_01" thing? sound like the full song
  2. Yeah in my opinion their old music was better that what we got the last few years (i'm not even that big fan of OML). but i doubt they can make another ATS, HT, or MTM i guess this is better than anything. If you say the song is shit thats fine maybe you should hear the full song when is released but whatever i'm not gonna judge on that one
  3. It sound like he was talking about the early stages of the HT tour when they were the opening act for other bands. see how small the stage is here: https://lplive.net/shows/2000andearlier/20000815 Also it seems like the 2000 shows don't include Pushing Me Away and Crawling on the setlist (both songs use two guitars) https://lplive.net/shows/2000andearlier/20001221 Look like they figure it out how to plug a second guitar at the beginning of the street soldier tour in 2001 judging by the setlist: https://lplive.net/shows/2001/20010126-1 Don't quote me on this is just my point of view, maybe Astat can help with this
  4. Just check it out with the stems and nope sadly. The synth that start in the "And the sun will set for you" part is totally different http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Shadow_Of_The_Day#Versions
  5. Some dude on another site is making a strawpoll to leak a multitracks from a song. a lot of it is from ATS except for Sharp Edges and Halfway Right
  6. I think is Joe playing it since there are some scratches added that aren't present in the studio version but i couldn't see him in the videos
  7. Wow good find, its funny that are still people claiming that the LPU stuff is fake.... By the way it feels like is one of those So Far Away/Hurry/Soundtrack thing
  8. The Strats have a more versatile sound and a lot of people find them better for a lead sound or a clean sound, thats why in a live performance of a song like Bleed It Out Brad use a Strat and Mike use a Gibson (Brad having the role of the lead guitar and Mike the role of the rhythm guitar) i don't know if Brad or Mike really talked about why they changed to strats. Also PRS guitars are associated with a more chunkier sound more in the realm of metal or a sound with heavy gain and they have a stigma of beign a guitar for nu metal players because in the early 2000 every band was using the Dual Rectifier/JCM800 with a PRS guitar combo (which sounds killer), maybe the band don't wanna be pointed out like that. Astat can help you a lot more in this topic
  9. Damn pretty sad that the tour to promote the new album got cancelled. Julien-K deserve better
  10. I think it was the way that the files were ripped from the games, the previous Rockband games have the drums separeted in three files (Kick, Snares, and Cymbals) and they were in .ogg format not on flac like this one. Probably the person who leaked them thought that the quality would be better if it was encoded on flac
  11. Pretty lame that a lot of the leaks have glitches or just problems in generals (all the LYF drums mixed on one track, or the tempo fluctuations on the meteora instrumentals). I should thank the guy who made the proper version 😋
  12. Thanks for this, it was cool to read it. btw i love that photo of Chester holding that plastic katana
  13. Maybe this sounds stupid but would it be possible that they use different sources for the same song like what they did with QWERTY and Pushing Me Away on the LPU6 album?
  14. So the Live single, the one on BestBuy and the one released as a bonus track for MTM are from the same show?
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