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  1. I always wonder why we got the instrumental from the Itunes version of SOTD instead of the original version, i mean its kinda weird that in a promo cd the instrumental of a song is from a streaming service and not from the album
  2. Im so happy this song is gonna be released i was so hyped when they first announced
  3. Wow the mixing in the audio is fantastic same with the video quality
  4. Thanks this is amazing also i never heard that live version of my december
  5. Wow this is so good, also awesome logo btw
  6. By far the most awesome tour of lp to this date
  7. The size of hybrid theory is 507 MB and is a short album
  8. i think so far away evolved in this track that later become soundtrack i mean they had a lot of similarities the three tracks have the same tempo even sometimes the same drum pattern
  9. this website has a ton of information of manson and they archive his old BBS that was something like a blog from 1998 to 2003 http://www.nachtkabarett.com/MarilynMansonArchives/OfficialBBSPostings
  10. Manson say this in his old website before remixing by myself:
  11. The only difference with the leaked version is that the intro of "never lies" is shorter and the dj scratch cut off abruptly and go straight to the synth
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