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  1. The Rosewood Fall is (as I recall?) Phoenix's band Snax after Phoenix left. They were signed to Machine Shop until dissolving, and their music is pretty great but hard to find. (I think LPA had a download at one point, and I think we did too. Who knows, it's out there, but mostly thanks to linkin park fans.) Anyway, on youtube posted by Benjamin Holsteen, who was the singer, is a half hour video of the band live, and I thought I would share it as it only seems to have 70 something views. Apologies if it's been posted elsewhere and this is old news. But enjoy!
  2. Calling it right now, this is going to end up with LP breaking up. What a depressing first reply in 3 years, and now I shall return to the realm of the occasional lurkers.
  3. The remix essentially arranged the track for a mainstream audience, so personally I enjoy the original.
  4. I really want to know if that was legit or not. I doubt it, but if it is, we need to get that out there.
  5. Whether it's reality or just from LPL being down, it seems like ATS was released and the community's reaction in general was just "k bro that's cool" and they moved on.
  6. Like your having nothing better to do than put other people down?
  7. Is there even an LPU site anymore? I guess I really did pay 60 dollars for Pretend To Be.
  8. It seems like they just threw this together from scratch. Was there really nothing else sitting around in the vaults that they could've finished up?
  9. This seems kind of bitchy, whether it was meant to be or not. Like, "you think it should've been like this? then fuck you, go make it like that then". Just my impression.
  10. Izzo/In the End To be honest, Numb/Encore and POA/99 Problems/OSC are the only ones I've listened to more than once.
  11. Nice list, maybe you should put the album they come from? Just a thought.
  12. And my parents think I'm too young to go to an LP concert?
  13. It's funny, it started off strong then fizzled out, now it's climbing steadily. I guess people are warming up to it.
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