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  1. Agreed with the points about lack of alternation in the set list, it's just a bit silly they promoted this album as something they wanted to play all the songs from, then stick to to the 5 songs released before the album even came out. Plus, it's supposed to be 'visceral' but ends up coming off more like a dj set with live music rather than a rock show :/ Sorry to correct you, but that's completely wrong. Fans had the chance to vote for 17 out of the 18 songs, the one constant song they kept was the new song 'Lords of Summer'. The option to pick 1 of 3 songs was for songs rated 17, 18
  2. Well it's safe to say there's a fairly split reaction on this one ha! I will say it's common in England (or at least my experience of English festivals which encompasses Download, Sonisphere and Leeds Festival on multiple occasions) that the barrier between the front section and the rest of the arena is the separation point between madness and calm. I was all over the front section for the whole 90 minutes of the bands set and especially during Hybrid Theory it was fucking manic. I'm surprised Garo's camera hasn't picked up more noise because at times it was difficult to hear the band over the
  3. Not normally one for predicting setlists, but fuck it why not - I'm on a night shift bored out of my mind and far too excited for Saturday! Like most, I think we'll get a short 'act' so to speak before we get the money shot in the middle, followed by another 'act' including a couple of classics and then the encore. I highly doubt they'll bother with ALTNC at all and wonder if there will be any shortened songs for that matter. I think there's a reasonable case that this will be a much more standard setlist, albeit with an extraordinary middle. Final thing to remember is UK never got a show for
  4. So Metal Hammer have reviewed THP as well now and their review is below. It's worth noting that for their last few albums they have drifted from the reviewing the band/having the odd podcast dig at the band so what follows is high praise indeed: Linkin Park will release their sixth studio album The Hunting Party on June 16, and the LA sextet have been promising fans a collection of songs darker and heavier than anything they've previously recorded. "We're not 18-year-old kids making a loud record, we're 37-year-old adults making a loud record,” co-vocalist Mike Shinoda recently noted,
  5. Aren't they playing in Wroclaw on the 4th June? Also Rock Sound are running the same competition in the UK for that listening event: Want to hear Linkin Park's new album 'The Hunting Party' before anyone else? Stupid question, really - OF COURSE YOU DO! On Tuesday, June 03, there will be an intimate and exclusive playback of 'The Hunting Party' in a North London location where a lucky few will get to hear the album in full. We've been told there might be a few more surprises in store, too... Interested? All you need to do is send in your name, email address, age and contacttelephone numb
  6. I understand it isn't a given that LP would come to every country, but to ditch the UK which is probably their 2nd/3rd biggest fanbase seems crazy!? I mean not even one show? It is a little annoying in that I had a 'guaranteed M&G' at the next LP show I attended due to signing up early for LPU12 and yet that looks to have gone down the pan. Would be really nice to see the band now that they have actually changed a significant amount of songs since their last UK tour as well!
  7. Why is it that they only used the cool stage in the US? It hasn't been used in South Africa or in New Zealand? It seems kinda lazy that they're using the 'stripped back' version of the ATS stage. Anyone know why? They've never had trouble carrying stages across continents before? Also, how were Stone Sour? Any reference to the fact they were playing with LP as Corey is meant to be/was at one point good friends with the band?
  8. Won't be at these shows seeing as I live in England but would hate to see anyone else join the band on Crawling - it's been overdone now! I'd actually quite like to see it dropped for another HT song! Numb could be a decent shout as that's become dull live as well but I think it would be great if they could do a cover together! Alternatively the reanimated bridge in OSC could be cool but doubt they'll bring it back Not that into Incubus so don't know what songs Chester could do with them :/
  9. Agreed similar to ND but more energy! Also very little Phoenix judging by the 2 minutes, also like ND, though there's another 2 minutes in the video so maybe he does have more of an appearance. The NBA seems to give it more power as well - quite like it as a promo and I don't even like/watch basketball lol!
  10. In other news, Chester confirmed on Radio 1 that they're coming back to Europe after the US so I'm hoping this means UK! Assuming they'll hit the places they don't in summer though no doubt one or two will get a second chance i.e. Germany and one or two others. Hopefully some new places in Europe will be hit as well! Looking forward to my guaranteed M&G!
  11. That it is! Don't get me wrong it's a good song and I'm into it, but it almost feels like what ATS could have been without the experimentation...it's just a bit basic. It's possible to still incorporate all their various influences into songs without needing a specific structure. I still can't decide if I like Mike's rap or not - the verse is good but it's the placing of it and then the whole intertwining with Chester at the end doesn't work for me. It may have worked if they changed the lyrics or weren't repeating the same lines i.e. if it was in the same ilk as the end of Papercut then maybe
  12. Think they're just trying to keep up with all the news that seems to be flowing out of numerous other websites early i.e. the tracklisting etc.
  13. To be fair to LPA they were only trying to cover their ass in case it wasn't real that's all. Not digging the whole rivalry that seems to have come about through a few sites lately - they're all there to promote the same news about the band so form your own opinions of what you think is real and what isn't. And going back to my comment on guitars though I don't think it was necessarily me that was being targeted with those jibes as I did say a little more would be nice indicating I realised there was some in there. But, what I meant was it would be nice to maybe just hear actual distorte
  14. It's definitely better than the snippet lol! Overall it's a pretty good song but LP have always struggled picking a lead single that absolutely kicks you in the nuts and grabs your attention!! I do like it though - can definitely tell structure-wise it's a return to pre-MTM with verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge etc. and then with Chester and Mike alternating in the last section. It's a definite grower - but I prefer this on first listen than I did the Catalyst and I ended up think ATS as an album on a whole was brilliant! Excited to see how the other songs turn out - especially as Mike said th
  15. Can't remember for sure but I thought on previous occasions the album title hadn't been released before the name of the single or the first play of it? I may be wrong but I would assume the album title will be dropped in the interview(s) following the first play of the single? May have also read this somewhere - again don't quote me only speaking from memory!
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