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  1. This sounds really fucking dumb.
  2. Neat. Regardless of the drama around Amends I did like the product. Looking forward to more recontextualized early Chester recordings.
  3. Plenty of people use the DVDs and CDs though (including myself). You aren't the only person who ordered the box set.
  4. In The End It was a perfect blend of everything Linkin Park was at the time and would become over time. It's not my favorite song of theirs but it was definitely the most important song they ever wrote as far as their careers go.
  5. Well this gives me hope that they may in the future do something about the LPU Rarities CDs.
  6. What do you guys think the chances of getting anniversary box sets for the other albums down the road is? HT20 was a huge success considering it put Hybrid Theory back near the top of the Billboard 200 so I think Meteora is a given but do you think they'll continue after that? I think these box sets are our best hope to get more unreleased songs with Chester singing on them since Warner is probably going to want to hold on to those tracks and not really let the band use them for LPU CDs (if that even ends up happening ever again).
  7. What I'm curious about is how many album sales each box set sale accounts for since double albums are treated as two sales per unit and there are several CDs and vinyls in each box set.
  8. The only thing I'm really missing on here is the Part Of Me with the prechorus screaming. Besides that (and some technical issues on the LPU disc) I'm super happy with the box set we got.
  9. Does anybody know if they're doing anything about the LPU CDs with the wrong versions of Hurry and Chair? Or even how the hell that happened? lol
  10. I love Chester's vocals on the Linkin Park version but Mike has more energy in the Xero version.
  11. The distorted scream in the breakdown made me jump. lol
  12. Did they play Reading My Eyes on the radio as well? Because they could very easily just be mistaken about the source of the songs if Mike/the band said Rhinestone is from the demo tape and then they played the Zomba version. I'd be a little surprised if anything from the Xero tape is actually on this release considering the quality of that tape.
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