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  1. I would love a b-side compilation from Linkin Park. I think that would be the perfect thing to put out right now during this period of silence. Sure some people would see it as a cash grab but those people are gonna complain about anything the band does post-Chester anyway. Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands and Chester is one of my favorite musicians and I'd love to hear some more of what they put together.
  2. izotope rx7 is such a great tool I use the music rebalance to get some pretty decent acapellas for mashups and remixes.
  3. For White Noise: There appears to be very similar sounds to that music box thing used in the intro during The Summoning as well. Could be an indication of some connection between the two? (Like the Cure For The Itch/High Voltage transition that was kept on HT even though HV was ultimately cut)
  4. This is great news. I am excited to see what the next chapter of Linkin Park brings.
  5. I think excluding One Step Closer is a big mistake. It was the first single the band released from Hybrid Theory, it's been played at nearly every Linkin Park show and with One More Light Live (presumably) being the last main release with Chester it would have been a great inclusion to kind of bookend the Chester Bennington era.
  6. Fucking awesome tune. That breakdown was sick as hell.
  7. I think having the band helps separate these performances from his solo Fort Minor shows from a few years back.
  8. Mike released the video for Can't Hear You Now today. Discuss!
  9. Always down for new music from Mike. Looking forward to whatever comes of this!
  10. Hoping this gets a release soon. I don't want everything kept in a vault forever and would love to hear some new stuff with Chester on it.
  11. I'm guessing Warner or somebody in the LP/Chester camp decided not to allow Chester's vocals.
  12. I initially read that as Post Traumatic 2 and got really excited for a second. lol
  13. It has nothing to do with the original. On it's own merits I do not like the cover. I guess "awful" was too strong a word choice. I just don't like it.
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