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  1. This reminds me a lot of Chester's stuff with Stone Temple Pilots. Looking forward to it!
  2. Do we have a full list of the #ShinodaProduceMe songs anywhere?
  3. Your comment inspired me to make this. lol
  4. This release is clearly an April Fools joke... Y'all are taking this shit way too seriously.
  5. If they do anything with the 25th anniversary I would hope it's something a lot smaller than the HT20 box set. Maybe a deluxe edition with a second disc of unreleased demos or something. Next big box set should definitely come no earlier than the 30th anniversary. But really what I'm hoping for next is a Meteora 20.
  6. I think the bigger reason is simply that the band doesn't believe they're worth releasing. Mike obviously knows that fans would like to hear them but he's constantly mentioning that the songs they don't release are nothing special.
  7. This sounds really fucking dumb.
  8. Neat. Regardless of the drama around Amends I did like the product. Looking forward to more recontextualized early Chester recordings.
  9. Plenty of people use the DVDs and CDs though (including myself). You aren't the only person who ordered the box set.
  10. In The End It was a perfect blend of everything Linkin Park was at the time and would become over time. It's not my favorite song of theirs but it was definitely the most important song they ever wrote as far as their careers go.
  11. Well this gives me hope that they may in the future do something about the LPU Rarities CDs.
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