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  1. No. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reseda_Beach
  2. Just because something is a tribute doesn't make it good. People are allowed to voice their negativity if they want.
  3. I'd rather Linkin Park remain a 5-piece at this point but I won't be hurt if they add another vocalist. It would definitely take some getting used to for sure.
  4. Used yours as a base but had to replace a couple songs that weren't on Spotify.
  5. It's really cool to finally have this little piece of Linkin Park history.
  6. I think they're holding back on releasing this because of what happened with those leaked demos.
  7. My Suffering was a mashup with Dead By Sunrises's My Suffering and a Fort Minor song. I forget which one it was.
  8. I abandoned that years ago. I was toying around with the idea of working on something similar again this year but it went nowhere.
  9. My mom kept my dad's last name for years until she remarried because she wanted to have the same name as her kids. I know tons of other people who have done the same thing. It's extremely common.
  10. Or they recorded a whole different batch of songs and Rhinestone was the only one they carried over from the first demo. Hell maybe this is when Fiends was recorded?
  11. I almost wonder if he wanted to get so many projects going at once to distract himself. He was obviously in a dark place so I could totally see him trying to find comfort in music as it had been there for him all his life.
  12. Never thought I'd see a clip of Xero performing live but here we are. Sucks that you guys can't share Rhinestone but it's understandable. I'd love to hear it someday and hopefully you'll be able to release it.
  13. 10. Blackout 9. Faint 8. In Pieces 7. In My Remains 6. When They Come For Me 5. Papercut 4. Until It Breaks 3. One Step Closer 2. Rebellion 1. Waiting For The End Honorable mentions: Keys to the Kingdom, Points of Authority, Figure.09, Lost In The Echo, Final Masquerade
  14. I'd rather get some songs than no songs. Especially when it's a pro-shot recording.
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