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  1. Dude can be used to describe a male or female person.
  2. I think they just added a second guitar to OSC so Mike would have something to do. Also IIRC some of the outros they've played have had Brad playing a lead guitar part. Though I could be thinking of another song with that one.
  3. I really hate how defensive everybody gets here if somebody doesn't like a song/project/whatever that a member of the band is putting out. It really stifles any sort of open discussion. And news flash: saying "this song is awesome!" adds just as much to the conversation as "this song is shit!" does yet nobody ever complains about the former. I've liked the other two collaborations the band has done with Aoki so I'm optimistic that I'll like this one too but people are allowed to dislike a damn song.
  4. Yeah Post Traumatic has some pop vibes to it but it's pretty much a modern hip-hop record but with more singing. Even most of the songs that Mike doesn't really rap on have a hip-hop vibe to the beat.
  5. I guess I was just trying to say that none of the pre-Hybrid Theory (album) songs really fit the style of Hybrid Theory. The closest would be the remixed version of High Voltage (since it was actually intended for the album at some point) but I feel like even that would feel very out of place on that album.
  6. I really can't see She Couldn't or any of the HTEP songs fitting on Hybrid Theory.
  7. That clip is dope. It's got that same "Nine Inch Nails meets trap music" vibe that Fine had.
  8. I think he might also be remembered for briefly fronting another mega-popular band with STP but I agree that the first thing anybody is ever going to think with Chester is Linkin Park.
  9. Head did apologize about his comments.
  10. But it's not like anything here is actually new and all of Chester's contributions can be heard already through the original versions of the songs. I'm still curious about hearing that stuff in a new context but Chester didn't actually contribute anything new to this project.
  11. Yep. It's absolutely not "lost" music. It's remixes of songs that were released and have been available for over two decades at this point.
  12. It was still their choice to put that quote on the CD.
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