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  1. I'd rather get some songs than no songs. Especially when it's a pro-shot recording.
  2. Not very different but it's cool to have. I'll file this alongside the demo versions of The Catalyst and Robot Boy and the FIFA version of Blackout.
  3. This was especially frustrating with THP because I feel those songs would have transitioned very well to a live environment.
  4. Super cool he managed to include something from every album. Even got the remix albums in there.
  5. I don't like it. I don't hate it either but I definitely don't like it. First video from the album that I'm just not into.
  6. Well that's certainly not what I expected. Not really hearing anything that sounds like Mike's typical writing in there.
  7. Yeah Geki contributes a fair amount to the community but occasionally he's a real dick. lol
  8. First I'm hearing about this. Do you have a link?
  9. Maybe it's just me but I think that selling merch inspired by Linkin Park's albums and whatnot - even if it doesn't explicitly say Linkin Park - is kind of scummy.
  10. I think you can use Mega's download client to download files larger than 5 gigs on a free account. You just have to wait the hour or whatever it is before the download finishes.
  11. One step closer to being able to watch the whole album!
  12. Doubtful since LP didn't really do much changing things when they performed full band covers. My Own Summer and Wish are pretty close to the original versions of those songs.
  13. I wonder if Mike expected something with LP which is why he said the PT tour was done and then LP stuff didn't end up happening just yet so he added these dates.
  14. I would love a b-side compilation from Linkin Park. I think that would be the perfect thing to put out right now during this period of silence. Sure some people would see it as a cash grab but those people are gonna complain about anything the band does post-Chester anyway. Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands and Chester is one of my favorite musicians and I'd love to hear some more of what they put together.
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