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  1. One is the HTEP version and the other is probably from the 9/8 track demo or whatever leaked demo we have it from.
  2. Looks like the Points of Authority on Forgotten Demos is probably the "stop the talk show" version since it's the same length as the album version unlike the shorter demo that appears on LPU rarities. Makes sense because I doubt they would have put two extremely similar demos of Points of Authority on there but I hadn't considered that until right now.
  3. This last month has just zipped by! Looking forward to hearing some "new" Linkin Park music very, very soon!
  4. HT20 release is in four and a half weeks. That's quite a bit more than a few days shy of two weeks.
  5. I doubt they'll release anything else from the package before October 9th.
  6. Sean has shown he cares way too much about what Linkin Park fans think of him.
  7. This is the version on the LPU disc. There's also another version of Stick N Move on the Forgotten Demos disc of the HT20 box set. That version is likely the whole song and since it doesn't say "Xero demo" after it then it's probably a version with Chester (unless there's a typo on the official tracklist).
  8. Already purchased and anxiously waiting.
  9. Who else is excited to get a high quality version of the live version next month?
  10. Don't like FFDP at all but it's cool to see Joe releasing something. I'll probably check this out.
  11. Yeah if there's any more Chester material with STP out there I'd love to hear it.
  12. I doubt this predates the demo tape. The sound is way more crisp than the demo tape was. This was probably recorded around the same time as the better quality version of Rhinestone. Difference in quality mostly being that Rhinestone was mastered for release while this doesn't appear to have been.
  13. I think the whispered verses were an attempt at a Deftones vibe and Mark just isn't Chino.
  14. Can I just take a moment to appreciate the activity here lately? LPLive hasn't been this active in years and it's nice to see not only the familiar faces returning but also a bunch of new people. I know that once this release passes we'll probably go back to a similar activity level as before but it's nice to have something like the good old days around here again.
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