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  1. leftshoe18

    Review: "Cross Off" - Mark Morton featuring Chester

    Fucking awesome tune. That breakdown was sick as hell.
  2. leftshoe18

    2018.12.09 - KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

    I think having the band helps separate these performances from his solo Fort Minor shows from a few years back.
  3. Mike released the video for Can't Hear You Now today. Discuss!
  4. leftshoe18

    Mike stops by studio in Detroit to record new music

    Always down for new music from Mike. Looking forward to whatever comes of this!
  5. leftshoe18

    Mark Morton & Chester Bennington Song Update

    Hoping this gets a release soon. I don't want everything kept in a vault forever and would love to hear some new stuff with Chester on it.
  6. leftshoe18

    Waiting For Tomorrow Releasing October 19

    I'm guessing Warner or somebody in the LP/Chester camp decided not to allow Chester's vocals.
  7. leftshoe18

    Waiting For Tomorrow Releasing October 19

  8. leftshoe18

    Waiting For Tomorrow Releasing October 19

    Where can I hear this?
  9. leftshoe18

    Post Traumatic 2xLP Coming August 10

    I initially read that as Post Traumatic 2 and got really excited for a second. lol
  10. leftshoe18

    'New Divide' Cinematic Cover (from Alita: Battle Angel)

    It has nothing to do with the original. On it's own merits I do not like the cover. I guess "awful" was too strong a word choice. I just don't like it.
  11. leftshoe18

    'New Divide' Cinematic Cover (from Alita: Battle Angel)

    Not to get off topic with the whole Pros and Cons of Geki debate but this cover is awful. Everything from the instrumentation to the vocal performance just does not work at all in my opinion. I appreciate showing some love for Linkin Park but I won't be listening to this again.
  12. leftshoe18

    Mike Performing at 1st Dia De Los Deftones

    They'll almost certainly play Lift Off at this show. Does Deftones still play My Own Summer live? It would be pretty cool to see Mike come out for that since LP used to play it at shows back in the day.
  13. leftshoe18

    What are your plans for Friday?

    Unfortunately I'm going to be working on Friday. I still find myself breaking down on occasion and I already know it's going to be a difficult day. Friday morning I'm releasing a remix EP to help honor his legacy. The description on the uploads includes a link to the One More Light fund and the EP itself includes a remix I was working on the morning of Chester's death before I heard the news. I felt it was fitting to finally release it as a part of this project. When I get home I'll probably watch Rock Am Ring 2004. It's been my favorite LP show for years and I always enjoy watching Chester kick ass on stage. I was thinking of also watching the tribute show from last October but I don't know how I'll be feeling at the end of the day.
  14. leftshoe18

    ‘Lift Off’ Music Video

    That's nothing! The Scars on Broadway album coming out next week was recorded six years ago.
  15. leftshoe18

    'Promises I Can't Keep' Video

    Another great video! I can't wait to watch the whole album once everything's released.