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  1. One More Light has a 46/100 on Metacritic (which for anybody who doesn't know is an aggregate site that collects scores from several reviewers and averages them out). It's fair to say that it was critically received very poorly.
  2. Still not as good of quality as an actual physical release or even a digital lossless release would give us.
  3. I would love to at least get the Hollywood Bowl performance of LFAA mixed, mastered and released.
  4. leftshoe18

    July 20th

    Can we stop with the death anniversaries and just celebrate Chester's life on his birthday or something?
  5. This is an outstandingly shitty take. Musicians are people and people are allowed to express their political beliefs however the hell they want. They should just stick to music to appease their fans. Taking that stance even if it will upset some fans shows integrity. For the record, I'd be saying this even if I supported Trump.
  6. You realize that he can record layers of his own vocals, right?
  7. That first answer up there is fucking heartbreaking.
  8. Talking To Myself would have been a great lead single since it's kind of a bridge between a more traditional Linkin Park style and the pop sound of One More Light. Heavy would have been a great single to release a little later to push more album sales after they began to dwindle.
  9. Is Ricochet the working title for What Are You Worth or is that another song that leaked?
  10. Cool that Mike also sees The Hunting Party as A Thousand Suns with metal on top of it. That's how I've always viewed that album.
  11. I saw "Short Album Update" in the news feed and got really excited for a moment. lol
  12. I'd love to see the SOAD, blink and Korn stuff too.
  13. Mike said in a promo video or behind the scenes thing around the time of the album's release that Chester and him would brainstorm ideas for songs and then take those ideas and go from there. I really think that Chester contributed ideas and themes for songs that he doesn't have a writing credit on because none of the actual words on the song actually came from Chester. I don't know if I'm wording what I want to say correctly. I just woke up and I'm kinda tired still. lol
  14. Mike has writing credit on all the songs and Brad has credit on 7 of 10. They've always been the main songwriters in the band so I'm sure that's pretty similar to the actual writing of previous albums (though they've always been just credited as written by Linkin Park). They worked with other songwriters but it's exaggerating to say they didn't write their own songs. They wanted to make a modern pop album (for some reason) and part of that process is working with other songwriters.
  15. Out Of Ashes had horrible production for the songs. I totally agree that a more raw sound would have fit the songs better.
  16. I like it about as much as when it first came out. It's not my favorite Linkin Park album but it's got some great tunes on it (Nobody Can Save Me, Invisible and Sorry For Now being my favorites).
  17. He'd probably say something along the lines of, "I don't remember." lol
  18. Honestly even with A Thousand Suns already being my favorite Linkin Park album it makes me a little sad knowing that Trent or Atticus could have been involved. NIN's my favorite band so that would have been pretty cool.
  19. Prime Chester doing the RME breakdown? Sign me the fuck up!
  20. If we end up getting studio version of Reading My Eyes with Chester and Stick and Move that'd be fucking dope.
  21. Would love to hear this if it ever is released. Blink-182 is another one of my favorite bands.
  22. I don't see why everybody hates the new B12 so much. I think it sounds dope and is one of my favorites on Amends. I prefer the original version but can still get down to this one as well with its completely different vibe.
  23. I don't think anybody here would be able to share it since it's officially-released music.
  24. Misogynistic songs have been on the radio for generations at this point.
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