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  1. Ah fair enough, I don't really know what Zora is only heard about it cause of MS. But that makes sense guess I misunderstood it my bad. It's just weird cause its not the full file $30k is worth a snippet of the track but whatever makes em happy.
  2. That doesn't really make sense to me tho cause why only sale 37 seconds of the song? Like it wouldn't be unique cause we could just rip the audio from the video thing, only the bidder knows if its the full song unless he told you it wasn't kinda weird if not
  3. On Linkinpedia why haven't the Amends versions of songs been added to each individual version of the songs for Grey Daze?
  4. Is it just me or does Jeff Blue kinda look like Channing Tatum?
  5. Exactly my thought can't be a coincidence.
  6. Sounds like there's gonna be more reanimated tracks coming from Linkin Parks Facebook page
  7. Cant be because Untitled was already called Untitled at that time
  8. I think I noticed something regarding the Hybrid Theory - 2 Track Demo, if you look Esaul was called "Esaul" till January (9 Track Demo) but was Esaùl then around March It was changed to Esaul (A Place For My Head) possibly due them finalizing to change it to A Place For My Head, which they did, also that Esaul is similar to the one played on Lockout Documentary in February 2000. SuperXero was originally called Sad but was called Super Xero till March maybe before to By Myself even the version that was released on Hybridtheory site in April 2000 it was called By Myself plus they almost sound i
  9. Is it possible that the Pictureboard (Xero Version) that leaked is from that Demo CD?
  10. Same like I wanna hear that so badly you would think they would of put it in HT20 but instead we got one of the versions from the demo discs around early 2000, maybe one day we will hear it but who knows, thats my holy grail. Also another for me would be Jane Says Cover Proshot I just love the way Chester sings that.
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