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  1. "Hopefully" a comeback of the band won't happen in 2023 though, because that could absolutely overshade this opportunity. 😬
  2. Yeah, it reads like "Phoenix' rap ego name" that way.
  3. I don't find the interview on Twitch for some reason. Does anyone have a link?
  4. Cure for the Itch > High Voltage ...oh wait. 😩
  5. From what I understood: he'll get the full 10k from the bidding. The 15% apply only if the bidder will resell it (which obv can only happens once as well, because the digital item aka NFT is still "unique"), then Mike gets 15% of the price it'll get sold to the consecutive owner. Also I heavily doubt he'd get 1,5k from one single song that would be one of these CoronaJams on streaming platforms, indeed, anyway.
  6. I get your hype but let's not start to make all caps thread titles, please. Also MetalNation labeling that a "remastered" record really bothers me. It's not a remix or remake either, it's a full blown reinterpretation, imo.
  7. lmao. knowing their then manager got fired due to that project done/announced allegedly without their consent, this feels like an extreme dick move, somehow. Could've used a different live compilation after all, using the more recent touring since their split with him.
  8. OMG, hopefully this guy will not get flooded by DMs and staff will take the endeavour with him to secure and archive everything and release it at a given time. This is just way too important to waste it!
  9. It's not like they couldn't have re-titled it only to scrap it again... other demos changed their names frequently as well. I mean the band themselves changed names even, lol.
  10. I think Harmonic Song might be Untitled, due to the guitar harmonics played? Does that make sense, idk.
  11. Just... imagine... if we get the Team Sleep Remix that way.
  12. I would've loved to have Cure for the Itch back with its initial outro (like on the Unmastered CD) seguing into High Voltage as one track or back-to-back. Then of course the entire Xero tape in the same quality as for RME. A CD with the entire Docklands live audio, assuming the video is lost in its proper quality. KROQ Almost Acoustic 2001, because of the acoustic performance bit. Hybrid Theory instrumentals + acapellas Reanimation instrumentals + acapellas Also maybe it'd be nice to have something exclusive to the LPU, that is still tied to HT20 celebratio