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  1. Thank you for the work you're putting into this! True, I forgot about that.
  2. can someone mirror the video as JDownloader somehow doesn't work with single files bigger than 5 GB while having a free MEGA account. or @Energy, maybe you can split it into two zip packages, so I get two files smaller than 5 GB?
  3. I really hope that India will finally get some LP related show by a visit from Mike Shinoda. They've been wanting this for years.
  4. One similar mystery happened to one of the biggest bootleg collectors in the Rammstein community. He was Israeli too. We finally knew what happened: he got recruited by their army for their service year at the time and has changed much since then, even stating on his website that he doesn't even like R+ anymore and stuff like that. Who knows if that has happend to Skipees as well?
  5. Is it possible that posts of the Homepage section won't show up in the unread content page? I want only posts from the forum to show up there.
  6. finally! grandson will be available to perform it. I waited for this to happen since the song was released.
  7. Thank you for clearing it up. I need new ears apparently.
  8. same for me also: is it me or isn't Mike's guitar audible at all? Especially at the end of the song I think that only the guitar from The Roots is in the mix.
  9. *Stormzy, not Pusha for the "OML Live" version.
  10. I really wish someone reaches out to him and asks for the release.
  11. OMG, it's making me appreciate the female guests sooo much more, now! WOW!! Really,really good from them to update it. No need to release it as DVD or something, since the job has been done.
  12. I hope that some full audience recording will surface, so we can enjoy the "real deal" through the whole show. Vocals are always kind of fucked up at livestreams; either barely audible or way too much.
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