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  1. I would've loved to have Cure for the Itch back with its initial outro (like on the Unmastered CD) seguing into High Voltage as one track or back-to-back. Then of course the entire Xero tape in the same quality as for RME. A CD with the entire Docklands live audio, assuming the video is lost in its proper quality. KROQ Almost Acoustic 2001, because of the acoustic performance bit. Hybrid Theory instrumentals + acapellas Reanimation instrumentals + acapellas Also maybe it'd be nice to have something exclusive to the LPU, that is still tied to HT20 celebration. So far, I feel like the LPU peeps, who still pay for it to support them were totally neglected in the whole scheme of events.
  2. It's mastered differently, just very slightly of course.
  3. Does anyone have the individual CD front covers scanned without watermark? I would like to use each for my digital audio files instead of the golden HT soldier for all 80 tracks.
  4. Wait, you don't record it? And here I counted on LPL for all of the info and talk they'd share. Welp.
  5. Still weird that this performance isn't included in HT20. I get that it's only about stuff from the actual era, though. Hopefully, they'll release it later this year to still tie in with the celebration.
  6. Great to finally know what led to the actual booking condition for them to perform HT in full.
  7. https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/album/hybrid-theory-20th-anniversary-edition-linkin-park/qzvl42o844ada
  8. Since those pitched vocals are still vocals... this seems logical to not include them in an instrumental. At least it does to me. I know of promo acapellas and instrumentals from another band which are separated the same way.
  9. Hm... what about that guy who also did What Are You Worth... imagine if he'd have uploaded it on SC. Would a takedown be justified, if the other party (Mike/LP) hasn't been notified about it? I definitely think so.
  10. ok, so they're not sharing any similarity? I think that one sample is in both songs for example and the overall mood or beat is too. Maybe someone with actual musical knowledge can elaborate further; but it's the very first thought I had in mind when hearing it.
  11. They just nuked the soundcloud file. I had it opened in my browser and then it wouldn't play anymore and it's not showing up after a refresh anymore either. Oh man, good job, Adam. He's certainly good at playing hide and seek with us, haha. It was this link: https://soundcloud.com/user-99907739/xero-linkin-park
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