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  1. I guess he had to find new stuff after he tried the ketchup for so long
  2. To be honest, there are other bands' fan communities spending several k of $ for such stuff. The staff here and on LPCatalog sure did spend such amounts of even bigger on all their collections when counted together, too, I imagine.
  3. I'd love to know the earlier tracklist for a listening experience/experiment though.
  4. it's just quoting Kerrang! stating that
  5. Would a huge big band make more sense to you on an "unrelevant" series?
  6. I wish it could be released to anyone but you for your constant shitting on the effort the LPL staff is doing for releasing stuff, especially considering the Hybrid Party of A Thousand Things was actually past Chester's death.
  7. I like it standalone, but it feels like an unfinished story and too short. I really want to have a full video album by now. Not many songs left.
  8. Thank you! Some of the Mike Shinoda shows were corrupted audio-wise, btw. I don't know if you saw the comments on YouTube about that.
  9. I'm sorry to say that, but you're enough people in staff to manage banning new accounts from him. There's no need to give up at all, because this shows that he won over the staff and the whole amount of people not wanting him here anymore. He's one single guy, c'mon. Yes, first step: don't give negativity any room in here by deleting those posts asap, before they trigger more people. Or y'know, just ban him. Next time, I'll just use the "report post" option, then. Feel free to move my rant away from this topic then, but I definitely won't give up this cause.
  10. Yes, I know. I just don't understand how staff keeps him going for years with multiple accounts, although he was banned more than once. It's tiring to experience his duality on a daily basis.
  11. Could you make something like this: Interactive Booklet PDF* >>> *not available anymore; replaced by Standard Booklet PDF from xx-xx-xxxx on.
  12. Could you just genuinely shut up? Obviously that guy cares. C'mon, how ignorant can you be?
  13. because it wasn't sold as DSP, it was released for free
  14. Thank you for the work you're putting into this! True, I forgot about that.
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