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  1. andros

    We Are Back!

    I don't have another source for LP news, just have my old and lovely LPL site, I'm glad that you're back guys.
  2. Wow amazing track! But in the other hand, I have this feeling of missing Chester's vocal work really never again will we hear this kind of amazing material? A lot of mixed feelings but amazing song.
  3. I just want more DBS music, it's like 10 year anniversary almost.
  4. Here are some videos from Welcome, Place to Start, Watching As I Fall, Castle Of Glass and Ghosts.
  5. Love the rest of the songs of the album, I thinks is a good album and I still think that don't like About You.
  6. Already hear the song, now my perspective towards the song changed I like it a lot just one thing don't like and it's the vocoder again.
  7. So, the videos looks funny but all the songs that we have at this time, I only like the 3 songs from the EP, CTL and NMSA, the rest of the song released, don't like it.
  8. So after see the show, I like it was an amazing show. many mixed feelings but I don't know, but it's me or the Linkin Park songs it sounds a little bit melancholic? That's what I felt.
  9. Amazing for DPARK and like JZE said before I would love to know what they think about his voice (Dimitris from DPARK) too.
  10. Yeah, I like it a lot the two remixes of DPARK, they are awesome.
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