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  1. IMHO, but I think Mark sounds more like Layne Staley from Alice In Chains than Chino. This could also be due to the fact that you can hear a lot of grunge influence in Xero's music (As in the same Pictureboard or Rhinestone as an example)
  2. Yeah, cool that they still decided to do it
  3. By the way, I remember that in LPU once there was a demo version of WTCFM with scream and Chester's vocals on the chorus, I would also like to hear it
  4. I changed my wishlist a little bit, for now I want to hear some unreleased songs 1. Patients/No Roads Left But One (No Roads Left Demo w/ Chester's Vocals) 2. In Between (2006 Demo w/ Chester's Vocals) 3. Figure.09 (Original 2002 Demo, From LPTV) 4. Thoughts That Take Away My Pride (Unreleased Meteora Demo) 5. Machine Shop Song (2005/2006 Demo) 6. Pac-Manny (Blackout 2010 Demo, Freestyle Lyrics) 7. Song Q (Hands Held High Demo, Another Chorus) 8. Fire In The City (Minutes To Midnight Demo) 9. EBow Idea (No More Sorrow Demo) 10. Dust Brothers Song feat. Linkin Park (2001 Demo) 11. Coffee (Keys To The Kingdom Demo, Alternate Ending) 12. Pictureboard (Hybrid Theory Demo, LPU9 Version)
  5. In the community of Russian fans of the band, the man who laid it out also wrote that he was waiting on November 20
  6. Guys, who can ask a band about MOMTM: Webster Hall Version? I think we should see this thing for the 10th anniversary of MTM.
  7. 1. Pictureboard 2. Thoughts That Take Away My Pride (Unreleased Meteora Demo) 3. My December (Team Sleep Remix) 4. Be Yourself (Studio Version) 5. Patients (No Roads Left Demo w/ Chester's Vocals) 6. In Between (Demo w/ Chester's Vocals) 7. Figure.09 (Original Demo w/ Mike's Rapping) 8. Sick (Don't Stay Original Reggae-Style Demo) 9. Dingleberry (WTCFM 2010 Demo) 10. Meadowlands (WFTE 2010 Demo) 11. Pac-Manny (Blackout Original Demo) 12. Sakura/Left Right/Chicken Basket/Rygar (ATS Demo) 13. TINFOIL (Powerless Longform 2010 Demo) 14. IRIDESCENT/IRIDESCENT NEW (Original Iridescent 2010 ATS Demo)
  8. And what about the new merchandise? it is also fake?
  9. translation: LPU16 will launch on 14 November, 10 demos will be immediately. CD, T-shirt, poster art, keychain with a new logo, headphones, badge and returned early entry. In addition, it will present its new logo. can screenshots p.s sorry for the bad design of the post, I am new(
  10. I would like to see such a tracklist: 1. Figure.09 (Demo with Mike's rapping) 2. In Between (Demo with Chester's vocals) 3. FTI/LFY/HTF Demo 4. Buried At Sea (BID Demo) 5. Accident (BIO Original Demo) 6. 1997-1999 Demo 7. 21 Stitches (Given Up Demo) 8. TINFOIL (Powerless Longform 2010 Demo) 9. True Chainz (AFN Demo) 10. Odyssey (ALITS Original 2010 Demo) 11. Violent Lullaby (The Catalyst Demo) 12. Song Q (HHH Demo)
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