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  1. That version is so emotive to be honest.
  2. Damn what a fucking set of CD's they gave us! The sound quality it's so fucking good at least to me, and the Holy Grail the Forgotten Demos CD wow, besides Pictureboard some songs there are so fucking amazing, this is why I love so much LP stuff like that! Happy Hyrbid Theory 20th guys!
  3. Maybe is my country, cause can't see his album, just the profile. EDIT: Forget it! I found it now!
  4. Dind't find on any source and I wanna listen to that
  5. Really? In the same place?
  6. Can't wait! Imagine that they after all jaming a bit after the show, that would be crazy.
  7. Really? Forget it! Already found it!
  8. There's a lot of songs that are out there, interesting to know that.
  9. Damn I am very curious to know in depth how Robot Boy is built, to hear all those parts that are hidden.
  10. Wait, there's a Robot Boy just acapella or the full multitrack out there?
  11. I read on reddit that some songs are missing, it's true? forget it I know now haha. Well, if at the end the missing songs can leak I think I will add to my personal library the dvd versions you know what I mean, in the waiting for those missing songs.
  12. Sweeeet!!! So now Reanimation is next?
  13. I hope the rest of the album can leak very soon.
  14. Damn! ATS Instrumentals are coming soon? Is the same guy that share In Pieces instrumental and he says he has the instrumental ATS album.
  15. I think yes, here https://lpcatalog.com/item/2010_a-thousand-suns/promo/a-thousand-suns-instrumentals_us
  16. So with this, that means only ATS left for have all LP instrumental discography, nice.
  17. What about the other 4 songs remaining? Do you think we will get it soon?
  18. Wow some rarities like ATS instrumental album, Reanimation instrumentals, and PT instrumentals, damn I want it so bad.
  19. Nice, until today I listen to that. Thanks for your answer.
  20. I don't know if is the same that you say, I just see today in a youtube channel.
  21. did you know that the acapella Faint is out there like 2 days ago?
  22. Can someone please make a remix for WFTE like the live version? Would be nice with Until It Breaks.
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