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  1. Yeah when I was a teenager my parents used to always ask me why I like depressing angry music lol. It really is like therapy, it's cathartic and it's a release.
  2. Does anyone remember which show it was that Mike talked about critics complaining about how negative LP’s music was? I think it was one of his early solo shows, so it was in 2018. The quote was something along the lines of “it’s not about being negative, it’s about getting all that negativity out so that you can turn it into something positive”. That’s probably a bad paraphrasing but I remember seeing a video of it and I remember it being a pretty great quote, and now I can’t find it.
  3. I still can stream the originals, but only because I bought the album on iTunes when it was first released in 2007. I can't even put into words how bad the "alternate" version of NRL sounds, and the synths on the "alternate" SOTD sound super obnoxious and loud to me when compared to the original release.
  4. 1. War 2. High Voltage - the original one from the HTEP. The remix that was a HT b-side is actually amazing.
  5. I mean it is MTV. That's why they acted like appearing on TRL and winning a VMA were the pinnacles of a music career, those are both MTV produced shows. I guess a lot of artists do think that way, that if they aren't #1 on the charts and all over MTV then they're irrelevant, but LP definitely didn't. They knew they had fans who were willing to go on that journey of different styles with them.
  6. The cut from "The winner is Fall Out Boy" to a shot of Chester sitting with his head in his hands made me literally laugh out loud. As if that was LP's rock bottom, losing a VMA to Fall Out Boy. That was their "unthinkable low".
  7. Plus he just recently explained on stream how these things work. Mike can't unilaterally decide "I'm going to release whatever we still have in the vault from the Meteora era". Decisions like that involve LP's management, their label, the rest of the band, etc. It's weird when people act like Mike is doing all he can to block anything from being released in order to spite the fans lol. Like how would that thought process even work?
  8. Yes. I just hope the band don't think of it like "If we play live and Mike can't belt it out like Chester could on ND or scream the bridge of Faint, is it even an LP show anymore?" because the answer would still be yes. However modified the live shows would have to be and however any future music would sound, those 5 guys could continue on the LP name with the understanding that while the era of Chester Bennington is over, they can still honor his memory.
  9. I mean, I personally think they should have Mike as the sole vocalist now so I agree with that. Even if it means future LP songs won't have screaming anymore, that's fine. That would be part of LP being in a new era, etc. I don't even think they need to get a touring vocalist to do Chester's parts. I would rather them just retire a lot of stuff, have the audience sing (ITE, OSC, BIO, etc.), and have Mike sing what he can. Mike can pull off pretty much anything from OML and a decent amount of stuff from the past. If it came down to it, I would prefer them using playback for Chester's vocals rather than brining someone brand new into the band. That's just my personal feelings on it. If LP returning with Mike as the only vocalist would mean retiring songs like Faint and others that can't be pulled off by Mike or the crowd, that's fine.
  10. Yeah I can see it being something LP thought would be cool and different that turned out, over time, to not be as cool as they thought it would be lol
  11. The entire world shut down in March 2020, so I think expectations were recalibrated at that time for anything LP related. Everything in the world came to a halt. Anything LP were working on wouldn't have been an exception to that. I wouldn't "blame them" either if they did decide to end LP, but I also feel like if that was the decision they arrived at they would have said it by now. Instead, they've literally said the opposite and said LP is not done. Of course LP can't return as the LP we remember. Chester is gone. It's going to be different no matter what. I think we should all be open to that, though. Nothing that LP does in the future would ever change what they did from 1999-2017. That is a legendary music career and one of the best runs in history in my opinion. That era is over, though. The only way to move forward for them is to look at it as a completely new beginning. It's not about comparisons or trying to replicate the past.
  12. According to Mike, they did that on purpose because the band wanted a roller coaster dynamic on the album. They talked about it on stage at the iHeart 2014 show.
  13. I asked Mike on Twitch if he and Chester's parts for that song, which would include Hardly Breathe, were old demos (LP or otherwise) or if they were made specifically for that song. He said they were made specifically for that song. EDIT: Just realized that lpliveusername already answered this and linked to Mike's exact quote lol.
  14. Could be next stream, could be multiple streams. He doesn't have a dedicated Q&A time. He doesn't answer questions every stream. So we just have to wait and see. https://streamable.com/ywj7x4 His stream from April 19th.
  15. Somebody did ask him about that song. He read the title and part of the lyrics and said he has no idea what it is. Somebody could try sending that YouTube clip, but he doesn't always open links. Sometimes he does, and sometimes he'll decline and say something like "Guys I don't want to be opening links on the stream".
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