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  1. It kind of already is their Sgt. Pepper’s. Both albums have recurring motifs that create a sense of flow and cohesion throughout. Both albums were huge departures, stylistically, from the bands’ previous and future works. Both albums have been seen more and more favorably by critics and casual music fans with the passing of time. Personally, I would call both albums the magnum opus of both bands by a mile. Both bands have a GREAT catalogue, obviously. I mean it’s The Beatles and Linkin Park. Two amazing bands, but Sgt. Pepper’s and ATS are just on a different level.
  2. "I can sing "Nobody Can Save Me" and "Battle Symphony" from the new Linkin Park record, and I can sing them because I wrote them, it was me and my friend Jon Green. And I sang the demos and they're written in a way that I can sing those pretty well. But lyrically, a little too hard. I just feel like I know that in the long run, if I put that in the set, it's only going to be a show or two before I go, "I don't want to sing that. I don't want to sing those words." Of course nobody knows for sure, but it's possible that Mike just didn't want to make a pun based off of Battle Symphony's title because of how much that song means to him personally. Then again I could be reaching and the answer could be that he literally just forgot about that suggestion altogether lol
  3. A colloquialism that refers to instrumental pieces of music.
  4. They're not saying anything. The answer is here. "What are you using on that unique manipulated vocal featured throughout the song? That’s one of my favorite sounds on the album. It was one of our scratch vocal tracks which we cut up and made the melody out of. There’s some basic low-pass filtering here with the Waves Linear Phase EQ, a little distortion, and a reverb with very short decay time. The filter is opened up in different sections, to make those sections feel bigger."
  5. Yeah basically lol. Some casual fans will be like "Woah! It's In The End with totally different lyrics! This is awesome!" and meanwhile most hardcore fans heard this demo a million years ago lol
  6. I had a feeling if they released something else before the actual release date that it would be something hardcore fans know very well, but casual fans probably don't. Releasing a demo of ITE is a cool way to hype up a lot of casual fans.
  7. Super thorough fact check, thank you for that! I love LPL lol
  8. She Couldn’t could have been a single honestly. Yes it’s a very 90’s sounding song, but it sounds great with the mix they gave it and it’s been getting some radio play anyway in some places.
  9. You're probably right, since this is such a unique release, but usually for most albums there would be another track released to keep the hype going. If that did happen, though, I would think it would be something like High Voltage or My December. MAYBE one of the HT EP songs or something random like Dedicated. Definitely nothing from the Forgotten Demos CD.
  10. I would love for them to get permission to release the full Download 2014 show!
  11. I see no reason to pretend like Sean isn't a dick. I listened to Amends for Chester, and I'll listen to any future releases for Chester. What I'm not going to do is pretend like it's ok for Sean to respond the way he has to fans online. He wasn't even being attacked. He was asked questions and chose to go completely off. It's the same type of shit Tak pulled back in the day when he cursed Mark out, and I still can't hear his music the same. I'll say it like this: If anybody in LP ever went full on Trapt, as Sean has, and started calling people "douchebags" and saying "fuck you", it would get called out just the same. We would never excuse it, because there is no excuse that's acceptable. I would lose interest in future LP music if that's how they started acting. When Chester was calling people pussies and saying he would punch people in the mouth in 2017, during the period that it became cool to completely bash OML, even that was called out. It's just not the appropriate response. That's why he eventually composed himself and apologized for it.
  12. I never understood Chester saying "It doesn't exist" when asked if the band would ever release it on an LPU or something. Obviously it exists, and one thing we all know about LP is that they never truly trash their demos or unfinished stuff. They keep everything in case they want to revisit an idea or take parts from it in the future or whatever. We know Mike literally has hard drives in storage with old LP stuff on it that we've never heard. So the Wizard Song is definitely somewhere.
  13. It was funny because Astat and Lestat are two totally different people.
  14. I realize the whole situation is negative and really just not good, but if I'm being honest "Fuck you, and fuck Lestat" was unintentionally kind of hilarious. When I first saw the screenshots I literally paused and went back to see how Lestat's name even came up lmfao. Turns out Sean is just illiterate.
  15. I agree. Hopefully Sean stops calling fans names like "douchebag" and "dumbfuck". That doesn't help things.
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