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    Xero News

    Whether or not we agree with LP/WB's stance on certain material being shared, it wouldn't be smart for LPL to throw away the goodwill and trust built up between all parties by sharing things they haven't been given the green light to share. Don't forget how many multitracks alone have leaked since 7/20. Combine that with WAYW and I can understand the band and label feeling perturbed to say the least. I think it makes sense to run things by them first at this point.
  2. I think this is the correct answer. Mike, in fasletto, with some effects on his voice.
  3. This should be in Newswire even if LP was fully active. Mike producing a song for another artist is still LP related news.
  4. I think these were the samples from a remix contest they did in like 2006 or something. Some of those sounds had their pitch and speed adjusted to match with whatever the other song was that it was paired with.
  5. I have a question. Might be a dumb one, but still: there’s no chance that YouTube pulls some dumb stuff and tries to take all this down right? I remember a few channels that uploaded LP shows suddenly being gone. I love all the hard work that you guys are putting in to the channel, and I hope they leave it alone.
  6. Neither of those songs were Linkin Park B-Sides. Razors.Out was a Shinoda/Chino Moreno collaboration and Suicide Music was a GBC song that Mike made the beat for.
  7. 🎶We've given up. We're sick of trying, there is nothing we can say.🎶 Seriously though, just ignore the negative posts you see from him. Don't give negativity any energy and don't engage with negativity. Conversations like this that have gone on for several posts have done nothing but take us away from the subject of the original post, which was awesome and informative as always, by the way.
  8. Because of him as a person, or because you just have never liked his music?
  9. I can't be certain, but I think you might be right. Hopefully someone with the power to do so can sort that out lol
  10. Being from New Orleans, it always meant a lot to me the way that LP, and Chester specifically, reacted to Katrina. He was super involved with MFR's efforts, he did that performance of Let Down, and of course he came to visit the city personally which affected him so much that he ultimately wound up writing TLTGYA about it. He was such an empathetic and caring person, and he did none of it for publicity or to make himself look good. He genuinely cared so much.
  11. Not all of LP’s concerts have professionally recorded video, so no. These downloads are audio files that LP would put up on their website after shows as a keepsake for those who were at the show, and as a next best alternative for those who couldn’t make it.
  12. Let Down is a great song, and Chester sings it with such sincerity. You can tell that song really meant a lot to him.
  13. That's disappointing and kind of lame honestly. I appreciate the sentiment of what Kerrang has done, but at this point the info they would need is out there. Like Garret said, sometimes the band isn't the best at remembering details of their own history. Especially Mike, as he himself would admit lol. I bought a copy on eBay. Won't have it for a few weeks, though.
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