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  1. Justin

    Multitracks List

    Yeah, I'm not saying I would rather this stuff not surface at all. I've bought things from traders in the past, LP related as well as non-LP related. It is different then selling rare physical stuff though. If someone bought...let's say the shopping cart version of the Xero tape. That would sell for a lot of money today, but it's not undeserved profit, because they bought it. That's like selling rare baseball cards or something. It's not illegal. Selling multitracks or instrumentals can get the seller in real legal trouble with record labels if they are exposed. That's another reason the prices are so high when these things are sold. ALLLLL that said, though, I'll repeat that it's better than this stuff not surfacing at all.
  2. Justin

    Multitracks List

    If a trader agrees to sell something rather than trade it for something equally rare, they usually name their price as something high like that so that you think twice before leaking it to the general public once you buy it. That applies to this LP stuff as well as most rare things (instrumentals/multitracks) from other artists that aren't circulated. So yes, they potentially make a lot of money by selling creations that aren't theirs to sell lol.
  3. Justin

    Multitracks List

    Honestly with the rate that things have been leaking/surfacing lately, I would be surprised if they weren't out there by the end of this year. Same goes for ATS, Reanimation, and Post Traumatic instrumentals, which I know for a fact are being out there being traded but haven't leaked yet. Same with the mastered stems for the rest of OML.
  4. Justin

    Given Up Info

    That had to be therapeutic for Chester to let all of that out in a song.
  5. Justin

    All Instrumentals & Acapellas List

    That’s correct. I didn’t know that at the time that I made that post.
  6. Justin

    All Instrumentals & Acapellas List

    GIven Up acapella is out there. Official and uncensored. So is Faint. The entire song acapella, not made from the LPConcerts rips.
  7. Justin

    Some 2008 Tracks

    This is probably more of an Astat question, but I'm fairly certain at least that Lockjaw did not exist prior to Mike and Rob creating it specifically to demo the new Pro Tools. If it did exist, no info about it prior to that has ever surfaced. As far as MMM...Cookies, I was always under the impression that they indeed came from the 2005-2007 sessions during the recording of MTM.
  8. Justin

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    You guys are so amazing. Thank you so much for this and for all that you do!
  9. Justin

    Review: "Cross Off" - Mark Morton featuring Chester

    I agree. Some of the songs on THP felt a little forced. To me, THP is the only LP album that felt like a style swerve just for the sake of having a style swerve. Even the transition from MTM to ATS felt more organic than what THP was. OML to me feels more like the next step after LT honestly. THP in hindsight sounds like a detour more than an evolution. That's not to say THP doesn't have some great songs on it. It definitely does. I just like OML more as a complete record.
  10. Justin

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    What is your point here though lol. Like are you saying what I think?
  11. Justin

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    Imagine being criticized for not grieving publicly enough. Isn't this literally what Watching As I Fall is about?
  12. Justin

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    Nobody is going to attack you for not being a fan of the songs, that's what my point was. There's this misconception that the LP community accepts nothing less than glowing reviews for anything LP related, or Mike related since 2017. That's not true. All opinions are welcome here so long as they aren't intentionally disrespectful on a personal level. I also know you didn't say that about Mike being business only about Chester. GarretLP said that. Honestly, and this is me speaking my own opinion: Mike is, and has always been, intensely private. For him, sharing a song like Over Again was huge. I don't think he will share any more raw emotions than that. He put out PT, and he talks about Chester at every show, but I think that's about as far as he's going to go. At least with the public.
  13. Justin

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    Thats what I meant. If you say things that are way over the line then of course people will step in and defend the band members, because that is not just having a negative opinion of the music. There are LP songs that I dont like that much. Thats normal. I would never insult the band as people or get unnecessarily mean with my opinion though. And yes, the label makes decisions based on money of course. I just mean that I dont think Mike or the label execs were, in the aftermath of July 20th, mad at Chester because they felt there was still money to be made. The label is a business, but I still believe they looked at Chester as a human being and felt that loss on a human level first. I do resent anyone saying that Mike was more worried about his career than anything else
  14. Justin

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    As a whole, is the impression really that if you have a negative opinion of LP/LP related music that you will get slaughtered by the LP fan base? I never see that happening unless the negative opinion is full of personal insults, a la Gekis reviews of anything after MTM. I also dont know where multiple people are getting the imprsssion that Mike is more upset about his career than losing Chester. Do you think every time he talks about Chester, its just a business thing for his own career? I mean, Jesus, yall act like LP and WB looked at Chester as a dollar sign that could sing.
  15. Justin

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    I recently listened to Easier to Run for the first time in a while, and that song just hit me really hard. I know Chester wrote that one on his own. Even if he and the band claimed to not like that song later, it definitely is a very personal song for Chester. I definitely agree that Mike is referring to the songs Chester wrote as a whole. He realizes they werent just cool lyrics and melodies, but that Chester had been through those things in a way that Mike could not even imagine. What do you think he is saying, that you cant support?