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  1. It's because this isn't the first time it's happened with this user.
  2. That's essentially what it's meant for. I think Mike even said it. It makes his art day streams cooler. I can't draw or paint to save my life, so I'll probably play it while relaxing or gaming.
  3. I mean, it's certainly possible that it's a little bit of both. Listening to Chester's voice I'm sure is hard, but also that answer pretty much stops any current line of questioning in its tracks.
  4. 26 Lettaz, Bubbles, I mean the list of iconic Chester performances is extensive. LOL All jokes aside, you're totally right. Chester's parts are timeless and can fit over pretty much any genre. With the right instrumental and production, it could be great.
  5. I like that little part. He sounds like Rag’n’Bone Man lol
  6. He already did that lol. If you mean fully mixed and mastered, just with no collabs, I doubt he will. I’m happy for the winners, and I know this is all in the name of fun, but the choruses give me a Kidz Bop vibe.
  7. Music is subjective. It comes down to personal taste. Some of the songs in TRT sound outdated now, but to me that album is iconic. I do think I like Chester’s performances (lyrically and vocally) here more than OOA overall, though. I never was a big fan of that album.
  8. The screams on this song not being Chester seems like an odd thing to not be truthful about. Anyone listening to this album understands the situation and that Chester wasn't here to record new vocals. Having a collaborator add vocals is hardly something that should be hidden... They had a collaborator add screams to the track. They sound great. The person doing the screaming deserves credit for adding to the song and elevating the material. I like this song as well as the others you mentioned as standouts. I think B12 falls pretty well short of the standard of the best songs on Amends, but I don't think I would give it a 2. Lol. Then again, I admittedly was not very familiar with Grey Daze's material before this project started getting going in 2017. I knew they had existed and I knew they were Chester's band before LP, but I hadn't really given them enough of a listen to get attached. So it's interesting to see that some of your scores are understandably affected by your connection to the original songs in light of the new instrumentals, while I'm able to listen without that same connection.
  9. "The album performed well commercially, debuting at number one in several countries. It also became the band's fifth number-one album on the Billboard 200, and was certified Gold in five countries."
  10. "Mike Shinoda says Linkin Park has an unreleased song with Chester Bennington. Click here to find out when it may drop!"
  11. These are some really great answers.
  12. LP used to give the stage to DBS during their encore to perform a few songs. LP also performed Welcome by FM. They always supported each other's side projects. I remember when Mike brought Chester out to sing on Where'd You Go in 2006. That was a great moment.
  13. This remix gives me vibes of a cross between Meteora and MTM. Great stuff as always!!!
  14. He meant that they put what they decide, as a collective, are the best songs to put on the record. It's definitely subjective. Music always is. They made the decision to not include NRL on Minutes to Midnight, when most of us all love that song and think it should have been included. So, in his opinion, the best LP songs are the ones that have been released on their albums.
  15. Omg... are you talking about the asshole who was like "You guys ARE getting a new singer, correct?" "How do you feel about the possibility of foul play in Chester's death?" I was angry for Mike when I watched that video, and to his credit Mike kept his cool.
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