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  1. Could be next stream, could be multiple streams. He doesn't have a dedicated Q&A time. He doesn't answer questions every stream. So we just have to wait and see.
  2. Somebody did ask him about that song. He read the title and part of the lyrics and said he has no idea what it is. Somebody could try sending that YouTube clip, but he doesn't always open links. Sometimes he does, and sometimes he'll decline and say something like "Guys I don't want to be opening links on the stream".
  3. I totally agree with this, and I think most people who saw any of those shows live definitely felt that vibe. Especially during the nightly stories he would tell about Chester before leading the crowd into a massive sing along of In The End or Numb or Heavy, etc. Mike was providing catharsis for the crowds he played for while also achieving it himself.
  4. There's almost no chance that Mike would say anything other than "I don't remember that one specifically, but we had a lot of demos from back then that didn't go anywhere." Maybe it's worth a shot, but Mike's memory is notoriously bad and it only gets worse the farther back he's asked to remember.
  5. All good points, but to be fair we had confirmation that LP were working together at least in the late 2019 - early 2020 range. As soon as the pandemic hit and artists started doing live streams, Mike said he straight up didn't want to do that and that live streams of performances with no crowd aren't something he is interested in doing. So pointing to a lack of some kind of acoustic event or streamed show doesn't really support the assumption that they're done. There's no question LP isn't the priority right now, but I think that's partly due to the pandemic and an inability to have a pr
  6. I love how everybody has their own clever/unique name for publishing, and then there's "Rob Bourdon Music" lmao
  7. If this were true, what would the incentive be for him repeatedly and explicitly saying that LP is not "done"? It's known now that LP was actively working on new material before the pandemic.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if Mike is being genuine when he says things like "I don't even know what that demo even is. I don't remember it at all." or if he just wants to find an easy way to avoid giving an actual answer lol. We know Mike keeps his finger on the pulse of the LP fanbase, visits here, etc. He knew about PB hype. Does he really have no idea what Thoughts That Take Away My Pride is?
  9. He did it for kids on TikTok. Ever since Remember The Name made the rounds on there, he’s taken a bigger interest in that platform. I’ll look at it from another perspective, though. I think it’s dumb and pointless, yes, but then again I’ll just ignore it and pretend it’s not a thing. He released it for streaming. I streamed it once, and now I’ll never stream it again. No harm, no foul. I don’t use TikTok, so clearly I’m not in the target audience for a release like this.
  10. Maybe it’s a real release, but still a troll, and Mike will announce something real alongside this release after it’s revealed to be a joke.
  11. I’m not attacking Mike, but it’s a little disingenuous to pretend that he’s a starving artist. He’s worth many millions of dollars. I can see him doing the NFT thing because he sees it as exciting and cutting edge or whatever, but it’s not like he’s on the edge of poverty because he hasn’t been able to tour for a year.
  12. I still don’t understand what it is about NFT’s that has him so excited.
  13. Jeff Blue looks like he could be Channing Tatum's father lol
  14. “If you want me to make an album, then show me you want me to make an album.” HAHA what?! Mike... Don’t go down this path, please. I get what he’s saying, but it very much feels like he’s saying the quiet part out loud every time he says this. Like, it’s obvious that Happy Endings doing huge numbers would make an album release more appealing to the label and to Mike himself as an artist who makes a living through his music. You don’t need to literally spell that out, though, because I think it’s risking giving the perception of an album inspired by potential sales rather than for t
  15. Mike literally posted a pic of him with Billie Eilish a few days ago, and her brother (and songwriting partner) tweeted about the day Mike put his number in Finneas' phone. So I actually wouldn't be surprised if a Mike Shinoda/Billie Eilish collab does happen soon.