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  1. I’m a huge hip hop fan, so I get your meaning. He said the same thing in Stan. “I say those things just clowning,” it’s still just weird to hear Mike saying those things because, like Astat said, we know his real personality, and he doesn’t bring out the braggadocios side very often. I did say I really like the song, and I stand by that lol. One of my favorite Mike verses is on the STB remix where he says “Never been nothin’ short of a legend, you peasants will learn” LOL
  2. That line just feels insincere from Mike lol. I actually do like the song though. The beat it great and the lyrics as a whole are good. This song is way better than other EDM songs that did well on radio like Clarity, Stay The Night, or In The Name of Love, so hopefully this one does well!
  3. I like it much better than DTB, but it’s not as good as ALTNC in my opinion.
  4. DTB sucks. It's way too long and boring. Chester sounds cool on the last chorus, and Mike's "ahhh" part sounds good, but damn that song takes forever to go anywhere...
  5. The ironic thing about this entire debate is that, with as many times as Chester and Mike have shown the willingness to go a totally new direction with their music, both inside LP and out, there are bound to be people who don't love everything they do. That's ok. Criticizing a song is fine as long as the attacks against the artist aren't personal. That's the difference between Castro and Geki, for example.
  6. My bad, no we don't have that one. We have the separated stems from Rock Band (guitar + vocals + everything else), but not from the studio itself.
  7. So we now have the entire albums of ATS and OML fully separated. Incredible.
  8. No. None of this can be shared openly on this site because this site collaborates with LP management and record label. It's not allowed. You also just asked this a couple weeks ago, and as you were told then: All of this stuff is pretty easy to find through simple Google searches, honestly.
  9. With Heavy, I remember initially being disappointed at how short it was, and how much more of the spotlight Kiiara's vocals got compared to Chester. I mean once Kiiara comes in for the second verse, the rest of the song is basically her on lead vocals and Chester doing background vocals. If I didn't know it was the first single from OML when I heard it, I would have thought it was Kiiara featuring Chester.
  10. To an extent, yes Chester's passing did cause a lot of casual/lapsed fans to check out their latest albums rather than only listening to Hybrid Theory and Meteora forever, but LP were already regarded as legends by many people in the music industry. It's not like Chester's death put them on the map. They had already been there and done it all as far as being on top of the music world. Their first 6 studio albums, plus Live in Texas, Reanimation, and Collision Course all went platinum (HT is diamond certified!), so it's not like they wouldn't have been considered legendary already. My point is that 20 years from now, LP won't be remembered for an increase in popularity after Chester passed. They weren't a young band like Nirvana, who really broke out only 3 years before Kurt Cobain died. LP was a force for 17 years straight. Honestly, the situation in the aftermath of Chester's passing is more similar to John Lennon than anything. John Lennon, already an established legend, was getting pretty bad reviews for his final album by mainstream critics. After his death, the album was viewed in a different light, and a lot of subsequent reviews were not only less negative, they were actually positive. That somewhat mirrors what happened with OML. I get your point, but LP was already being viewed as a legacy act by a lot of people. Not by us, of course, but even in 2014 they got a spot at Download because they agreed to play Hybrid Theory in full. As awesome as that was for us and everyone to see, that was a novelty show when they had a new album released the day before. LP never accepted becoming a legacy act, and they continued to innovate and take different directions as they always did, but the public perception of them was becoming "The band that made ITE, Crawling, Numb, Numb/Encore, WID, and ND".
  11. His family has literally taken shots at LP (Mike specifically) and Talinda by name. They’ve done so with the intention of splitting/reducing the LP fan base. I agree that everyone loved Chester, but there’s also zero chance Chester would approve of the public mud-slinging that’s going on, regardless if there were legitimate issues behind the scenes. I’m still going to stream the album because the reworked instrumentals thus far have sounded pretty good, and because it’s Chester, but this entire album cycle has been a lesson in how not to go about promoting an album.
  12. Have you been reading their posts and comments online lately about this entire project? They come off as huge assholes and liars. You guys are calling people out for "talking trash" without looking at the source. I resent the fact that the theme of their promo for the album seems to be to take shots at WB and thinly veiled jabs at Mike/LP, while also marketing the album as "The lost music of Chester Bennington". If anything is laughable, it's THAT tagline that implies this music has never seen the light of day, or that it's been suppressed somehow until now.
  13. Yeah I saw the feature and knew who they meant, but I also got a strong feeling that it's a shitty thing to do. In a case like this, you would think you would use LP's full name. LP is a stage name, and artistic integrity is a thing I know, but still. It REALLY seems like they wanted casual fans to see the last song on the tracklist and say "Oh wow! They got Linkin Park to feature on a song with Chester's vocals!" Also, can anyone explain why "The Syndrome" is more politically correct than "Syndrome"?
  14. Justin

    Xero News

    Whether or not we agree with LP/WB's stance on certain material being shared, it wouldn't be smart for LPL to throw away the goodwill and trust built up between all parties by sharing things they haven't been given the green light to share. Don't forget how many multitracks alone have leaked since 7/20. Combine that with WAYW and I can understand the band and label feeling perturbed to say the least. I think it makes sense to run things by them first at this point.
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