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  1. Because of him as a person, or because you just have never liked his music?
  2. I can't be certain, but I think you might be right. Hopefully someone with the power to do so can sort that out lol
  3. Being from New Orleans, it always meant a lot to me the way that LP, and Chester specifically, reacted to Katrina. He was super involved with MFR's efforts, he did that performance of Let Down, and of course he came to visit the city personally which affected him so much that he ultimately wound up writing TLTGYA about it. He was such an empathetic and caring person, and he did none of it for publicity or to make himself look good. He genuinely cared so much.
  4. Not all of LP’s concerts have professionally recorded video, so no. These downloads are audio files that LP would put up on their website after shows as a keepsake for those who were at the show, and as a next best alternative for those who couldn’t make it.
  5. Let Down is a great song, and Chester sings it with such sincerity. You can tell that song really meant a lot to him.
  6. That's disappointing and kind of lame honestly. I appreciate the sentiment of what Kerrang has done, but at this point the info they would need is out there. Like Garret said, sometimes the band isn't the best at remembering details of their own history. Especially Mike, as he himself would admit lol. I bought a copy on eBay. Won't have it for a few weeks, though.
  7. They all have unique things that they bring to the table beyond just pure technical skill, though.
  8. I mean, that sounds massive lol but I figure he means in comparison to some other bands.
  9. I wonder if this song was maybe planned to be properly finished and included on either an LPU or maybe a special edition of OML, and then plans for the song (and any releases) were shelved after 7/20. That might explain why the song was in a position to be leaked like this in the first place. I could be completely wrong, but I would imagine that most unreleased music like this doesn't leak because it's typically available to so few people that the source of the leak could be easily identified.
  10. Definitely sounds like an LPU demo, which I guess essentially it could have been. It's pretty cool.
  11. Linkin Park have always held the viewpoint that they don't need to be what anyone expects. Finding a new vocalist so that they can sing Chester's parts live would run directly counter to that philosophy. Chester is gone. If LP goes on with just Mike and drops some of their heavier songs, I don't see the problem there. I know the argument is that casual fans want to hear songs that Mike can't handle, and therefore LP might not be able to fill arenas like they were before if those songs are gone. To that, I say again that Chester is gone. It already will never be the same as it was before. That is just the reality of the situation. I would rather them drop some songs and reinvent themselves (again) if the alternative is having a new vocalist sing Chester's parts so that the typical LP set doesn't have to change too much. EDIT: Guys, go watch the ending of Meeting of A Thousand Suns. Listen to Mike asking the band "What's the smartest way to go about the next step?", listen to Chester's answer, and then apply that answer to this entire thread. The end. He was talking about ATS obviously, but it can apply to this dilemma as well.
  12. I agree that with the PT tour over, the question of the future of LP will eventually become something that the band will need to discuss. The entire PT album cycle took place during a period where the band (including Mike) were all mourning in their own ways and dealing with their grief in the best ways they knew how. With the tour now over, and almost two years since 7/20, I do think that the situation may be less painful for them to broach among themselves and, whatever they ultimately decide, I fully support them. With all that being said, I personally would love for the band to continue as a 5-piece with Mike singing all of the songs that he can and letting the crowd take certain parts that he maybe can't. I mean we know that he can handle Papercut because he did at the Hollywood Bowl. Certain songs like Faint or OSC could be done partly by Mike and partly by the crowd. Certain songs may need to be retired but that's okay.
  13. Before 7/20. It is even more odd considering that he hasn't even so much as logged in to LPL since that date.
  14. He performed it more than once. He performed it a few times actually, it just wasn't all the time.
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