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  1. Great find. The lack of true B-sides and unreleased material from the Meteora era would make me way more excited for a Meteora anniversary release than I was even for HT.
  2. It's not Could Have Been. I get why you say it sounds similar, and it kind of does stylistically, but it's a completely different melody. Based on how Phoenix does a slight variation and Mike says "Wow, you really do know the whole song", I would guess that he was playing the guitar part for the verses of whatever song this is.
  3. Just the latest chapter in that weird situation...
  4. Just another instance of demand for LP apparently being underestimated.
  5. It used to be $10,000. After Chester passed, the price was raised to $50,000. Astat or Mark can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think those were the exact numbers and the reason it was raised.
  6. It's definitely "play it down". Genius, Apple Music, etc. regularly have mistakes because those lyrics are user submitted.
  7. He’s saying there’s nothing that could have been done about the chorus. If the winner had used Mike’s solo vocals instead, it wouldn’t be the winner because it would have been disqualified.
  8. I agree with you, but I think they made the decision that the amount of people upset by the CD situation is outweighed by the amount of effort and money it would cost to fix the issue for every person who received discs with the shortened versions. It bothers me, but as a company I know Warner is looking at the bottom line.
  9. I really don't think they will lol. The LPU Rarities CD was messed up for all of the original pressings worldwide. That means they would have to manufacture a replacement and send it out to every single person who ordered a boxset up to that point. The other issues mentioned were specific to the EU version of the set, and also much more egregious in my opinion. In 2020, not many of us are playing the audio from the physical discs. Most are either streaming, or they downloaded the audio from the official site. The minority of those who are really upset about the CD is far outweighed by issues like the lithograph, laminate, and DVD's being labeled incorrectly.
  10. That would honestly be a shame. Then again, Mike did say during the unboxing that he wasn't sure people would even have interest in THIS boxset at first. Then of course there was the issue of Warner severely underestimating the initial demand when they first opened pre-orders. It's like they still underestimate mainstream interest in LP and are then surprised to be wrong... I don't see how they still do that after all these years.
  11. I thought I was the only person who wanted the full Roxy show with both CC takes! If they do a Meteora box set and include CC (like HT included Reanimation), I would hope they include the full show and not just the exact same DVD they released in 2004... You have the best list I've seen in this thread so far. All of these shows would be amazing.
  12. I can see one for Meteora for sure. Maybe MTM and ATS. I don’t really see big box sets after that. I can imagine anniversary editions maybe with an unreleased track here and there but I don’t think they’ll go all out for LT/THP/OML the way they did for HT.
  13. Whatever Reborn is, clearly Mike didn’t like it at all. He said it was terrible. So that’s probably why we didn’t hear it on HT20.
  14. Mike specifically says the song was a Xero demo, and then Chester says he “had to sing that song”. That would confirm that Xero Reborn, whatever it actually is, was in a similar situation to Pictureboard. It was a Xero song that Mark sung on, and Chester sung on it after he joined the band.
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