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  1. Yeah, see stuff like this is why I didn't get when some people here on LPL were like "Wow you disliked the guy simply because his opinion differs from yours"? No. It's because he went way overboard every time LP or Mike Shinoda came up on his channels. It also makes me wonder what the "people on Twitter" were referring to when they told Mike that Fantano was actually an LP fan and liked their stuff. What album was he even referring to in this video? Was it THP?
  2. That verse is an attention grabbing part of the song simply for the fact that it's Rakim on a Linkin Park song. It's a great song already, but that verse makes it stand out even more. I never understood cutting that verse.
  3. Hahaha I forgot about that. All the band members seemed super excited and kept saying how much fun it would be to play all the songs live only to then not play half of the songs from that album, not counting The Summoning and Drawbar. I think what may have happened is that they fully intended to play all the songs live, but then they realized that in order to fit into their time limit they would have to either drop some of their live staples, which all the casual fans come to see, or they would have to do shorten even more songs to fit them in and turn them into a medley. They may have just not wanted to do either thing and THP songs were the victim of that.
  4. I very much agree. I never did like that part of THP's promotion. He shit on pop music basically and even named some examples. That was definitely odd and felt out of character for him both before and since. The most ironic part was that he spent that time talking about how music has gone soft and all that, but then the first single from LP's next album was Heavy.
  5. Some people saw THP like "Lol these guys are in their late 30's trying to make music like they did in their early 20's", then heard OML and said "Why don't they make more music like HT and Meteora?!" You just can't win with some people, and I think LP accepted that a while ago.
  6. Yeah his review of OML was fairly brutal and I disagreed with a lot of it, but I at least respect the fact that, while he acknowledged that it's tragic that Chester is gone, his opinion of OML hasn't changed. I should also point out that while his review was indeed brutal, it wasn't just a mindless hate fest like a lot of people had when OML came out. Meaning it wasn't "THIS IS POP! POP IS BAD!" Fantano is knowledgeable about what he does, so I could see where his criticisms were coming from even if I disagreed.
  7. I wasn’t saying he should reevaluate. I was saying it’ll be more a interesting interview because he won’t.
  8. It'll be a really interesting interview if Fantano stands by his criticisms. Somebody asked him after Chester died if he's reevaluated his view of OML and he said he hadn't and that it's still terrible to him. So it'll be an interesting chat.
  9. None of this makes sense when you realize they're paying that much money to have the feeling of ownership of some gif files lol but if these people have that much money laying around and Mike wants to sell a few gifs, more power to him.
  10. 1. QWERTY 2. Blackbirds 3. Not Alone I was torn between QWERTY and Blackbirds because I love both songs, but QWERTY just gets me so hyped up every time I listen to it!
  11. Minutes to Midnight process vibes lmao
  12. If he sold a 30-40 second clip of a Twitch jam for $30,000 and is now selling his typed out name, it seems like he's not doing this as a way to give the top 1% of the fanbase exclusive items but it's rather his way of saying "If these guys want to give me tens of thousands of dollars for pretty much nothing, I'll take it. Why not?" Which is kind of weird but it's not like he's putting up LP demos or unreleased music for sale. This still isn't a Once Upon A Time In Shaolin situation. Yet.
  13. I would think they would do something similar to the shortened songs they did in 2014. I think they would definitely do the obvious ones like ITE (although the lyrics are opposite of the whole SB theme lol), Numb, WID, and ND. I could see the chorus of Iridescent making an appearance. Faint would probably be in there somewhere. For sure BIO would have closed it.
  14. True, but also Mike didn't set the price to be what it is. I think he started it at $0. Fans bidding is why the price is insane lol
  15. I don't really like the idea of this, and I disagreed strongly with Mike saying how cool the concept was when Wu-Tang did it. There's a lot about the Once Upon A Time in Shaolin album that was pretty crappy. For one thing, it wasn't even created as a Wu-Tang album. RZA was convinced to call it that after their producer pitched the idea of being super artistic and selling one copy of the album. Some members, like Method Man, thought that idea was stupid to begin with. The price quickly disqualified like 99% of their fans, and it was bought by a corrupt scumbag who wound up imprisoned a few years later. I don't see how Mike saw all that, and 6 years later is still saying it was a cool concept and a good idea lol. I think Mike is just doing what he's always done, and trying to experiment by doing something different. That's fine, but I personally don't like the idea and I hope this doesn't become a thing he does with all the Twitch jams from now on instead of further Dropped Frames releases. Actually, on the subject of Wu-Tang: Yes the album sold for $2 million, making it the single most expensive musical work ever sold. Didn't they still lose money on that, though? I mean if a regular album in stores these days costs like $15 let's say. That means OUATIS sold the equivalent of 133,333 units if it had been widely released. The thing is, they sold all that at once, but there's a cap on it. They'll never see another dime from that album ever. It can't be sold commercially until 2103. People born today won't even be able to hear that album until they're 82 years old.
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