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  1. Joe just put out and Instagram storie of his keyboard with a green circule around the letters QWERTY
  2. Its a weird and messy guitar riff but so damn cool. Learning that by ear will be a nightmare for me
  3. For those who are waiting, you can use a vpn! There's quite a few for free and some are preaty good
  4. Once again @IWillWalkAwaywas right! Damn dude I´m gonna start calling you the nostradamus of LPLive XD (jk it´s just a joke)
  5. Cuidado leaked on YouTube
  6. The verses reminded me of Three Days Grace
  7. Massive leaked on Reddit. My god Mike´s singging on Massive is so different and the breakdown is soooooo good
  8. I screen recorded the song from YouTube by using a VPN
  9. So I was going to listen to More the Victim on youtube from a video by a channel called "Easier to Run", but it seems it got copyrighted. This happens after 2 weeks after the video was uploaded. Why did it took so long? Are they "preparing" the song to be released officially soon? What do you guys think?
  10. But that´s a stagelight demo. It´s very similar but I find it weird since stagelight is something from 2012 I think
  11. Has anyone tried to figure out what the guitars on Fighting Myself are playing? From what I hear it seems the tuning is Drop C#
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