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  1. Yeah that actually makes sense...I guess that I´ll have to wait a few years maybe
  2. Will the band released the Q&A on youtube?
  3. I´d love to hear them but I have to wait ´til friday, wich happens to be my birthday so they´re going to be cool gifts
  4. And it doesn´t have that bass note at the end
  5. I don´t think "Slip" with Mark would be released oficially. Mark doesn´t like to have his stuff released. During the unboxing of the "Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition Super Deluxe Box Set" Mike said: "Begrudgingly, Mark agreed to let us release the songs with his vocals(...)". I think it´s more likely that the Xero version of "Slip" will be leaked some day
  6. "Slip" had vocals by Mark, but I think that version was never leaked http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Slip
  7. It seems so! So, on the Xero audition tape, we have: "Esaul", "Rhinestone" and "Pictureboard"! And maybe "Stick N´Move"? Or even Dialate? Those tapes had a tight limit right?
  8. The band changed their name when Chester joined. The more I think the more I agree with you guys, the demos that Mike referenced to have Mark on vocals have (xero demo) on the name. And "Pictureboard" doesn´t have that, even tho it´s from the xero era, and has Chester on vocals! It looks like that the xero demos that have on the name "(xero demo)" are xero demos with Mark. The ones that don´t have that are demos with Chester´s vocals.
  9. Oh yeah, you right about that! Well, let´s just wait until October 9th
  10. I saw on Linkinpedia that the LPU12 version dates from January 7, 2000. It would be weird, in my opinion, if there wasn´t a version of "Rhinestone" with Chester, prior to January 7, 2000. I think there´s quite the possibility that the version we will get has Chester on vocals. We will also getting "Stick N Move" and Mike didn´t referenced that it has Mark´s vocals
  11. What does make you confident that its going to be Mark on vocals? And another question: what is the earliest version of "Rhinestone" with Chester on vocals? Is it the LPU12 version?
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