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  1. Maybe, but the Lockout documentary is more of a recording of them rehearsing, not a live perfomance. But I don´t know, maybe Jeff Blue was actually refering to Lockout
  2. Hey guys, Jeff said that a friend of his has video of Xero/Hybrid Theory performing live and it´s on youtube. The only video I know is that crapy video of them performing Rhinestone. Is that the one that he´s refering too?
  3. I know that what I´m about to ask is VERY off-topic but I dont know else were to ask, I'm sorry. Does Mike still does Q&A´s in his livestreams?
  4. One of the three*, the band recorded 15 songs for the album (as you said). The album has 13 songs but Foreword doesn´t count because its a small instrumental and it has added to the album when it was pretty much done. I also think the song will be released at some point, probably at the 20th aniversary of Meteora. But until then I would like to get some information about the song, we almost know nothing about it! We could see if anyone that follows Mike´s livestreams could ask
  5. Hi, I know I'm kinda late but I just wanted to know if there´s any updates or new informations about this demo. Or even if anyone asked Mike about this demo in one of his livestreams
  6. I'm sooooo excited! Thanks for the update Astat!
  7. More questions: Do you know/remember the songs that were in the tape sended to Chester? We already know that "Rhinestone", "Esaul" and "Pictureboard" were in it. Were there more songs on the tape?
  8. mr.Jeff, Since Mike doesn´t know exactly when Chester joined the band, do you know when? Is there any good live recordings of Xero´s performances? Do you remember some of the setlists of their shows? How did the producers of "The Crow: Stairway To Heaven" found Xero? Is "Harmonic Song" some how related to "Pushing me away"? Did you saw the first rehearsal of the band with Chester? Is there a chance that some day we can listen to "Turn to Grey", "Ashes" and other songs that you reference in your book? Are you aware of the BMI entry named "NBA INSIDE STUFF-BG CUES (Legal Title)" that was credited to Rob, Brad, Joe, Mike and Mark?
  9. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Thank you for sharing!
  10. Ok, so who´s TJ Demonte?
  11. Wait, are you the guy that leaked Mark´s version of Pictureboard? I´m a bit confused
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