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  1. This is amazing! I´ve been wainting for this since LPLive anounce it, back in January 14. Looking foward for the next videos! Thank you Jeff, Rob, Astat and the entire staff of LPLive!
  2. I´m sorry but that sounds kinda rude and disrespectfull to Mike (and I´m sorry if I understood you in the wrong way). We know that Mike likes to try new things, either towards music or other things. Maybe he´s trying something new! And get a bit of money is a nice bonus, especially in a time that artists are stuck at home without being able to perform and earn money from that
  3. 👏👏👏 👏👏👏 👏👏👏
  4. That´s amazing! Thank you for the update!
  5. Maybe the label didn´t liked it? Idk, its so weird. Stick N´Move fits perfectly the vibe of Hybrid Theory. Maybe they could record the guitars like they did on Runaway (with seven string guitars) to give a heavier sound and a few more things. I think it would be more successful than Runaway. Runaway wasn´t a fan favorite and even Chester said that he didn´t liked it
  6. APFMH was played by radios? Damn, I didn´t know that
  7. Yeah you right! Maybe its APFMH
  8. Maybe Pushing Me Away. OSC, Crawling, Papercut and In the End where the singles and Points of Authority and Pushing Me Away went to radio stations.
  9. This was amazing! Great interview!
  10. WOW, that´s pretty much the same! Amazing
  11. Maybe, but the Lockout documentary is more of a recording of them rehearsing, not a live perfomance. But I don´t know, maybe Jeff Blue was actually refering to Lockout