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  1. 99% sure that's fake. The tone and production isn't consistent with the numerous Meteora demos that have been released over the years.
  2. I've always thought Jesse Tyler Ferguson looked a lot like Phoenix.
  3. I joined this site the day I turned 14. I'm 24 today. Time flies, doesn't it?

  4. Nope. That's footage of a different show. The show in the OP never actually existed.
  5. Of these, I can confirm that the Dialate stems are real to an extent as Mike's MPC from not long ago had the song's samples. A.07, I believe, is the unofficial name given to an intro the band used in 2004 that utilized a sample of the Slayer song South of Heaven.
  6. Yep. Mike probably did it a few times that year but I haven't checked.
  7. NJPLP's most likely referring to the RAR 04 show. Jonathan came out on most dates of the Projekt Revolution tour to sing that part.
  8. Yep, it works! It's so weird; I can't place where the vocals came from.
  9. Nothing. It says "Owner prevented downloads and playback".
  10. Basically, a VHS was rumoured to pop up on Ebay in 2004 containing what was said to be a full show from Xero at the Lynus Brook Club in LA on August 10th, 1997. However, even if this listing did exist, the setlist contained songs that didn't exist at the time (such as In the End and With You), the band's first actual show was confirmed to take place on November that same year, and there's also the fact that searching for the Lynus Brook Club only yields results related to this supposed show, cementing it as a fake.
  11. I was there. It was a brilliant show and one I'll never forget.
  12. Multitracks for Sorry For Now have just been leaked.
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