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    Download Festival - England - 14.06.14 The only LP show I ever got to attend. R.I.P. Chester.

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  1. I was there. It was a brilliant show and one I'll never forget.
  2. Multitracks for Sorry For Now have just been leaked.
  3. The band's former keyboardist/bassist/backing vocalist.
  4. Fair enough. I'd believe it too. Aside from those two tracks, I think he could be on Spiral as well.
  5. Do you have a source?
  6. I'm convinced that he's screaming "WE ARE" in Technical Difficulties and singing backup in Maestro (this part is isolated in the Brandon Belsky remix), but I'm only about 50% sure he's singing here. Might be him, but it also might not be.
  7. In terms of fan backlash, definitely ATS. I didn't pay attention to the fanbase until 2010, right around when ATS came out, and people were bashing the album and The Catalyst, slagging it off for being "techno" and because it completely subverted expectations of what a "typical" LP album sounded like. In terms of media though, OML takes that spot with flying colors. The media tore the album to shreds. They wouldn't shut up about Chester's rant towards fan backlash. The fan consensus, however, was that it was somewhat decent.
  8. I like the new update. I seriously need to be more active here.

  9. Since the official lyric video to Cross Off has been released, the lyrics need to be updated.
  10. Quick question for anyone at the soundcheck: Was the unknown song that was played one of the previous two, or was it yet another unknown song? The setlist doesn't clarify which one.
  11. It's only one more day... Sorry, couldn't resist.
  12. One of my gifts was a canvas of Chester.
  13. I'm fucking broken. He was my favourite singer of the past 11 years. RIP.
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