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  1. This is getting a bit confusing. So first, iTunes is gonna do its regular update around 12 am EST (in 45 minutes), then 3 hours later is going to add The Hunting Party pre-order separately? Why would they do that?
  2. The OP needs to be updated to clarify that the guy on twitter is not "with" itunes.
  3. On the 6 track sampler that the press got to listen to, Until It's Gone was already mixed and mastered. So yeah.
  4. It hasn't been their best moment, I agree.
  5. So Derek over on LPA is very cryptically telling people that this tracklist is fake "because it isn't real." Has anyone over on this end heard anything from anyone? Mark?
  6. I've posted a bunch of rants about Mike's tirade against radio on LPA. I won't do that here, but I feel like his points are about 70% nonsense. And how are you going to call radio "Disney Commercial Music" when you WROTE THE THEME SONG FOR TRANSFORMERS 2. You know, one of the biggest most mainstream movie franchises of all time? People who live in castles of glass should not throw stones.
  7. I'm hoping that because this album looks like it's going to be very strong instrumentally, they don't feel the need to include a token interlude.
  8. March Of The Dead = Jornada del Muerto reference?
  9. I hope a price range gets leaked before the general on-sale. I'd like to make it to Bristow again but I dunno. HCT's price for the pit was about as high as I'm willing to go.
  10. The "new song" was definitely ALTNC. He mentioned it being "new for a Linkin Park show" and it'll "make you want to jump." As in Mike yelling "jump" a lot like he has done in past performances.
  11. This isn't exactly a confirmation. He guessed that because they usually do albums in 3-6 months, it'll be out in the same time frame. They aren't set on that. The LPL twitter kind of took the quote and ran.
  12. So what you're saying is...this jacket is holding up the new album.
  13. There is something oddly appealing about a hardstyle remix of Victimized. Other than that though, I feel extreme indifference.
  14. I'm not sure what interview you're referring to (edit: just saw you posted it). Aoki and Mike have tweeted at each other/posted group pictures a couple times over the past year. They've met up.
  15. Steve Aoki and Linkin Park have met up a couple times in the past year. It would just make sense, but there's nothing definite that says it's him.
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