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  1. how do cover rights work? there's this awful album "hybrid theory: an encore", very amateur. Every band that makes a cover has to ask permission for the label? Do they have to pay royalties or anything like that? Sometimes a very tiny band makes a cover of a really big band, and i ask myself how they managed to contact the band/label and get approved to cover the song.
  2. you should be happy enough just to have the hand sketch of the cover of one of the best albums of all time.
  3. those songs go directly into the list of "biggest mistakes in LP's career", even tho they aren't made by LP.
  4. grandson singing is very very amateur. Don't like it at all, can't even say it's singing. The instrumental is nice. fever 333 instrumental is almost identical, sounds like a generic youtube cover. meh. now thinking again, i'm glad they didn't make a HT cover album.
  5. Chester's No Roads Left should be THE holy grail
  6. Chronologically speaking, starting on XERO day-one... song by song. Which one was the song that you feel like REALLY was a game changer? In overall quality, production and writing development over the former ones. For me, it's the first Crawling Demo on the 9-track. It stands out SO MUCH over everything else they did at that point. I mean, i love many other older LP/HT/XERO songs... but they feel simpler, like something is missing. Maybe this latest Stick N' Move version with Chester was the one song with the greatest sound changing, but it didn't went far and was cut off. Which one is THE SONG THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING (sonically speaking)?
  7. I don't see whats the problem with more Chester's songs going mainstream. This man deserves all the attention to his music, showing everyone how great of a singer he was. More Grey Daze songs mean more recognition for our boy Chaz. I just hope everything goes smoothly with personal relationships.. no one attacking each other.
  8. 'Till The Wall Comes Down (OML sessions) That's one of the best titles they've given to a song. No Roads Left with Chester has to be the most awesome thing ever... i imagine vocals like In Pieces on the soft part and The Messenger on the chorus.
  9. Has any artist ever REMAKED a music video? Like, just imagine, the whole band recreating the In The End video. 40yo dudes dressed and acting like that meme "hello fellas". Would be amazing and the funniest thing of all time.
  10. I don't think we got to see everything that was going to happen on that computer... i guess they hurried things up because of the leaks on amazon and such.
  11. Forgotten Demos is the album we are looking for, the one with the traclisk leaked by accident. The other ones are things we've heard and live stuff. Dialate is labeled as a Xero demo, while Could Have Been is probably a true LP demo. Anyway, will be very cool to have everything on streaming services.
  12. great mix on she couldn't... could easily fit in MTM for me.. similar mixing and mastering. 90 min of never seen footage... that's what i'm most looking forward to (and the two new songs, obviously)
  13. i wish i never heard She Couldn't before. It would've been an out of body experience.
  14. things that weren't unlocked of the site: System Properties > Graphics System Properties> Hardware Profiles Network> Installed network (Basic Client, Dialup, TCP/IP) So... really feels like some stuf were left aside. Too much work to make this webpage for less than 1 week of stuff happening.
  15. How much do you think the other guys on the band are involved on this? I always have a feeling that's just 99% Mike.
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