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  1. I think it would bee cool to see how many comment are in a news without having to open it. Sometimes i open to see the discussion and are zero comments there.
  2. This is so awesome. There's a melodic prog metal feeling to it. I'd always listen to prog metal bands and wonder how chester would sound singing those songs. And now i'm contemplating it. What a blast!
  3. When you made the order, it appeared on the checkout cart the signed print as a free item.
  4. Invisible and Sorry For Now. Totally playable.
  5. Those LP forums are filled with pseudo-famous people, forming the worst circlejerk i know. Sometimes we are scared of commenting something because some "popular" smartass may want to refute and make fun of everything we say. Websites internal hierarchy fucks up with peoples egos.
  6. It's like a whole new experience. I noticed Mike sounds waaaay better since the first instant (i think there are even some vocal corrections over him, like "photoshopping")
  7. Those weird american dates.. i thought it would be released december 10th
  8. PLS, NO METALCORE SINGERS/SCREAMERS. They sing so anasalated, sounding like kids, and the scream is very "thin".
  9. This Watsky guy is the one that does some videos with Epic Rap Battles of History?
  10. this next single took so much long to release. Don't think it was a smart marketing move.
  11. 22 minutes Phoenix bass solo w/ Mr.Hahn scratching over it
  12. I just don't feel like Corey would tell face-to-face to Chester he hated the songs. It's like your mom telling you're beautiful. Or when you're at a friend's house having dinner, the food is tasting bad but you say "yummy" and keep eating it.
  13. THE BASS IS AWESOME! Watch In The End, the bass is so prominent on the mix. Phoenix is good, he is just buried on the mix most of the time.
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