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  1. i'm starting to feel like it's happening a Public Relationship shenanigan to increase Mike's mainstream acknowledgement. It's just something that occurred to me right now, that management will find ways to make Mike look much more like a frontman and recognizable person on the mainstream media. That way he could gather more strength to carry and lead LP in the eyes of the general public as a rockstar frontman.
  2. Can't wait. I see no problem at all on hearing new Chester stuff. And i say new because i never cared for GD until amends, so every song is new to me.
  3. This era is Linkin Park in a nutshell to me and most of the people around the world. Way more than HT era. Meteora really defined this memorable graphic and visual identity LP has in most people's mind. The urban underground angry teenager. I mean, it's incredible to think about. Numb, Faint, Breaking the Habit, From the Inside, Somewhere i Belong... all in the same album. I dare to say, this is Linkin Park at it's peak. Maybe not exclusively musically-wise, but in a holistic way. That's when they became universal, an arena band, not just a one-hit wonder but something that woul
  4. well, and you didn't once again. edit: man, that pic just shows the original tapes they sent to the studio at the time they recorded them. No relation with any tracklist, just random takes.
  5. This song grew up on me a little bit. But Mike has to stop trying to be the cool old dude between the young kids.
  6. 2004 - Rock Am Ring (duh) 2006 - Summer Sonic 2007 - Live Earth Japan (The little things give you away is unbelievable) 2010 - Madrid 2011 - Itunes Festival (better than Red Square) 2012 - Telekom Street Gigs (just because it's 60fps) 2017 - Maximus Festival (argentina) - because it was the first one, and we were all together watching it live and chatting. Amazing experience.
  7. blackout to blackout. I remember the firsts blind ATS listening parties, people thinking and describing blackout as 2 different songs. also, victimized > roads untraveled is a mindblowing duo
  8. Everything is so loud. You can't really tell things apart. Think of yourself making a plate of food for your lunch. Mashed potatoes, meat, sauce and vegetables. You put all of that in a different corner of the plate, you can see them all and taste them all separately. This is A Thousand Suns. And then your friend just put everything on top of each other and mix everything like prison food. This is Living Things.
  9. The iheartradio 2012 concert may be the reference here. Shitty crowd, but intense setlist.
  10. If LP played at the halftime show, how would be the setlist? I guess Numb, In the End, Talking to Myself, Faint and Bleed it out would be there.
  11. sounds like a gimmick LiNkIn PaRk eDgY cOvEr parody
  12. I always thought PMA was written at the very end of the recording process.
  13. thanks! no need to make a list, just an overall curiosity. I was thinking the same about Collision Course, and i can notice some different vocal takes... but no on reanimation.
  14. About the Lockout rehearsal tape, we could do a crowdfunding to buy it. We can totally get 1000 people to plead some money. --- Question: The reanimation vocals were new takes or they used the HT ones?
  15. how do cover rights work? there's this awful album "hybrid theory: an encore", very amateur. Every band that makes a cover has to ask permission for the label? Do they have to pay royalties or anything like that? Sometimes a very tiny band makes a cover of a really big band, and i ask myself how they managed to contact the band/label and get approved to cover the song.