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  1. Thanks! I don't know why, but sometimes i picture Chester with a hillbilly accent. Like if he was from a small city guy going into the big city (LA).
  2. Felt like just showing off. Screaming doesn't fit with Open Door at all.
  3. Amazing! Thanks Another one: Do LP's vocals have an ACCENT? Like... the regional speaking accent. i mean, i'm not an english native speaker... so i can't tell if Mike and Chester have accents. Not just singing, but when speaking. I guess Chester being from Arizona and Mike from Californa... something must be different in their way of talking, singing and pronouncing words.
  4. Thanks! Question about LP now... Did they ever tell what the ATS cover means? I remember some discussions at the time when it was released (the mushroom cloud, or a dove).... i remember Mike saying something like "i know what it means, it's supposed to mean this thing... but i won't tell... it's open to interpretation."
  5. DBS related... Do we know for sure if there are other DBS unreleased demos/songs?
  6. Are we not talking about the print from Mike's screen in one of those lives? There was a folder called "master revision" or something like that. And some HT and Xero songs there... including even 3 new ones (one of them labeled PB_2020edit... possibly pictureboard)
  7. About footages... I'm pretty sure the 2012 Brazilian concert in Porto Alegre had a proshot. I was there and i saw big profesional cameras around. I never got to know who was filming it, so i could try to contact them. But this footage is out there somewhere, probably in a hard drive of a broadcast company.
  8. I always thought NoBrain remixed The Catalyst. Never knew he did anything on WTCFM
  9. I think it would bee cool to see how many comment are in a news without having to open it. Sometimes i open to see the discussion and are zero comments there.
  10. This is so awesome. There's a melodic prog metal feeling to it. I'd always listen to prog metal bands and wonder how chester would sound singing those songs. And now i'm contemplating it. What a blast!
  11. When you made the order, it appeared on the checkout cart the signed print as a free item.
  12. Invisible and Sorry For Now. Totally playable.
  13. Those LP forums are filled with pseudo-famous people, forming the worst circlejerk i know. Sometimes we are scared of commenting something because some "popular" smartass may want to refute and make fun of everything we say. Websites internal hierarchy fucks up with peoples egos.
  14. It's like a whole new experience. I noticed Mike sounds waaaay better since the first instant (i think there are even some vocal corrections over him, like "photoshopping")
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