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  1. At the end of the in yhe end video. I swear it spells out something in brackets but i cant figure it out
  2. When Mike said about Mark's vocals on those tunes. I was half thinking that he might have forgotten which ones where Chester and Mark as he does with dating material from that period. It's hard when they 1. Did a lot of demos in that period and potentially didn't add dates to the files. 2. It's a long time ago in terms of material, think about how much material is created for each album and also recycled for the next album.
  3. TDK 90's were common at that point so you you could get quite a lot of each side
  4. interesting note.....there's a parental advisory sticker on one of the pictures in the bin......there's no swearing on HT.
  5. my guess would be there's something hidden in the pictures in the bin. try playing around with them in an editor
  6. I was in this chat and have the video saved. But I dont think I should share it as it belongs to mike and kerrang
  7. Sounds like Brian Howes leaked the demo then. And will not be working with Mike again......eeek.
  8. How did the intros get cut off of LPU 9? It was only when someone got hold of the acetate that we finally heard those intros
  9. There was no merch booth at Asotira show. I remember asking sercurity. Hope this helps
  10. My predictions for the night:- DJ Z-TRIP SET FULL OF CHESTER'S RECORD COLLECTION FAVOURITES REMIXED FALLOUT/ROADS UNTRAVELED CASTLE OF GLASS - MIKE FULL VOCALS INVISIBLE SORRY FOR NOW IN THE END - A7X NO DOUBT WHAT IVE DONE - BLINK 182 SOMEWHERE I BELONG - MACHINE GUN KELLY BREAKING THE HABIT - KIARRA GUILTY ALL THE SAME - JONATHON DAVIS LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST - JARED LETO REBELLION - SOAD WITH OLI SYKES FAINT - AUSTIN CARLISE ALL GUESTS TO COME OUT FOR ONE STEP CLOSER INSTRUMENTAL OF ONE MORE LIGHT FOR CROWD AND ARTISTS ON STAGE TO SING ALONG TO END THE NIGHT Whatever this night brings....it will be special. This is to celebrate the great life and gift Chester braught to us. I'm actually quite annoyed at some of the comments saying "i don't want other singers singing his songs" because they are missing the point of this event entirely.
  11. It's only slightly different as the drum sample comes in on the first pre chorus and stays there until Rob turns up with Live Drums. Anyone else hear anything different
  12. The backing sounds simular to what I've done but it does sound like Chester. FAKE? https://youtu.be/c0pv2bC-RMY
  13. From Phoenix's description these tracks mean nothing as singles but in context of the album they all mean a whole lot more. It's the equilevant of reading 1 chapter of a book and then making judgement on the book from the one chapter. It won't make sense as it's not in context of the whole body of work. I am still scared that I should just skip this album cycle as I really don't like the 2 singles. But I'm not condemning them for making a album I don't like, i do find it odd due to Mike's comments on the last cycle "i turned on my rock station and all i heard was pop songs" but it's part of their journey not mine. The fact that I have enjoyed all their albums to this point is a plus. There's plenty of other artists that turn me on and i'll just rejoin LP on the next cycle if they change it up once again.
  14. Seen these pop up on YouTube. Few new songs played. https://youtu.be/ym42bOGMe_g
  15. I wonder if they'll do a small euro dates like they did at the beginning of the MTM promo cycle. so that the trips make a bit of money other than the tv performances.
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