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  1. So the tour is finally over? Not like he said before the spring EU tour and after that announced the Asian shows.
  2. Lying From You is same as the Faint single CD1. Easier to Run is same as Numb CD2. From The Inside is same ad Numb CD1.
  3. I guess somebody insider has access to those materials and sells them.
  4. I think they will come back by the end of this year or early next year. I'm sure they are working on something in the background. That's why Mike's announcement about "okay I'm done with PT stuff". The other band members are so quiet too. So there will be a huge announcement.
  5. It was nice to meet you SergSlim right after the end of the show.
  6. LPMaskMan

    We Are Back!

    I was sick of missing LPL. I'm realy happy you are coming back.
  7. I still don't like OML because the sadness. ATS got really nice appreciation after 1 year because of the concept and understanding the experimental nature.
  8. My video source of Mike 2018.09.07. Wien is missing from showpage: Source 4: Video - AUD (Panasonic HC-V770) Location: left side, about 10th row Transfer: Panasonic HC-V770 > .mts > TSSplitter (join files) > mkvtoolnix (muxing with additional audio sources, chaptering) > mkv Taper: LPMaskMan Time: 97 mins Format: mkv (1080i) / 14,2 GB Comments: Full show. Includes source 2 and 3 audios too.
  9. Last year when they performed in Hungary, I told Mike it would be great he will come with a solo show here. First he missed the spot, because he went to Wien, but finally he found the location.
  10. I really wish a proper audio recording exists of this show (and a real video too) because this was my biggest gig ever.
  11. If you want it, I can edit, master your recording from the undedited version. and then u can compare which version you like more.
  12. Thanks! Here is my audio too. I used Zoom H2 internal mics too. Sounds similar, except talking and some slight sing along. Check the info file! MP3 320k: https://mega.nz/#!UdEhESyB!b5iVkDMD_wjiBXIvSp3i8VgcZKcyZk2DiebMv3JBor4 FLAC 24/48: https://mega.nz/#!1FdBGAQA!E76nKSXFi0bdScl_H-PL5c0IdSEqrttJWVmyCUa3Bok Enjoy!! Also I videotaped the full show (97min) with my Panasonic HC-V770 camcorder. The recording in 1080i mkv with multiple audio tracks will be available for trade soon!
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