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  1. I guess these are inaudible due to licensing issues.
  2. Mark's raw (and less melodic) singing fits more to this song.
  3. "Ultra HD audio and 3D Audio" Sounds like placebo and marketing bullshit. Alsogood read, why high sample music releases are not better than standard CD ones: https://web.archive.org/web/20200426162801/https://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html
  4. I think if not the entire, but only a bunch of songs were aired like they did with other bands.
  5. Actually it was a Czech site, not russian. I downloaded lots of divx and mp3 stuff from there and still have them burned on my old DVDs. How slow interned I had back then and it tooks days to download bigger stuff. Also it was easily disconnected during download, so I had to use Flashget download manager.
  6. We have got trolled in a fucking advanced level. We already have a proshot of Pictureboard for 19 years and we officially found out a few days ago.
  7. What happened to the password? It does not work for me, but I enter it after defragging.
  8. MShinoda server? Is this hidden somewhere? Found that.
  9. The 2004 one could be extracted from the Camden show because that one has this outro instrumental in full quality. The 2003 one is so good, possibly a fan remake.
  10. Audio is a little bit out of sync in some places or its just for me?
  11. I like it. I expected something worse. The girl's vocals aren't really fit into the song but anyway it's a good one overall.
  12. I also recorded the live stream too, but it's lower quelity than the replay, it's in 720p. deleted it, since the quality is inferior, so don't request it.
  13. Yes, this one. I wonder where it was sourced. Maybe another unreleased track or contains samples from somewhere... Also the Docklands intro was cool too.
  14. And what was the intro that used during the 2003 shows? Starts with humming and then the beat kicks in.