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  1. Thanks a lot for the interview and previews of the instrumentals, Mr. TJ Demonte! ❤️
  2. My 2005 build computer Windows 98 (first edition 4.10.1998, rus) Windows 95 (OSR 2.0 with WDM support, rus)
  3. From: https://lplive.net/forums/topic/14370-hybridtheory20-press/ Does anyone have any information about the sample that was cleared? I read somewhere in the chat that it was: https://www.whosampled.com/sample/368422/Barry-White-I-Only-Want-to-Be-With-You-Isaac-Hayes-Breakthrough/ Is it really true?
  4. Found my old cassette with album today. It was a rewriting from my brother's CD (he came to visit me from St. Petersburg in the summer of 2003). I was 10 years old at that time. During two years I've listened to this album on the cassette without knowing the names of most of the songs (because I didn't rewrite the tracklist of the album, and I had got a computer with the internet only in 2005). The album became for me a discovery of rock music, the main personification of cool music. Happy 20th anniversary, legend! ❤️
  5. https://www.whosampled.com/sample/784341/Linkin-Park-Pictureboard-Jimmy-Smith-I'm-Gonna-Love-You-Just-a-Little-More-Babe/ Hell yeah, LOL 😄
  6. Will be released on "Hybrid Theory (40th Anniversary Edition)" with 'Pooch Pound' demo. 😄
  7. Phoenix with blonde hair? Here he is with the black ones.
  8. The Prodigy's 1998 concert list after Tel Aviv 1998.06.04 – Dance & Levi’s Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel 1998.06.12 – Pop Rock Festival, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain 1998.06.13 – Plaza de Toros, Málaga, Spain 1998.06.16 – 9:30 Club, Washington D.C., USA 1998.06.18 – Mercer Arena, Seattle, USA 1998.06.19 – Live 105 BFD Festival, Mountain View, USA 1998.06.20 – KROQ Weenie Roast & Fiesta, Irvine, USA 1998.06.22 – Riviera Theatre, Chicago, USA 1998.06.23 – Insomnia, Montreal, Canada 1998.06.24 – State Theater, Detroit, USA 1998.06.26 – The Tabernacle, Atlanta, USA
  9. Attempt #2. The start of the sample of Jimmy Smith I was set at 0:08 (can still be edited).
  10. Friend said: A lot of information and photos of merchandise and art has surfaced in recent years. It's quite possible that this is an official merch, but it hasn't been seen on the network before. Fine)
  11. I ask my friends, The Prodigy fans, about it, but personally I saw such a t-shirt for the first time yesterday. Plus The Prodigy hadn't performances for the entire 2000 and up to August 2001 (not to mention the USA).
  12. In Hebrew? Joe was in Israel before 2001? 😄 The Prodigy didn't have official merch in Hebrew. The logo with the ant appeared after the single "Firestarter" (1996). In the period 1996-2001 The Prodigy performed in Israel once: 4 June 1998 - http://www.theprodigyontour.com/?p=1234