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  1. Tell me, please, does anyone have photos or videos of Ian Hornbeck with the band? Is he playing on "Esaul" live video (1999)? I read the information that he recorded bass parts for "A Place For My Head".
  2. Kyle said in an interview with Linkin Park Argentina that he played in performances at Los Angeles and Arizona. https://www.taringa.net/+linkinparktaringa/entrevista-a-kyle-christner-ex-ht-1999_pnnnl According to him, it can be assumed that he definitely played in these performances: 1999.08.27 Tempe, AZ 1999.08.28 Tempe, AZ 1999.09.02 Los Angeles, CA Accordingly, in Fullerton, 7 days before the performance in Tempe (1999.08.27), in theory he also played. The question remains, did Kyle play at 12 november 1999 in Fullerton, or was Ian Hornbeck already participating there (and did he perform with them at all)? In general, it would be great if Kyle looking at the photos confirmed whether he played there. The person who interviewed him in 2011, in theory, should have remained his contacts.
  3. Kyle Christener??? https://lplive.net/shows/2000andearlier/19990820
  4. Did you contact with Scott? He confirmed that it's he?))) If something, Scott on instagram: @scottkoziol
  5. I read on the wiki that the person with the bass guitar on this video is Scott Koziol. With the great difficulty I can believe that it's really Scott. )))
  6. Backing vocals on "Heroin" (0:05 and throughout) is also Esjay Jones?
  7. Razorkvn, LPLStaff I updated my post, thanks!
  8. KlaytonShinoda I think the information about the length was taken from the back CD cover. Real length is 3:44.
  9. I have MP3 only. Sent it in PM. Upd. I found a person who send me a lossless rip. 🙂 New links (Google Drive): MP3 / FLAC
  10. It's so great that the track was found and became public. I found out about it yesterday. Many times already listened. )) Tell me, please, it was not shared in lossless? MP3 only (on reddit)?
  11. 'Open Door' stems - new link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SiDr2aaoI_pT1madLBR5C5HCGcqpvY5K
  12. Reup 'Open Door' stems, please. Link is not working now.
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