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  1. https://open.spotify.com/album/35VsUvcCzUm5VZpapiWzQA Great album opener.
  2. hahaha i mean the side where we say goodbye to this toxic attempts.
  3. i'm still waiting for the admins to show the "shady side" of the forum
  4. ahh yes, didn't notice that. I didn't check my archive before posting this update.
  5. Halfway Right and Sharp Edges released Halfway Right(560MB) 29 tracks Sharp Edges (400MB) 31 tracks
  6. just noticed it too. there's a slight difference between this and the official.
  7. The previous version consists of 4 mp3 tracks Bass Drums Guitars Vocals+Claps+Piano This version consists of 9 ogg tracks drums_1 drums_2 drums_3 drums_4 guitar preview rhythm song vocals
  8. Bleed It Out OGG from GH6 released.
  9. it's okey, my mistake in the first place. thanks!
  10. damn it i missed the upload. can someone mirror it please?
  11. I think I have it. Let me check. I tried finding online and this is the one I think you're looking for. http://v.yinyuetai.com/video/243171 I don't have in my collection, sorry. . I only have for below: Blackout Faint Lies Greed Misery(2 version) What I've Done Victimzed/Qwerty Waiting For The End I also have: Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns Tour 2010 GTM VFX VFX breakdown clips: Iridescent Burning In The Skies The Catalyst Waiting For The End
  12. damn it missed the IG live. thanks for recording it btw
  13. 320kbps. it's better than nothing. good share!
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