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  1. luckily they uploaded the video. i recorded the live broadcast but missed the talk during NFT and afterwards.
  2. you're correct.. (29) One Step Closer - Linkin Park (Rock Am Ring 2004) - YouTube this one, right?
  3. is it really Mike? I thought that one was Jonathan Davis. the one from LPU 4, correct?
  4. Did you watch the official upload? https://youtu.be/PSsjsqeYX_Y
  5. If anyone received it, please share with me as well!
  6. how do i download the fix in iTunes? remove download and re-download?
  7. Hope someone records this broadcast.
  8. Seems putting this password today gives invalid password error.
  9. Might need to update this show with videos from Zoom
  10. Will this be considered a downgrade, comparing to the other 2 qualities already available?
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