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  1. how do i download the fix in iTunes? remove download and re-download?
  2. Hope someone records this broadcast.
  3. Seems putting this password today gives invalid password error.
  4. Might need to update this show with videos from Zoom
  5. Will this be considered a downgrade, comparing to the other 2 qualities already available?
  6. Any Hi-Res store selling this so far? google failed me right now.
  7. The one website where it was always getting disconnected during download. But once you get the file, it is heaven.
  8. Wait, all the biggest set is vinyl?? Not cd/dvd?
  9. They already unlisted the she couldn't video.
  10. Just finished listening to She Couldn't. Damn. The announcement video is so epic. I might splurge for this special event.
  11. The biggest troll of the century indeed. We've been wondering for so long when it was right in front of us.
  12. https://open.spotify.com/album/35VsUvcCzUm5VZpapiWzQA Great album opener.
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