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  1. https://lplive.net/shows/2017/20170617 1. In the stats it says "## played in STATE", I think that's just the standard copy and past for every show page It was the 8th show in Italy, by the way. 2. Also, here's the official source for the fans in attendance, by SIAE, so you can update the info and put the exact number! There were exactly 80.027 people, this was the bigget show in Italy in the second quarter of the year! https://www.siae.it/it/chi-siamo/lo-spettacolo-cifre/i-top-al-botteghino 3. Not an actual info about the show, and maybe not so relevant, but there was no group photo with the band at the Meet & Greet.
  2. Next time we need to ask a song from each LPU CD
  3. When They Come For Me and Remember The Name were played too!
  4. Good, I didn't see that comment when I watched the show! And that's why there are parts without audio, they were muted for copyright.
  5. Here you go! https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180512-1/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180615/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180619/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180728/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180824/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180825/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180826/ (Mike's show wasn't broadcasted but they streamed Sum 41's set and he joined them to perform Faint) https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20181101/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20181209/
  6. Wisdom, Justice, And Love had its Tour Debut (full version with the speech) in Manila but it was actually teased before Iridescent in Jakarta. I don't know if this is enough but maybe you could point this out in the notes. Also, from this video it looks like that Sorry For Now was moved and played after Invisible, and Roads Untraveled after It's Goin' Down. It seems weird, maybe the girl who uploaded just swapped a few videos, but just to be sure.
  7. I like it a lot, and it's always nice to see Mike doing something different. Also, loved so much all the little easter eggs! Now, we'll wait for Hold It Together!
  8. It's a fake! The intro is actually The Breakthrough by zwieR.Z.
  9. Love it, and I'd love to hear more demos from the album!
  10. A great album that helped me a lot in the past year. My favorite track is Over Again, ever since it was released in January with the EP. A great album followed by a great Tour: lots of setlist changes, debuts, mashups, funny and emotional moments, what a year. Had the chance to see him in concert twice, at Milano Rocks in 2018 and again in Milan in March, this year. Of course, my highlight of this era was .
  11. This is fantastic, thank you! Sad that they actually never played All For Nothing, and the rest from The Hunting Party.
  12. Not a fan of the excessive collaborations, mostly the vocal ones, it sounds like a mix of too many things. I'd have preferred just a good remastering of the album and having them on digital. But, of course, I'll judge when I'll hear the full project, I'm curious anyway.
  13. Is the audio version from Easier To Run from Worcester too, or just the footage from LPU 4?
  14. Is it normal that I hear Mike's voice on Running From My Shadow's instrumental? It's very low, at 1:45.
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