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  1. Matthew Heafy from Trivium announced the release of his song "In Defiance" for June 19, 2021. Mike produced the track on Twitch as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative, on February 5th and February 9th. About the original song he said: "I got Matt's blessing to get weird with the track too. We're not gonna just make a metal track. We're not gonna make a Trivium track. If you wanted a Trivium track you could just get a Trivium track. You could go to Matt's channel and get that. So I'm gonna take his vocal, and even his guitar, and chop them up into little tiny bits, and run them
  2. We have the first #ShinodaProduceMe track scheduled for June: "Nowhere Else" by Noah Khorey will be released on June 4th! The song was produced by Mike on April 22nd, live on Twitch. Here you can listen to the original demo: Source: Apple Music NZ Thanks to our member martinez.
  3. "Lilith" by "PLEXXAGLASS" was released today! The track was produced by Mike as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative on Twitch, back in March. Announced a week ago, the song premiered yesterday on Hollywood Life, where you can read an interview with PLEXXAGLASS. "Mike is truly such a brilliant artist, and I feel so lucky to be able to say I’ve worked with him. What he brought to this song is everything I could’ve dreamt it would sound like. He really just got what I was trying to do, and it doesn’t always happen like that. 12-year-old Alexxa probably would’ve shat themselves
  4. Mike joined REACT for a new video where he surprises some fans who were reacting to Linkin Park's music. He previously did an episode back in 2017 commenting reactions from teenagers, that you can watch here. One of them (who got a gift from Mike!) is also featured in the new episode and had a funny exchange with Mike about the previous video.
  5. Read a new interview by Mike with Rolling Stone. What did you want people watching to take away from the streams? "First and foremost, I wanted to keep the community together. I wanted to create this little nucleus — maybe it’s like a community inside the community — and everybody’s welcome to come in and hang out. The truth is that because of the format and the length of time, most people don’t want to devote that much time. It’s just not for everybody. But I really wanted to do it this way because it felt like, for the average person who doesn’t get to take a look into the makings
  6. Watch this new interview by Mike recorded in April with alternative rock radio DC101, where he talks about his Twitch streams, "Happy Endings", his ideas about music genres and more. Some fans had the chance to join the conversation and ask some questions. He also confirmed that he's working on a lot of different things we'll hear about in the coming times: "These all last few years has been a moment of like research and development, figuring out what I wanna do. I'm involved in a couple of little projects and things that I'm tinkering with and figuring out. It's probably a longer
  7. Here's a short interview done by Mike in March with Indonesian magazine HAI. He talks about the funny story Finneas posted on Twitter: "I met Mike Shinoda once and he put his number in my phone but instead of making a new contact for "Mike Shinoda", he somehow managed to change MY OWN name in my phone to Mike Shinoda irrevocably. absolutely nothing I try fixes it" When asked about a collaboration he joked and just said: "I think he's great."
  8. Sunray Magazine posted a tribute article about Chester and two interviews with Jim Louvau and Sean Dowdell. Jim: "Chester and I met in 2000 when we played a show together in Phoenix, Arizona where we are both from. Linkin Park hadn’t released Hybrid Theory yet and we were just a couple dudes in bands at that point. He watched my band’s set that night and really liked what we were doing, I honestly only caught a very short part of their set that night but we kept running into each other at shows that year and we just became friends. I was able to capture him in numerous projects over the
  9. The long teased and awaited second collab between Mike Shinoda and AmirSaysNothing is finally coming! After releasing "Clockwatch" last year, AmirSaysNothing talked multiple times about a second track produced by Mike. The song is called "Overstand" and it's the tenth track of his album "Endless Brightside", that will be released on May 7, 2021. "Clockwatch" is also included, as the fourth track. AmirSaysNothing announced release date, artwork, and the full tracklist on Instagram. Pre-order the album on Spotify here.
  10. The song was also released as a NFT yesterday on Nifty Gateway, with all proceeds going to MusiCares. Here's an article from the Grammy website: https://www.grammy.com/musicares/news/wax-wane-way-down-linkin-park-mike-shinoda-nft
  11. Mike Shinoda announced plans to release an instrumental song called "Golden Falcon" on the music platform Audius, with more to come! The track was created yesterday live on Twitch and it will be the first one of new releases. After streaming for over a year, releasing three volumes of "Dropped Frames", a few free downloads and (still) producing songs for other artists, fans and press often asked about releasing more tracks created during his livestreams. Back on October he said: "I've got so much music now from the channel, and I love the idea of the trilogy and I realized that if
  12. Jordin Laine announced that her song "These Dreams" will be released on April 30, 2021! "Its happeninnggg... My original track THESE DREAMS - (Produced by Mike Shinoda) will be available everywhere 04•30•21 ! Shout to @iameklo for the beauty cover art. Get your pre-save on: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jordinlaine/these-dreams… #shinodaproduceme" Mike produced it as a part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative on Twitch, on February 8th, 9th and 11th. Pre-order here.
  13. Added the other 4 videos from the series and more quotes by Brad and Mike, enjoy!