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  1. Love it, and I'd love to hear more demos from the album!
  2. A great album that helped me a lot in the past year. My favorite track is Over Again, ever since it was released in January with the EP. A great album followed by a great Tour: lots of setlist changes, debuts, mashups, funny and emotional moments, what a year. Had the chance to see him in concert twice, at Milano Rocks in 2018 and again in Milan in March, this year. Of course, my highlight of this era was .
  3. This is fantastic, thank you! Sad that they actually never played All For Nothing, and the rest from The Hunting Party.
  4. Not a fan of the excessive collaborations, mostly the vocal ones, it sounds like a mix of too many things. I'd have preferred just a good remastering of the album and having them on digital. But, of course, I'll judge when I'll hear the full project, I'm curious anyway.
  5. Is the audio version from Easier To Run from Worcester too, or just the footage from LPU 4?
  6. I miss the galleries in the show pages! I love to see the paper setlists and a few pictures!
  7. I love this thread. Can't wait to have updates. #plotting
  8. In The End was full in Montreal, not shortened! Fingers crossed for a real debut of Can't Hear You Now and the return of High Voltage!
  9. Very curious about this Tour, I hope we get a live debut for Promises I Can't Keep and Can't Hear You Now!
  10. Yes, it was the second edition of this memorial, with a lot of cover bands, and this time the organizers managed to get Julien-K and added them as headliners!
  11. Thanks man! I laughed so much too Maybe he uses a different tuning since he plays chords that aren't in the studio version, or he doesn't remember the original tuning since Brad, maybe, recorded that part, but it's weird in any case! Thank you Rick, it really was incredible. And who knows...
  12. It's the night between September 6 and September 7. I received the e-mail from LPU, I won the Meet & Greet with Mike in Milan, on September 8. A friend of mine said to me: "You need to ask him to play with him!" cause I've already tried (for Faint) when Linkin Park played in Rome and Monza, but it wasn't possible. I didn't play guitar for over a week, cause I broke two strings on two different guitars. But I thought: "Ok, let's try for the last time, whatever". I put the new string on my electric guitar and played Roads Untraveled along with the video of the performance at the Rock en Seine, just a few times because I had to prepare for the trip. And like I told him, thank you Astat for your tabs. In the morning I left for Milan. I got the other mail from LPU with pickup location and all the info. Well, I almost missed the M&G because I couldn't found the meeting point, I arrived just a few minutes before the check-in. I told Lorenzo (in Italian) that I wanted to ask Mike to play with him, but he didn't understand, he thought that I just wanted Roads Untraveled on the setlist! Autograph session. I thanked Mike, he hugged me, I told him a few things and asked for a little drawing, then this happened: Me: "Is this a Boris' relative?" Mike: "Yeah, I think so!" Me: "What is this?" Mike: "I think it's a mouse!" And then... "I have an odd request..." I started reminding him when I asked for Faint in the previous Linkin Park shows. He was confused but interested. Then I asked for Roads Untraveled and the negotiation started. Mike: "Do we play Roads Untraveled tonight?" and there were at least three guys from the crew checking their phones. Then he said: "Which part do you want to play?" Me: "Br..." Mike: "There are two parts, you know?" Yeah I know, Mike, I was about to tell you! On instinct I said: "Brad's part", and then "Matt's part!" And he was like: "Oh, Matt's part?" Me: "Yeah, octaves!" Mike: "Octaves?" and so on! I was like: "Don't worry, I know every part, but what tuning do you use?" Mike: "I don't know". He really said that "Ok, I can play it in standard tuning and half-step down". So he said: "Ok, but you need to ask to Matt". Matt was there and came close to us. "He need to tell you something". "Hi Matt, I asked Mike if I can play your part on Roads Untraveled". Matt looked Mike and he was like: "Ok, whatever, do what you want" Mike wasn't sure yet and said: "But if you play Matt's part, what will he do?" "He can help with backing vocals!" And Matt that was so happy said: "Yeah, I sing anyway!" So Mike said: "But we don't have time to rehearse before the show!" "Don't worry, I've practiced for days" (well, kind of). Then he smiled and said: "Ok, I guess you can do it!" I stayed with Lorenzo after the M&G and then someone from security brought me backstage. Then a magic moment happened. The entire crew was about to do the hug circle and I was sideways, because I didn't want to intrude. But someone invited me to join them. I was between Lorenzo and Dan, and Mike was in front of me with Jim. He said a nice speech about the Tour, Matt and Dan, saying that the show in Vienna was the best so far. Jim agreed with him. Then he asked everyone to say something they were grateful for. They all made some really beautiful speeches, they talked about how they feel like family, it was so intimate and powerful. Then, in a moment of silence, Jim looked at me and said: "Good luck!" and then, I said something too. In the meantime Mike was so hyped, he was like: "We need to bring this place down, we start with Remember The Name and Welcome!" and he didn't play Welcome I went sidestage with Matt, I got the guitar and he said: "It's in the standard tuning" (of course it is!) and Jim put me all the stuff. I had like 5 minutes to realize everything and to "rehearse" the song while I had When They Come For Me in my ears! Then it happened, Mike presented and invited me on stage. He asked again for my name, saying "Giuseppy?" (it's Giuseppe but everyone calls me Peppe). "I don't even know what's gonna happening right now, I didn't test this out with him, I have no idea what's gonna happen, we're gonna trying anyway. I hope you're ready" The chorus started, I think I fucked up some open strings at the beginning but then it went good. Maybe too good. Mike immediately turned to me and smiled when realized that I really knew the song and him and Matt were so happy. Matt patted me after the first chorus and Mike came and hugged me at the end, while Lorenzo took a picture. It was incredibile, I was in front of 20.000 people, and I never played live anywhere! I remained side stage for the rest of the show, with all the crew that always smiled and complimented on me, they were so nice, each one of them. During the piano Medley I was close to Matt and he said, watching the crowd singing: "This moment is always so nice" and I told him about the flashmob we planned with the signs: "You Hold Us Together", he really liked them, and Mike appreciated too. And then someone came, with a beer, saying: "You have balls" and then: "Oh, by the way I'm Matt's cousin", he was hilarious Thank you Mike, it really was a dream come true. Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtlOkXeUebs
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