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  1. Alex McMillan announced the release of his song "BONES", produced by Mike on Twitch on January 15 and January 18, 2021, as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative. The song is coming out on February 12 and you can pre-save it on Spotify here.
  2. Almost a year later the #SingOpenDoor challenge that led fans to be featured on "Open Door", Mike Shinoda is engaging his fans again. On January 4, 2021, he introduced the #ShinodaProduceMe initiative: this time he'll produce a track for you! If you're a vocalist/rapper and songwriter you could have your track produced by Mike himself live on his Twitch channel! He's searching for songs with just vocals and one or two instruments, like piano and guitar, not fully produced tracks, just to get the idea of the structure and the chords. He could mute the original instruments in his version of the track. He won't add any vocals by himself and there will be no back-seat producing, he'll work to the song until he thinks it's ready. It could be any genre, but not covers. If you're a songwriter but not a singer, or viceversa, you could team up with someone else and submit your track together. If you're a producer then this isn't the right chance for you, but Mike teased the idea of doing remixes once he's done with the songs, so stay tuned! This isn't a contest or a challenge, so there's no deadline: your goal will be just to get noticed on social media. Share your song, use the hashtag #ShinodaProduceMe, chat and get the attention of the other fans from the Twitch community, they'll be Mike's A&R (in fact he chose the name AnRmy!) If Mike likes your track he will get in contact with you, so be sure to turn your DMs open! Watch his official announcement on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. "For 2021, I wanted to find a way to give back to my amazing community online. I’m looking for voclaists, rappers, and songwriters who need help getting to the next level. If I find someone great, I’ll produce their track, live on my Twitch channel. There’s no formal contest, just an intention. The fans on Twitch will help me find the right vocalists. my only “rules” are 1.) I’m not doing vocals, 2.) I’d like the artist to only contribute vocals and one instrument, nothing filled-out, just the “song,” and 3.) no back-seat producing, the track has to be in my hands until I feel like I’m done. If you want to participate, go talk to the fans on Twitch.tv/OfficialMikeShinoda"
  3. No, there are just these TikTok clips and of course the livestreams. By the way, added a new one, KarmaKon!
  4. Well, I don't think @Stranger was acting sassy or having an attitude. He was genuinely asking for help and a lot of people thought the same things. All my friends who bought the box set asked me the same questions, "What did you write? Anything specific? Do I need to write what's wrong? Do they ask for a confirmation of the order?" When I said like, "I sent just a generic e-mail and they later asked me for my address" everyone thought: "Oh, so they really send everything without asking for anything?" It doesn't mean they wanted to take advantage of Warner, it's just a legitimate thought. I also wondered the same thing, actually, I was sure they would have asked for a receipt or the order number, at least. No problem for that, of course, I bought my box set. The tweet didn't give any tips, so it's understandable that people want to be sure before sending anything, to not miss the opportunity of getting the replacements. Imagine missing it because there was something you needed to do but you didn't, how could you know it? Anyway, I got all my three answers before all of my friends who sent their e-mails hours or days after me, so I guess the answer also depends from that, not sure tho. But that's just to reassure who still hasn't received anything. When you'll get some updates, let us know, we're in the same boat!
  5. That's really weird because they said "no matter where the initial purchase was from."
  6. Did you get another answer after you wrote your address? I'd like to know if they will inform us about the shipping and if we'll get a tracking number, or they just send the package and that's it 😂
  7. Got an answer from Warner, they asked for my shipping address!
  8. Oh, how I've missed these kind of threads. Let the hype begins.
  9. New potential collab, who do you think is "Izzy"?
  10. By far my favorite Volume, even if there's a lot of tracks I like in the previous ones. I suggested the Italian Neomelodic and One More Light styles that ended up being Mike's Gonna Mike and Sound Collector, so I'm pretty attached to those two and it's great to have both of them in the same Volume! It feels like the more "serious" Volume, the only joke/weird song is License To Waltz, but it's still a genious track. This project isn't just about the music but also the experience of it. Watching the streams since March with these songs started literally from scratch and done in a few hours, knowing all the process behind them, the funny jokes, the chance to suggests things and styles and actually influence the songs, all of this is something completely different and new, perfect for the time we're living, where a full album with vocals would be wasted without the chance to perform it live.
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