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  1. By far my favorite Volume, even if there's a lot of tracks I like in the previous ones. I suggested the Italian Neomelodic and One More Light styles that ended up being Mike's Gonna Mike and Sound Collector, so I'm pretty attached to those two and it's great to have both of them in the same Volume! It feels like the more "serious" Volume, the only joke/weird song is License To Waltz, but it's still a genious track. This project isn't just about the music but also the experience of it. Watching the streams since March with these songs started literally from scratch and done in a few hours, knowing all the process behind them, the funny jokes, the chance to suggests things and styles and actually influence the songs, all of this is something completely different and new, perfect for the time we're living, where a full album with vocals would be wasted without the chance to perform it live.
  2. Wow, we got a great commentary about A Thousand Suns, you can really tell how much Mike loves it! It's a shame we didn't get the game but we got the band's best work, interesting concept tho.
  3. Yes, Mike recorded Dan's over a vinyl cracking sound, so it's part of the actual drum track, but I agree, it's loud in certain spots!
  4. UPDATE Potential collaboration + another working title for a new song? BONUS Confirmed by Mike himself, in his own special way... Dropped Frames, Vol. 2 out this Friday!
  5. Little update about "Elephant" plus a potential new entry, "Warriors". BONUS Funny thing. In the Ableton files we can see that he's trying to mix the A Thousand Suns style jam, "A Thousand Jams", since May. He already has SIX different mixes and the last one is from July 21, let's hope to hear it soon!
  6. Update: Mike was saving settings for the Lo-Fi Glow plugin and in the folder there were familiar titles like Crystaline, Session McSessionface and Osiris, so "Misty Sky" could be the working title of a jam or a separated new song. MS Tight Arp 1 Misty Sky edited MS Fuzzy Pad MS Pluck 1 MS Crystaline Stagedust Sess Mc Sess Detuned Session McSession Pluck Dusty Stabs Osiris MS Anachronic OSIRIS MS Lo-Fi Bass Lo-Fi Glow
  7. Mike knows very well how we're watching everything. So he changed the three iconic folders "YES I KNOW / YOU CAN SEE MY FOLDERS / STOP PEEKING" to: DROPPED FRAMES ALBUM OUT NEXT FRIDAY Some good self-promotion here 🤣
  8. I imagine you were thinking something about the band but... that's actually a pic of me and Mike 🤣
  9. Update: A little generic and not worth a screenshoot in the main thread but here's some new stuff on Mike's desktop: a "MAYO Drums" folder and a "song idea.mp3". On the other hand, the remix Mike did for I Drive Me Mad by renforshort will be out this Friday (already out here in Europe). I noticed the remix projects on April 29, so this is the first thing, out of this thread, that was released, that's nice. Can't wait to have more!
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