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  1. Mike knows very well how we're watching everything. So he changed the three iconic folders "YES I KNOW / YOU CAN SEE MY FOLDERS / STOP PEEKING" to: DROPPED FRAMES ALBUM OUT NEXT FRIDAY Some good self-promotion here 🤣
  2. I imagine you were thinking something about the band but... that's actually a pic of me and Mike 🤣
  3. Update: A little generic and not worth a screenshoot in the main thread but here's some new stuff on Mike's desktop: a "MAYO Drums" folder and a "song idea.mp3". On the other hand, the remix Mike did for I Drive Me Mad by renforshort will be out this Friday (already out here in Europe). I noticed the remix projects on April 29, so this is the first thing, out of this thread, that was released, that's nice. Can't wait to have more!
  4. Update: new working title "El Little Idiot" plus Mike checking drum stems of Linkin Park songs.
  5. I guess we knew that they considered to play it, since it was on a draft setlist, but we didn't have a "proof" that they actually rehearsed it!
  6. Donations are over and we could finally solve the biggest mistery 😂
  7. During one of the latest livestreams there was a part of the desktop "exposed" and people freaked out in the chat saying: "Mike, the files, we can see the files" and stuff. Maybe he just noticed that and he still doesn't know about this thread, but yeah, it was so funny 🤣
  8. Yeah, he's been a lot more careful lately, like that time he did the personality test and he was scared to show the screen 🤣
  9. Update! Dan Mayo's files, a new tape loop, and the most important thing... MIKE KNOWS 👀🤣
  10. Thank you, it's always beautiful to see nice comments about this and remember that this really happened 😂
  11. Damn, I saw all these screenshots and I was like: "What's happening???" 🤣 Nothing new then, but it's good you pointed this out so we could check!
  12. Update: Mike is producing at least two blackbear songs, one called I'm Still Fucking Here!
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