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  1. Oh, ok! Man, a sample pack from Mike would be amazing!
  2. What do you mean? The song actually features drum loops by Dan Mayo 🤔
  3. I think he still considers the track named "Return Of The Aliens"! He just added the song because it was in the playlist while he was drawing and thought it was fitting!
  4. We got a new #ShinodaProduceMe release for this October: "Teary Eyed" by Emma McGann will be released on October 22nd! She wrote on Instagram: "NEW MUSIC INCOMING 🤘🏻 ‘Teary Eyed’ is out on Oct 22nd!💧 PRE-SAVE it today via the link in my bio. Got some cool goodies for you to win when you pre-save too. 👏🏻 This song means so much to me and I can’t wait to finally get it out there. Produced by the awesome @m_shinoda for his #ShinodaProduceMe project on @twitch. What a legend 🙌🏻 This is my first release back after 18 months since the last one... so the excitement is real!" Mike produced it live on Twitch on March 18th, and March 19th earlier this year. Spotify Pre-Save available here.
  5. Very old post, I know. But it's been three years since that night and I just wanted to read this again, with this being the most detailed description I did since I wrote it some days after the show. I've also made a video with different clips and I wanted to share it here!
  6. Paigambar announced on his Instagram account that he will release "Everybody Here" on September 16th! Edit: The release was postponed to October 1st. "Everybody Here (Produced by Mike Shinoda @m_shinoda) Dropping on all music streaming platforms (+ music video) September 16th. Took me longer than I hoped. But here we are. I’m very excited to share this with everyone. Save the date. 16/09/21. Everybody Here. Let’s go." Mike produced the song live on Twitch on February 26th, as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative.
  7. SpnR, the duo formed by Samantha Ronson and Pete Nappi, who co-wrote Happy Endings with Mike Shinoda and Upsahl, just released a new remix of the song! You can listen to it on their SoundCloud account:
  8. Here's a new release that involves Mike Shinoda! "The Feel" by Kid Brunswick will be out on July 9, 2021. Mike co-wrote the song along with Bambie Thug, Cassyette, Harry James (Kid Brunswick), Jacob Manson, Josh McClorey, and Pete Robertson. He came to know Kid Brunswick during a radio interview with Jack Saunders, on April 23rd. They listened and commented together new releases from different artists. Mike was impressed by his song "Bipolar Rhapsody" and talked about the #ShinodaProduceMe initiative, in the hope he would send something for him to produce. That didn't happen as part of the Twitch series but they still managed to collaborate. Kid Brunswick has a mixtape called "XFOREVER" that will be out on July 30th, but it's unknown if Mike worked on more tracks. EDIT: On July 29th, Mike himself confirmed that he worked on two songs on the mixtape, writing on his Instagram story: "I helped out with 2 songs on the new release -out tonight-".
  9. "What Is Yours" by Pealeaf will be released on July 16, 2021, as she announced on Instagram: "Sneak peek of my photoshoot for my new track “What Is Yours” produced by @m_shinoda dropping Jul. 16th!!!" Mike produced it live on Twitch, as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative, on April 13th and 14th. Pre-order it on Spotify here.
  10. We have the first #ShinodaProduceMe track scheduled to be released on July! Every Rose announced on Twitter that his track "Objects In View" will be out this Friday, on July 9th! Mike produced it live on Twitch on April 15th and 16th. Pre-save it on Spotify here.
  11. Yeah, the original writer Sam Champagne is also credited for backing vocals!
  12. A new instrumental track by Mike Shinoda, called "Uproar", is now available on Audius. Mike produced the track live on Twitch today, deciding right at the beginning of the stream that the final result would have been uploaded on Audius. He already used this platform for another song, "Golden Falcon", for which he also released stems to let fans remix it. You can read more about it in our previous thread. Same thing with "Uproar": other than the full track, three stems are available for free download. "I made a new (rock?) instrumental today on Twitch, and just posted it to @audiusmusic // open the app and search my name, you’ll find it. I also uploaded the stems so you can remix it… #audius #remix #shinodaproduceme #uproar #linkinpark #fortminor" Listen to "Uproar" here: https://audius.co/mikeshinoda/uproar-438895
  13. "Crazy" by Amber Lee is out today! The song was written by Sam Champagne, who originally submitted a version with her vocals for the #ShinodaProduceMe initiative. She later gave it to Amber Lee after Mike suggested to find a better performer. He produced it live on Twitch on February 12th and February 17th.
  14. Read a new interview by Mike Shinoda who talks with Rolling Stone about technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the future of music. Tell me about how, and why, you made the leap from music to the business of music. "Every album — each time we [Linkin Park] went in to record — there was new technology that allowed us to do new things. Every time we launched a record, there were new tools. New software we could use to have fun with our fans. On one album, A Thousand Suns, we put out stems of music before the fans had even heard the song, allowed fans to remix the song they’d never heard, and put the winner on our album. We did a sandbox video-game video for “Guilty All the Same” off of our Hunting Party album. For “Lost in the Echo,” we made a video which scraped your Facebook information — people didn’t even know how much personal data had been obtained by Facebook — and when you watched it, your personal photos and stuff from your life and history would show up in the video. People were like, “what the hell’s going on here?” It always felt natural for me to go deeper into technologies and get closer to founders of companies that I thought were doing cool things. I started talking to a lot of companies that make the software we use. I was able to do everything from being a part of Spotify’s entry into the U.S. to investing to being involved in Y Combinator and Techstars. It’s something I”m passionate about, and I feel I learn a lot just being in the mix." So what are some technological shifts you see happening in music’s future? "I think there’s a shift happening from large groups to smaller scale. We’re already prioritizing a more direct and focused relationship in a fanbase, where it’s more about closer connection over quantity. People are overloaded with the pressures and annoyances of the current version of social media. We’re tired of it. I think we’re headed deeper into tribalism. For a long time we’ve been taught that more followers and likes is better. But maybe we’ll start to move away from that. Friends of mine are congregating on messaging apps like DM, WhatsApp, Telegram, instead of Twitter. I have friends who put together weekly Zooms where anyone that is a friend of friend can join. And that’s one reason Clubhouse is becoming popular, because the pressure of sitting in front of your entire follower base and saying something, all of those people chattering… it’s a very annoying way to live. Even our best efforts to just say “Hey I care about this thing I saw on the news!” gets mired in bullshit very quickly. And I think we’re all so sick of it." Is a small, passionate fanbase enough to make a living, though? A major criticism of streaming services right now, for example, is that their business models are a bad deal for anyone but the biggest artists. "I think you pointed at more than one issue. The first thing is about impatience, and the time and effort and focus it takes to hone your craft and get really good at it. I realize everybody wants everything to work the first time and to be famous right away, but that’s not realistic. My daughter said “I love acting and I want to be an actor,” and I said, “Well that’s great,” because the focus isn’t “I want to be in a movie” or “I want people to be watching me.” The focus is “How do I get really good at my craft.” The second thing: building momentum in an ecosystem. If you’re talented and you’ve put the time in, you’ll be prepared when something starts to happen. You’ll also have the information you need — marketing, visual art, finding the right partners, friendships with folks who work together in a communal style. That points back to the tribalism. It’s a rising-tide-lifts-all-boats mentality. And by keeping it insulated, and you’re a team now, a collective rather than a person off in the seas of music by yourself. Also, I think one thing I expect to continue is that software is gonna do even more jobs that people used to do. I’m not saying all our songs are going to be created entirely by AI, but I do think jobs like engineering and mixing and mastering will be fewer and far between. Today, you can pop a plug-in in your vocal track and it will analyze it and choose settings, reverb, compression, to make it sound great. That will just continue to get better. You can pop plugins in something and it will get your album ready without the help of a human to do it. AI for example is already writing compelling music. I’m working with a company called Authentic Artists making spectacular virtual artists where the music gets made from scratch in real-time. The songs it’s outputting, generated in seconds, already sound like something it took a human weeks or months to do. To be clear, I don’t think humans are gonna be driven out of music by the robots. I just think the human artists will make decisions about what sounds best to them by using software. And just like the reliance on a professional recording studio has become less important to make a great selling song, the reliance on people associated with those environments is going to become less important." Read the full interview on Rolling Stone website.
  15. According to a report by Stream N' Destroy, "Hybrid Theory" by Linkin Park is the most streamed album on Spotify, in hard rock, heavy metal and punk. Two other Linkin Park albums made to the chart, "Meteora" on 6th place and "Minutes To Midnight" on 24th place. Here's the top 30, to view the full list sign up for Stream N' Destroy. Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory (2000) 2.67 billion streams Nirvana, Nevermind (1991) 2.62B Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction (1987) 2.4B Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication (1999) 2.2B Queen, A Night at the Opera (1975) 2.1B Linkin Park, Meteora (2003) 2.08B Metallica, Metallica (1991) 2.04B Panic! At The Disco, Pray for the Wicked (2018) 1.9B AC/DC, Back in Black (1980) 1.88B Panic! At The Disco, Death of a Bachelor (2016) 1.81B System Of A Down, Toxicity (2001) 1.76B My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade (2006) 1.75B Fall Out Boy, American Beauty/American Psycho (2015) 1.71B Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium (2006) 1.71B Pink Floyd, The Wall (1979) 1.69B Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet (1986) 1.61B Queen, The Game (1980) 1.52B Green Day, American Idiot (2004) 1.48B Queen, Jazz (1978) 1.43B Red Hot Chili Peppers, By the Way (2002) 1.37B Blink-182, Enema of the State (1999) 1.34B Journey, Escape (1981) 1.29B Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991) 1.29B Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight (2007) 1.25B Queen, News of the World (1977) 1.25B Fall Out Boy, Save Rock and Roll (2013) 1.23B Green Day, Dookie (1994) 1.21B Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) 1.19B Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV (1971) 1.18B Pearl Jam, Ten (1991) 1.18B And that's not everything! According to chart data, "In The End" surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify, becoming the first nu-metal song to reach this milestone.
  16. After several months of waiting, we finally have a release date for the "Sleepy Track" created live on Twitch by Mike. The project started when a fan asked for a long and relaxing "sleepy" song, so Mike produced it on August 28, 2020, experimenting with relaxing sounds, white noise, and drone music vibes. Mike's intention was always to send the royalties to his scholarship at ArtCenter College of Design, and that was the reason why it took so long to arrange the release. "My concept is actually, I have a scholarship at ArtCenter College of Design that I funded forever ago, and I realized, 'Ah I'd really love to do something with the income from the Sleepy Time Jam that's really cool.' I want to try to send those royalties there, I want it to help fund the scholarship. When you are doing something like that, if I donate it from my royalty income, it gets taxed on the way to me and then I can donate my portion to the school. So I'm like, 'Is there a way I can do it where just donate the album itself to the school?' So if it makes $1,000, then the thousand dollars is taxed and then a portion of a thousand dollars goes to the scholarship. So I'd rather the whole thing go, if it's possible. My scholarship at ArtCenter, it's big enough for a graphics or illustration student based on financial need and merit. So they have to be really good and they have to need the money, and they need help going to school. So we'll figure it out, that's why it's taking an extra second. We aren't going to just put it up on SoundCloud or let you download the thing, I want to do something like that with it. It's complicated enough... the government doesn't want you to use charitable donation as like a tax loophole basically. So you've gotta do it the proper, legal way and I'm not super educated on how that works so we’re figuring it out. So that'll be that with the Sleepy Time Jam." It was accidentally released on November 20, 2020 exclusively on AcousticSounds.com for U.S. purchasers, and later taken down. The release was named "Sleep For Students" and, to everyone's surprise, included the whole song divided into 30 tracks, for a total length of around 78 minutes, instead of the approximate 20 minutes Mike produced during the stream. Mike also said that he didn't like "Sleep For Students" as a title, and that he wasn't sure how to name it. After various updates, on today's Twitch stream, Mike finally revealed the release date, intentionally showing three folders on his desktop, in a similar way he did with "Dropped Frames, Vol. 2". The folders were named: "CHILL SLEEP TRACK", "OUT TOMORROW 6/3", and "ON THE CALM APP". Since we didn't have any other confirmation, he probably mispelled the date. The actual release will be tomorrow, on June 4th, on the "Calm" app. "Calm is a leading app for meditation and sleep. Join the millions experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, and more restful sleep with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, masterclasses, and relaxing music. Recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts." To this point, we don't have any confirmation about the new title or if there are any more differences in the release, so stay tuned! EDIT: The track is now available, exclusively on the Calm app, with a new title: "Cognition". Mike talked about it during today's stream: "I thought to show up and say hi, let you know that the chill/sleepy track/study track is gonna be out today. Finally, right? Big cheer for that. It took a really long time. We were gonna do it on regular streaming services and trying to get the income from that to go to my scholarship at Art Center, and that wasn't gonna work. And then we got an offer from Calm, to do it in their app, as an exclusive, and is a great fit. So here's the story about that track, so... For those who are new... Somebody requested a "sleepy" track, a "go to sleep" kind of track. And I basically did one... just like stream of consciouness track one day, where I just did very chill sounds, for the entire session. So I made it live on Twitch, somebody can send you the link if you want to see the making of it, I don't remember what day it was. I don't remember how long ended up being the final version, let's say it's an hour, I don't remember exactly how long. Here's the information, so... It's gonna be called 'Cognition'. That's gonna be the name of the track, or the name of the experience. So, 'Cognition' is gonna be available exclusively in the Calm app. You need to be a subscriber to listen to it, but they have a free 7-day trial. You might say 'Oh man! I really don't wanna subscribe to the app!', but they're giving you guys a 40% discount as members of my community here on Twitch for the annual subscription, so that's great. So it's almost half off, just use the link calm.com/mikeshinoda. And if you're not ready for that just check out 'Cognition' for the next seven days for free, and then you can see if you actually want to use it. But I like the app, it's a good app for meditation, for going to sleep to, they've got all kinds of other experiences. One of the reasons why we chose that one... I should say 'Why I chose that one'... is because they've got other stuff from other musicians, from other celebrities, notable people, whatever... They've got stuff for training your mind, for meditation... they've got nature sounds, they've got more sound design-y kind of relaxation experiences. So, if you want to check it out, go check it out. Who else is in there? Diplo is in there, with a very chill thing, not a dancing thing. LeBron James has like a... what's his called? 'Train your mind'... he also has a meditation one... So yeah, there's a bunch of folks on there who have made these very cool chill experiences."
  17. Hadi announced that his song "Clarity" will be released on June 17, 2021, as part of his debut homonym album. He wrote: "Here we goooo!! My debut full length album ‘CLARITY’ featuring the title track produced by @m_shinoda will be out on June 17th! Presave ‘CLARITY’ on Spotify and Apple Music by hitting the link in my bio so you can get it as soon as it is out. Massive shoutout to @kerfo_john_kerfoot for joining me on the opening track ‘Violet’ and producing it 🤩💜💙 lots of love to @officialsarj for mastering all of the songs besides ‘Clarity’ 🙏🏻💜🐱 I can’t wait for you guys to hear this and so excited to get it out into the world. So many feels announcing this right now, it’s been months in the making and being quiet about it has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do 🙈😍💜" You can pre-save it on Spotify here. Mike produced the song on Twitch as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative on April 6th and 7th.
  18. Time to update this thread again. Found an interesting thing today, it looks like a new collaboration with Iann Dior. It could be just production stuff but considering how the files are named I think Mike will do vocals.
  19. Mike Shinoda will debut his Async Music project on May 27, 2021. From Async Art website: "Async Art is a new art movement built on the blockchain. Create, collect, and trade programmable art: digital paintings split into "Layers", which you can use to affect the overall image. Art that can evolve over time, react to its owners, or follow a stock price is now all possible with programmable art. Launched in February 2020, the platform has seen $7.8M+ in bidding and $2.1M+ in sales volume." You can find Mike's announcement and a preview of his piece here. Mike explained how it works and that he did both art and music: "Those are the layers. Layer owners will get to choose which option is visible; each visual layer is attached to a sound layer. Different drums = different art" "Also, yes. I did all the art (and music)" EDIT: The piece is called "DECASENTRY" and the auction is available here.
  20. Matthew Heafy from Trivium announced the release of his song "In Defiance" for June 18, 2021. Mike produced the track on Twitch as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative, on February 5th and February 9th. About the original song he said: "I got Matt's blessing to get weird with the track too. We're not gonna just make a metal track. We're not gonna make a Trivium track. If you wanted a Trivium track you could just get a Trivium track. You could go to Matt's channel and get that. So I'm gonna take his vocal, and even his guitar, and chop them up into little tiny bits, and run them through a meat grinder, and then we're gonna make a track out of it. I don't even know what we're gonna make. But the track he sent is so... its, like, epic! It's very, like, Matt standing on a mountaintop with a falcon on his wrist, who flies away and collects the bones of enemy clans, enemy warriors." Matthew announced the release date on Instagram, confirming that he'll also release the original version: "This is the “in defiance” OG version - it will be out soon as the @tidemanns_lifestyle and @cyruswatches metal theme song. “In Defiance” produced by Mike Shinoda will be out 6/19!!!" EDIT: The actual release date is June 18, 2021.
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