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  1. Sound and picture out of sync.
  2. 非常抱歉,我来晚了,有人可以重新发一个新链接(大体积版本)吗? I'm sorry I'm late. Can someone resend a new link (big version)?
  3. 我搜索了一下,这个FreeMe软件好像可以破解它 (I searched for it. It seems that this freeme software can crack it)
  4. 你好,你可以分享Fort Minor 2006-05-01的MTV TRL那场视频吗? (Hello, do you have the MTV TRL video of fort minor on May 1, 2006?)
  5. 我是从Chideo官网找到,下载的TS视频文件。不过四首歌合在一起的大视频要支付才能播放就没有下载。
  6. 百度网盘链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Nfl-mE1PmD4123d8wAPang 提取码:876v
  7. Is there anyone who can share this DVD? 11/21 Fuse's 7th Avenue Drop 2005
  8. We hope they can come to China, ha ha
  9. 因为他们之中的绝大多数是车迷而不是LP歌迷。 Translation: Because the vast majority of are them racing fans instead of LP fans.
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