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  1. pretty dope that he has the james jean poster on his wall
  2. do you not think this is kind of normal for him? also considering they're on lock down in LA too... Mike's making music all the time and all of the things he was working on the past week were "only" jams/ideas (with the exception of open door) I am excited to see what he does in the future though... seems like another solo album is on the menu for sure
  3. this is so cool. always loved the look into the studio and this is just as personal as it gets. I hope he does create a twitch account or something like that
  4. r0ked

    We Are Back!

    So good to see you back! 🎉
  5. Phoenix guests on the Bruery podcast. Talks about beer, golf and music... *note: I'd never heard this story about his nickname. All you ever hear is that he got it because of a tattoo
  6. Thanks! Ordered it Looks good. What's the font you used here?
  7. If anybody is looking for a cover to put on this as well... https://www.instagram.com/p/BavTxb-lKKB/ By James Jean (the guy who's art was used for the Hunting Party cycle artwork) Posted on the day of the concert.
  8. Have you listened to this guys soundcloud? It would have looked soo out of place between mostly "big-ish" acts on there...
  9. God this is so random I actually can't believe it. So it seems like this small and at least to me unknown German techno producer Charly Beck is going to release an official remix of Burn It Down tomorrow. Official as in - with blessing of the band - or rather the label. I only found out about because the producer he collaborated with did an interview with a local newspaper. Here is the Soundcloud of the techno guy. This will be the 12th remix of Burn It Down released...the list of all official LP remixes can be found here. Check out the "professional" cover for it: This is as about as
  10. I just don't like the direction this is going... When I look back Fort Minor, TO ME, was about Mike and SOB and a bunch of guests. I mean they were on so many songs, they were on the mixtape, they were in the videos... And this is why I thought naming the project FM was also a nice way of giving credit to those guys, even if Mike didn't intend to do that with the name. Still there is Kenji which is such a personal song for Mike and it too goes under the label 'Fort Minor'. So for me the problem lies not within Mike doing solo stuff under Fort Minor and cutting Ryus verse but I think it
  11. The way Mike talks about it sounds like it is a very personal song for him so I agree But I also think Ryu is an amazing artist and I hope the two work together on future projects! Also... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgNKMVYR4qk
  12. What do you think about this? Seems like Mike didn't tell him that he dropped his verse... https://instagram.com/p/4RzHE4nkhu/
  13. This is awesome! This being the first audience recording I ever listen to I have to say I like it better than the dsp's I have... it just feels more like being at the actual thing^^