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  1. True, but I hardly count that as an LPTV episode, especially considering because it isn't even listed as an LPTV episode on the band's YouTube account. But yeah, it really sucks that we didn't get much for LPTV from THP sessions. True Chainz and Drawbar both came out randomly, like you said RickLPL, it was like in between when the U.S. tour for THP got canceled and Rock In Rio USA. Pretty weird. I would have liked to see LPTV for a lot of the other songs on the album. Just look at how many LPTV episodes we had for ATS and LT. For ATS we had LPTV for The Catalyst, Blackout, When They Come For Me, Waiting For The End, Iridescent and The Messenger (which actually isn't on the official YouTube channel for the band but you can find it on YouTube, it must have accidentally been deleted). For LT we had LPTV episodes for BURN IT DOWN, LIES GREED MISERY, VICTIMIZED, ROADS UNTRAVELED and UNTIL IT BREAKS. It also sucks that we don't have LPTV for the MTM, Meteora and HT tracks, but I don't really care about that since the band didn't do LPTV like they do for recent albums back then. I really was shocked when they didn't give us any for THP, though. I think it's too early to say whether or not we will get LPTV for the new album because they usually start releasing those once the first single comes out and the album is announced, etc. But you could be right about the band wanting to use social media, etc. The problem is, I know that I particularly don't care about all the photos and SnapChat stuff the band posts daily, and it seems like a lot of hardcore fans don't either. I'd rather LPTV for the making of the songs.
  2. Wow, your list is epic. I wish this would happen. LPU9 and LPUXIII are the best LPU releases to me, and mostly because I love how they gave us demos of songs that made the cut. LPU9 was perfect to me. This is a great tracklisting. I wish Mike would read your post and consider this for LPU16.
  3. I basically just realized that we literally only received two episodes for the making of THP through LPTV. True Chainz and Drawbar. For LT and ATS, we had tons of episodes for the making of certain songs on those albums. Any clue why? Has it ever been said now it's been over 2 years since THP came out?
  4. How many official instrumentals are there out there for MTM and ATS? I have the instrumentals for the other 4 albums (HT, M, LT & THP).
  5. I kid you not. In the Making of MTM (Webster Hall Version), they were talking about how they came up with the 18 second scream idea in Given Up. Chester said ''I went past the 30 second mark and Mike said we might have to cut it down into half'' or something like that. I remember him specifically saying he went past 30 seconds and they were laughing about and Mike was saying he can't believe that Chester could do that, etc.. I really wish they had all this stuff in the Making of MTM that came with the album. But yeah, this would be epic to hear, IMO. Out of everything on my list, it's probably the least likely to ever be released, though.
  6. That would be dope. I'd rather have stuff like that instead of rejected songs that didn't make albums, etc. There is so much good shit like that in the vault. A few that come to mind, including this, would be; Papercut (Demo): Would be nice to have on a LPU album, even if we already have a few different version of it now. Somewhere I Belong (Demo): One of the ones with a different chorus, the band said they had 30 different choruses for it. Numb (Demo): Would just be cool to hear, IMO. Given Up (Demo): Wanted this since 2007. The version where Chester kept going after the 18 second scream into 30 seconds. Leave Out All The Rest (Demo): The one heard on the making of MTM with Mike singing the whole song with real lyrics. Shadow Of The Day (Demo): The one with the electric banjo that was used in it that was later scrapped from the song. Hands Held High (Demo): The one Mike talked about in The Making of MTM Webster Hall version, the alternate chorus. Blackout (Demo): The one heard on LPTV with different lyrics from chester about acid rain, etc. Iridescent (Demo): The one talked about in LPTV, the ''piano version'', would be nice to hear to me. The Messenger (Demo): The one with the English pub used as background, show in LPUTV. LOST IN THE ECHO (Demo): The one the band talked about with Rick in the making of Inside LIVING THINGS. SKIN TO BONE (Demo): The original ''hippie folk song'' version that Chester talked about. UNTIL IT BREAKS (Demo): The fourth demo that wasn't released yet, where Chester's part in the song comes from. POWERLESS (Demo): The original version of it that the band talked about. Think what Primo was to I'll Be Gone. Keys To The Kingdom (Demo): The band talked about this many times in 2014 during interviews and such. I want the version with the kid screaming ''The cold doesn't bother me anyway!'' at the end instead of what we got on the album. Although, 99.9% sure this will never be released because Mike said Disney didn't want to let them use the line. But it just sounds fun to me. All For Nothing (Demo): The one that the band originally showed Page in LPTV. With the ''Got my soldiers steppin' to it'' lyric. Guilty All The Same (Demo): The one that Chester said originally inspired the band to make the album heavy upon hearing. War (Demo): The original demo that Chester wrote at his house in 5 mins and brought into the band. He talks about it on the ScuzzTV interview from 2014, he said that Mike asked him if he had an punk songs laying around and Chester wrote it and brought it in the next day. Mike also mentioned that the demo for War originally had the lyric ''1-2-1-2 Fuck you!'' but they changed it to ''1-2-1-2 Thank you!'' for the album. I want to hear it. Final Masquerade (Demo): The one you mentioned with Mike singing the entire song. A Line In The Sand (Demo): Sounded cool in the LPUTV episode for it.
  7. I would be but for some reason I feel like the band won't release any.
  8. I wouldn't mind having that either. I'm surprised actually that Aoki didn't upload it on his YouTube channel. He uploaded ALTNC from his show at The Shrine in 2013 that Mike and Chester joined him for, so I guess I just assumed he would upload DTB as well.
  9. Can somebody please re-upload these? All stich links but they are all deleted now. 2003.07.08 East Rutherford, NJ 2003.08.31 Weeze, NW 2004.06.09 Lisboa, PT 2007.06.13 Chorzów, SL 2008.06.28 Düsseldorf, NW 2009.07.26 St. Petersburg, SPE
  10. Pretty sweet. This is like the old days back in 2006-2010 where he used to do a ton of Camp Freddy shows and stuff like that. I think STP was a different animal because they wanted him to actually record studio music as well, not just play live shows every once and a while. They wanted him to tour a lot as well, where something like this is just one night around where he lives, etc. It's also not a commitment, like STP was, this is just something he can do for fun whenever he feels like doing it.
  11. I really don't care for whatever they did to the site. They got rid of all the photos from the Meet & Greets and Summits. They got rid of a shit ton of LPUTV. They got rid of all the LPU15 tracks that you can download by becoming a full member, even though the final LPU15 track still hasn't been released and anyone that joins now won't be able to get the full album, which sucks.
  12. I've been a member of this site pretty much since the very beginning and the site has pretty much gone batshit at every main album leak so far, not just ATS. It's my favorite time to be on the forum, so I second what you're saying. B ) Anyways, thank you LPL for being the best fansite of Linkin Park to ever exist, IMO. I know that 98% of the people on this forum dislike or hate me, but it's justified, for sure. I honestly do appreciate literally everything you guys have done for the LP community as a whole more than anything. You guys have released some of the coolest exclusives over the years and also provide so much good information about literally everything the band does, as well as side projects and everything else. I really feel like LPL has shaped the Linkin Park fanbase in general since it's inception or shortly after and that's incredible for a fansite to do, IMO. Mark, Jonas and Dmitry are like the gods of the LP fanbase to me, it was cool that I got to meet those guys over the years even if it wasn't for long. Got to meet Dmitry at Holmdel 2014 and I thought he was really a cool person and I've met Mark and Jonas at several shows over the years. I also like a lot of the LPL members like Astat, Soul, UnpopularOpinionPuffin, Skipees, Wilderness, Jen, JZE, joe_lp, xxHybridXeroxx, LPxDC, Papelbon and so many other members over the years. I think the best fans of the band are right here on LPL. So thank you for the past 10 years and I hope LPL remains on top forever to come.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j41ycZgHFI Clip of LP's new track with Blackbear there. Mike singing. Sounds amazing to me. As for the BID leak back in 2012, I remember that perfectly. People called it the ''potato rip''. Haha. Came out a week or so before the single was released, I think.
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