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  1. for unique Experience put your headphones and tell me how i did. I made for lp fans and family. would be amazing to hear ur feedback and Thoughts on this.
  2. Hope you guys can watch it.. And tell me what you think. i wroked pretty hard to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8EEVZCRZNw
  3. I wrote this on lpa and thought I'll share it with you guys. Just thought of something. Maby in the 7'th video , the URL will be ''one more'' And the final video, will be the official video itself?(we remember the drone footage) Maby i could be wrong. Just a random thought
  4. EmilTayeb

    It's Coming

    wait.. i don't understand. whats the announcement? cause its been almost 3 days.. and u saying that behind the scene promotional cycle is about to happen though fan sites?
  5. its not for the new album.it dosentr even sounds something lp will do. where did u see mike go mad?
  6. it happens with BIO , and thats not leak its sound like pocket recording and when i heard it at first . and even now , i sitll thinks that voice at the end sound like chester..so..yea im aware of that , im not the one who falls for stupid fake stuff. im a fan since 2004 .. just got excited
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skAeKWYsyTY i know its probably fake. but if there's 1% its real its worth discussion . i posted this in LPA too , i think it's maybe unfinished song or something and chester just sing something at the end. who knows. i even remember mike posted video on facebook showing them working on synth that sounded the same . what u guys think ? i think its a pocket recording..and IMO i hope its real cause that demo sounded energetic and awsome to me!
  8. all i remember is that he sad thtat the will be playing in russia
  9. good chat but he didnt answer none of my questiion's =/
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