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  1. Its scary how I havent been on this site in almost a year. I think since last July but does anybody think there will be a full US tour for mike coming up or just the promo shows ? Im upset I didnt snag a ticket for the NYC show next week & resell is at $160-170. Smh I honestly wanna go but not for that much.
  2. If we end up getting verses like this on the next LP album, my everyday love for LP will return. This is amazing
  3. Kendrick Lamar, Tori Kelly, & The Weeknd. That's it. Would be amazing. People really need to stop with the whole nu-metal artists and huge big time name artist that we all know would be impossible to collab with.
  4. Not for nothing but even though it says 21+ do they really check for ID or your age at the door? I've been to many concerts and I've never been asked or checked.
  5. If only somebody recorded this whole show and converted to MP3 or something or will it ever be released. *sigh* EDIT: Even though it says 21+, did they even check for ID or anything ? I remember years ago for DBS 1st show in NYC was 16+ and I was 14. I've never been turned away or asked ever for my age, I had my ticket paid for and just walked it. I'm 20 if anybody asks.
  6. Here's a video of Mike talking about Fort Minor's return and the new single Welcome. It's some good stuff. Here is a video of the Performance. Best I could find. Here is also a Power 106 LA interview & Radio premiere of the song.
  7. The Day LP takes out Numb. In The End. & What Ive Done. I could die happy.
  8. Lets make it easy. Do festivals and then have the Summer tour like always and have the shows in the same cities as THP Tour but at known stadiums or arenas. LP does not need to be re-hyped. There a big act. Take this time to just recover Chester & work on music and do some shows here and there.
  9. So Chester turn heel and is leaving LP too ? While Mike wins the Royal Rumble this Sunday & faces Mr Hahn for the LPU World Title at Projekt RevolMania ?? 😂😂😂😂
  10. I'm going to say this much. Too all the people that have seen LPU over 10-20 times or whatever. There really is no reason to be pissed off. Just wait till next time. That's all. Have Chester recover & wait for a kickass show where he is 100%. That is all. End of discussion. There are other artist out there. Like now I'm looking into seeing Metallica or Muse or Imagine Dragons or even J Cole or A7X or somebody I haven't seen yet. Perfect opportunity. Yeah I wanted to see LP for like the 5th time but I could always wait. No biggie.
  11. I'm going to be that guy and say this. The Linkin Park concert is this Sunday in Brooklyn. The WWE Royal Rumble PPV is this Sunday. I like both. I know for a fact that LP will be back in NY for the Summer or maybe change the date for sometime in the spring & to watch a live PPV on DVR instead of live takes the fun out of watching it cause the Internet will spoil it for me. Am I mad ? Yeah cause I wanted to see them with my girl & for the 5th time. There is the key word "5TH TIME" ! Simple, I get my money back if they cancel & wait. It's cool with me. Chester is hurt and really needs to proper rehab then fine. We pay to see LP Rock the stage & tbh IDC if his voice sucks or whatever ppl complain about these days, as long as I'm jamming but it would be hard to jam if the lead singer is just standing there. Anyways if it's cancel, then it's cool ill be mad but life moves on & they will be back and money back & watch my wrestling PPV live instead of tape, if not, then I'm ready to rock brooklyn & try not to check any social media for results of the ppv while I DVR it.
  12. How long did LP go on for ? It seemed like a short show. Plus with a 9:20 start, that means there starting around 9pm in Brooklyn. The Neighborhood ppl complain during sunday night shows.
  13. I could 100% understand why Rebellion was taking out. Mike most likely finally notice that the singing was not all that live & it sounded like he was talking more then singing. Plus it must of been a bitch for Brad to play every night knowing that's not his style of work on guitar. Can't wait to seem them in two weeks. This has to be one of my favorite sets.
  14. Damn. The fact that I can't wait 6-7 more hours. Now I'm on the hunt for any leaks. A 23 track is amazing tho !
  15. I love the mimi rant Astat did on Breaking the Habit, never liked how some LP fans try and assume that there is always something funny about some of the lyrics on any LP song or demo or whatever when most of the songs are about depression and abuse and human issues and problems. Never found anything funny about LP lyrics, they have some of the darkest lyrics in music imo.
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