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  1. Pardon me if i have missed anything but does the album contain re-recorded vocals from Chester or is it other singers doing Chester's part?
  2. https://soundcloud.com/paree-katti/mike-shinoda-watching-as-i-fall-paree-katti-remix
  3. Maybe he was not well composed when he wrote the tracks. The EP's title is Post Traumatic EP which suggests that he has moved past it and is recovering.
  4. Great EP! Listening to Over Again over and over again.
  5. I think its time to release a new single to keep the interest of people on OML.
  6. Sharp Edges is one of my favorites from new album. Would love to see it live.
  7. Hope they play Sharp Edges live. I really love that song.
  8. It certainly has Stomps and Claps.
  9. I love this album. TTM is the fav till now. Followed by SFN,OML,GG and Invisible. Heavy is my least favorite but its alright. 9.5/10. LT>ATS>OML>MTM>HT=Meteora>THP. And i like all the albums except some tracks which are alright but i do no listen to them often.
  10. Liked it. It sounds nothing like rock but according to Mike, genre is dead. Also imo even Welcome had a similar vibe (As it was originally produced for LP). I think the whole album is going to sound like Living things-2 (LT is my favorite album).
  11. Me too! the production is too good for a demo.
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