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  1. ' "Will there ever be a Linkin Park x The Hundreds collab?" There was one and there will be again in the future ' Okay so this is just two friends talking and capturing it on video, but by this quote it seems pretty clear to me that to Mike and Bobby there will be a future for Linkin Park. Ofcourse we could have guessed it, but I just loved how casual they put it here.
  2. Posner is so inspiring, walking accross america just because he feels like he needs it. His last album had some good songs just as this mixtape.
  3. Anyone wanna guess the opening act? Don Broco is free, but have show on 30 march in the US. So looks unlikely. Im gonna go with Mike Posner. Totally random, but would be nice
  4. Ah yeah, still doesn't ring a bell so im probaply imagining things...
  5. Okay, so who was the girl playing guitar on WAIF? (hell yeah for that banger in the set btw!!) Her name made me think I knew her from somewhere, but can't quite place it. And since when does Mike have an extra opener with that rapper? Was it announced?
  6. It's really good to see Mike having so much fun. Reminds me of LP live at Amsterdam last year. During Sharp Edges Mike was dancing his ass off at the side of the stage and when he came back on stage for the rest of the encore he was having a beer. Just having fun and everything. Also with Chester, that's where the whole 5 thumbs talk comes from off the OML Live album between SE and Numb. So good on Mike and here's to hoping the rest of the boys are also doing good!
  7. Damn Mike, he feelin it. Never seen him so wild. I like it
  8. Ah yes, I love a good broadcast at european times. Brings back memories of last year when LP had almost every festival show broadcasted. Fingers crossed for SFN
  9. Okay, so the picture of Mike and MGK made me think. It was shot in Berlin on an offday according to MGK and he claims to have wrote his verse there. When was Mike in Berlin with MGK?? Only thing I can think off was last year during the OML tour, right? Also in the annotations for I.O.U. Mike makes it sound like the track was also complete before Chester passed. And if I recall correctly there was an interview with Mike from when CAL was released where he states that had been thinking of going solo before Chester passed. Add those facts with the cool Fort Minor shirts Mike wore during the OML tour and I think its safe to say that Mike was well on its way to making a new Fort Minor record. With Lift Off and I.O.U. as demos. Ofcourse everything changed after july 20. But to me it seems that the foundations of PT were already laid more than a year ago as a potential Fort Minor album. I think thats more than logical coming from a guy that always writes. And I dont blame him, but for me it does take something away from Post Traumatic as an album about coping with the loss of a dear friend. Like, couldnt he have saved those tracks for later and instead release a 12 or 10 track record? I think I would have prefered that TBH. I wanna state again that I dont blame Mike. And maybe my theory doesnt even add up. But what are your thoughts?
  10. I can't state enough how much I love Lift Off. The vibe is so soothing, with Chino's amazing vocals. Great words from Mike and MGK as well. It's the big standout track for me. The other tracks are cool to. But I do feel like they sorta sound the same sonically, which might be a problem after listening too much. I know they are different, but thats how I feel about it. Also hope that Mike is gonna take more risks in the future with the song structures. At times its all a bit formulatic. I hope he finds his inner Justin Vernon Still a great album. And did mention I love Lift Off?!
  11. Great article! Also nice to read how Chino thinks of Mike. I love those bits
  12. That's a feature that already sounds good! Now I just hope the song does too
  13. It should be in the order list you got thru the mail, the one from customer service.
  14. Holy cow. This is amazing. Thanks to this post I was quick enough to pre order and got the limited edition print.
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